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captains lunch

February 4, 2010

Ok, the president and directors were also there, but I’m mostly concerned with the captains.

Some facts and observations about the luncheon between FP, JV, MP and the four captains that went down yesterday at the Bernabéu.

First, the facts:

One. The two sides agreed to have this meeting while on the trip to Albania.

Two. The group decided the bonuses for this season:  each player will receive €575,000 if Madrid wins the Champions League, and €360,000 for the Liga.  That’s a total of €935,000 per player.

Three. They talked about how the season is going and what their goals are.

Four. The lunch lasted three hours.

And now for the observations:

One. I noticed that Iker drank orange juice, Guti & Raúl drank water, and Sergio had coke.  Marca felt that was news and published it (you think they have any fangirls on staff?)

Two. Iker whistled as he walked from the parking lot to the Sala Real.  Adorable!

Three. The players looked kind of bored.  I wonder why the Madrid web site selected pictures of them looking like they wished they were elsewhere?  FP strikes me as the type that likes to talk and talk and talk… and that loves hearing his own voice.

Four. Iker obviously didn’t get the memo that he should be dressed nicely, as in going to a business luncheon.  While the other three captains turned up in suit jackets (let’s assume Guti had one over his sweater), Iker came in a sweater vest over a plaid shirt (Iker – are you taking lumberjack style notes from Guti?).  Sigh…  And since this isn’t the first time this has happened (where Iker looked like he was going to a different event), I’m beginning to think… conspiracy!  But somehow, this makes him all the more adorable.

Five. Iker loves that white scarf (you can see it in the video, I guess he took it off at the table).  Well, at least it matches his car.

Pic below of the players arriving from Marca:


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