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a Mosquera post

February 4, 2010

Pedro Mosquera is of course, the captain of Castilla and the player who almost, just almost, made his Real Madrid (first team) debut on Saturday against Deportivo de la Coruña.  This would have been quite a memory for him, since he hails from A Coruña.  However, the game ended as he was already standing on the sideline, waiting to check in.  Pobrecito.

Anyway, we’ve had a lot of news about him and other canteranos in recent days, due to all the injuries that Madrid has been suffering, which has resulted in Pellegrini calling up some Castilla players for training sessions and games.  So let’s learn a bit more about him…

– Mosquera received a visit from his family before the game on Saturday, including his grandmother.  Awww…

– He slept five hours after returning from A Coruña, and played on Sunday morning at home for Castilla against Cacereño (Castilla won 2-1).

– AS had a nice interview with him published in their Jan. 28 edition.  Here are some excerpts – I am impressed by the fact that he is still studying law.

Q:  You almost made the trip to Pamplona, Pellegrini called you up for Málaga and this week you trained with the first team.  Now it’s time for the Riazor, and time for your debut, no?

A:  I hope so!  They have confidence in me now.  It would be incredible if I’m able to travel to A Coruña and make my debut there, at home.

Q:  And against Depor, your club before you came to La Fábrica

A:  With Depor I played several Fútbol 7 tournaments.  I left because they didn’t have a youth program at that time, but I’m thankful for them.  It was because of my time there that Madrid noticed me and allowed me to realize my dream, because I’ve been a madridista since I was a kid, thanks to my father, who introduced me to La Quinta del Buitre…

Q:  Was it hard being a Madrid fan in A Coruña?

A:  Well, I was a kid, so no one said anything to me (laughs).  There are a lot of madridistas there, more than there are culés

Q:  How was it being in the superstar locker room?

A:  They gave me Gago’s locker and everyone welcomed me.  They’re stars, but also human beings.  Everyone from Raúl to Cristiano treated me like I was one of them.

Q:  You’re good friends with Mata.  Did he send you encouragement?

A:  He told me the other day that when I debut, I will also score a goal.

Q:  No canterano has debuted this year.  Acuña, Marcos Alonso and now you have all been close…

A:  At the end of the day, the canteranos are the ones who know what the crest symbolizes.  I also know what the madridismo wants to see, because I am a madridista as well.

Q:  If you make your debut, you will dedicate it to someone special…

A:  It’ll be for my mother, who passed away in May.  She always told me that one day I would play for Madrid.  Wherever she is, she is helping me to do it.

Q:  You also like go-karts and surfing…

A:  My brothers and I love surfing.  I even competed in bodyboard at the local level, but I didn’t make it past the quarterfinals (laughs).  As for karts, it’s because I like driving.

Q:  And you are studying law.  Maybe you can defend Cristiano with all the controversy surrounding his expulsion..

A:  It would be great to take on a case!

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