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Kaká on El Larguero

January 14, 2010

Kaká and his grown-up bowl haircut were the special guest(s) on El Larguero on Monday, and the interview made for ok listening, since Kaká is not the most exciting personality (although I love him).  There was a lot of religious talk, so strip that and the football talk, and these are the remaining highlights:

– the nickname Kaká came from his little brother Rodrigo:  when they were small, he couldn’t pronounce Ricardo, so he called him Kaká, and it stuck.  Carol calls him “amor,” while he is Kaká in Brazil and Ricky/Ricardo in Italy.

– Kaká likes calm things, and doesn’t like discos, unless there is something to celebrate.  The day of the interview, he got up at 10, spent the morning playing with his son, and then went out to eat with his wife and some friends who are visiting.

– his father was a civil engineer, his mother a professor.

– Kaká is asked if it’s true that he was a virgin when he got married, and he says it’s true, that it was non-negotiable for him.  He met Carol though his parents – his dad knew her mom.  They met when he was 19 and she was 14.  After the World Cup in 2002, when she was 15, they began going out and doing innocent things.

– in the locker room, he sits between Raúl and Cristiano (they are lined up according to their jersey numbers), and he talks a lot with both of them, with Cristiano in Portuguese and with Raúl about life in Madrid.

– Kaká says the contents of most players’ lockers are the same, they just have different tastes in lotions, colognes, etc.   But he doesn’t have a lot.

– Kaká has partied with the original Ronaldo:  they had dinner, and then Kaká went home and Ronaldo went home.  He hss never been to one of Ronaldo’s infamous birthday parties.

– he’s been to Iker, Marcelo and Cristiano’s houses.  (I want to know what was going on at Iker’s house!!!  Did my invitation get lost in the mail?)

– At present, Kaká and family live in an apartment in the city, because he wanted to get to know Madrid, but now they’re looking to move to the suburbs.

Listen here, and watch here and here.

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  1. nicole permalink
    July 23, 2010 02:16

    everywhere mentions about ronaldo’s infamous parties..may i know what this is about..i can’t seem to find a link..


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