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meet the canteranos – Adán

February 6, 2010
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With all the injuries plaguing Madrid, Pellegrini has had to call up players from Castilla in both training sessions and for squad lists for games.  So I think we should get to know them better!

Here are some of the players that have been called up this season; I’ll do a couple at a time.  We’ll start off with Adán, who already trains with the big boys regularly.

Antonio Adán is Spanish, born in Madrid in 1987, and is currently the starting goalkeeper and captain of Castilla, where he has played since 2006, although he is registered as the third goalie of the first team, after Iker and Jerzy.  Before that, he played with Real Madrid C.

Antonio made his first team debut in the friendly between Madrid and an Israeli-Palestinian team.  His idol is Paco Buyo, although he would like to follow the example of Iker Casillas.  If he weren’t a football player, he would like to be a computer programmer or firefighter.  His favorite color is yellow, his favorite food is spaghetti and he always steps on the football field with his left foot.

Oh, his younger brother Alfonso (with him in the picture above) plays goal for Madrid’s Infantil A team.  Read more about them here.


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