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Pepe gives thanks

December 16, 2009

Real Madrid’s web site published an inteview with Pepe in which he talked about his injury and all the messages of support he received.  In it, he says he’s in a much better state of mind now, and ready to begin his rehab.  He also thanks everyone for the support he’s received.  Some points from the interview that I would like to highlight:

– David Villa sent him a message of support

– Carles Puyol also sent him a message of support

– Florentino Pérez and Valdano went to see Pepe at halftime to tell him the club would do everything to help him

– on Tuesday, Cristiano, Marcelo and Iker went to Pepe’s house to visit him.

– his girlfriend has been with him every minute, and his parents and in-laws are on their way to Madrid to be with him

– one of the messages he received that impacted him the most was from De La Red, which said that Rubén had asked God to tell him that in six months he would return to the field, so for Pepe, six months should not be anything.  That made Pepe realize there are people worse off than him

– to the fans, Pepe would like to tell them to always have faith in the team.

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  1. LaBlanca permalink
    August 11, 2010 03:24

    that message of Ruben impacted me as well. I wish he has the chance to return someday. Hes such a great player & person.


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