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“ayudar a quien lo necesita me da la vida”

July 10, 2009
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As if I needed more reasons to love Iker:  several days ago, he traveled to Mali, as part of his work as an ambassador for PLAN España.  There, he got to see firsthand how the programs initiated by the NGO are functioning.  Last year, he made a similar trip to Peru.

Iker said he was pleased with how the trip turned out, and with the work that PLAN is doing to improve the lives of African children, especially in the area of eradicating violence in schools.

During this trip, he got to meet Bourama, a Malian child that he sponsors (above, with him in picture), play in a football game with some of the kids, film a public service announcement with the children, chat with elders… The Malians also gave him a goat as a gift, and Iker promptly named it “Diarra.”

See how cute Iker is with the kids below…

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  1. April 16, 2012 19:26

    OMG Una the amount of hair that San Iker has lost in three years is unbelievable!! Ah well, bald or not, I still love him to bits so…


  1. mucha suerte, Mahamadou « following Real Madrid…

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