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presenting Benzema

July 9, 2009

A busy, busy week for Madrid fans, it seems like we’ve had a new star signing every day!  Today it was the turn of Karim Benzema, who doesn’t have a number yet.  He seems a little shyer than Ronaldo, probably due to his personality, and the language barrier.  I wonder what language Florentino and Alfredo use to communicate with the non-Spanish speaking players?  Anyway, nothing new with the presentation, nothing that we haven’t already seen three times in the past week.

However, given that Karim is French, and they have a reputation for being fashionable, I am taking offense with the vest (yes, VEST) that he wore to the press conference following the presentation and to sign his contract.  Didn’t anyone tell him what the dress code should be?  Didn’t he pay attention to see how Kaká, Albiol and Cristiano were attired?  It was way too casual for the event, but at least it made me laugh.  But anyway, bienvenue Karim, happy to have you with us!

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  1. April 16, 2012 18:39

    Wow he looks so young here!!

    I think I’m going to leave this window open and keep reading all your old posts. Hope you don’t mind an extra chatty fan. 🙂


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