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observations… and fashion police

August 6, 2009

Observations on pre-season games, the atmosphere in the vestuario, Salgado and fashion…

In the encounter with Liga de Quito, several of Madrid’s home-grown players put in good performances – el Pirata, and Negredo.

Meanwhile, in the match with Juventus, Cristiano took his shirt off.  I hope that will become a regular event… It was so strange to see Fabio Cannavaro in a gray shirt instead of the Madrid white, and playing for the other team!  I miss his big smile…

Ronaldo and Kaká seem to be getting along really, really well… we’ve progressed from casual chatting to hugging.

Thank you Míchel, for all the years and effort you’ve given to Real Madrid, best of luck in the next stop of your footballing career!  The display of hardware behind you was impressive, and you really were an integral reason why Madrid was able to win those trophies.  And thank you for getting emotional.

And thank you to to your farewell dinner, which gave us the first edition of the fashion police for this season:

– Gago: denim capris?  Really?  And paired with flip flops?  Did he really have nothing else in his closet?

– Sergio: well he gave it more thought than Gago, but green jeans?  Yes, green.  Paired with sandals (I hate men in sandals).  And has he and Cristiano been exchanging tips on hair products?

– Raúl: obviously came directly from the camp where he is a summer counselor.

– Diarrá: looks ok until your eyes drop to his white flip flops.

– Iker: oh Iker (shakes head).  Where should I start?  I honestly don’t know what I find more offensive, the flip flops, the man bag, or the un-matching shorts and t-shirt combo.  Well at least, it can’t get worse than this?  And that’s coming from someone who is expecting a lot of fashion disasters from Iker this season.  But strangely enough that’s part of the reason why I love him.

– Miguel: looking good.

And to end, it’s good to see that De La Red is still involved in team activities.

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