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hanging with the Canucks and the Yanquis…

August 10, 2009

When Madrid travels, I always like to see who sits next to whom on the airplanes.  Also, when Madrid made players room together, who stayed with who.  This time, on the North American leg of their pre-season, Iker sat with Guti, Miguel with Metzelder, Gonzalo with Cristiano (who was reading about Xabi, incidentally), and Arbeloa with Albiol.

And this trip, the matching sneakers and backpacks (and the way some of the players carried them) made Madrid look like a team of schoolboys on a field trip (all the hottest boys in the school went on the trip, of course).  Can I chaperon?

I loved that Iker, Pepe, Miguel, Esteban and Robben took some time out to do tourism in Toronto – they went up the CN Tower.  It looked fun and all, but my question is, why is Iker dressed in his traveling outfit, while the rest of them are in practice outfits?  Poor Iker, he looked really tired at the press conference earlier.

And they got to meet Steve Nash!!!

Meanwhile, in DC, Iker was captain, and gave his shirt away…

and the majority of the team took their shirts off after the match.  Enough said.  I’ll end on that image…

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  1. October 18, 2012 04:51

    Seeing this makes my heart hurt a little bit. Currently waiting on the day that Real’s preseason will return to Toronto.

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