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when Higuaín met Garay

March 1, 2010

Both sets!

Marca’s cover story today is an interview with the fathers of Gonzalo Higuaín and Ezequiel Garay, Jorge and Goyo, respectively.  Here is what we learn about these two pibes (the sons, not the fathers).

– Jorge, his wife Nancy and their eldest son Nico take turns accompanying Gonzalo in Madrid.  There are two other children in the family, Lautaro and Federico, who is also a footballer and who plays for Godoy Cruz in Argentina.

– the Garays all live together – this was Ezequiel’s wish when he came to Spain.  He has a brother who is 9 and a sister who is 4.

– Gonzalo’s father usually talks with him about his games the day after, while Ezequiel’s father never does so.  About 99% of the conversation in the Higuaín household involves football, and Nancy also participates.  Ezequiel’s mother is her son’s biggest critic.

– Goyo says Ezequiel is very quiet and “never talks.”

– the two families are very close, especially the two madridistas.  Their fathers say they have similar characters – they’re both timid, family-oriented and love Playstation.  They live in the same neighborhood, Mirasierra, in the north of Madrid, and Ezequiel often goes to Pipita’s house to watch football, listen to music (especially cumbia) and play Play.  They also often go out to eat together at De María (an Argentine restaurant chain).

– meanwhile, Jorge and Goyo play football together and watch Madrid’s away games together.

Neither looks very much like his father, but I can see a bit of resemblance!

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  1. May 11, 2012 12:58

    I actually think Gonzalo looks like his Dad very much.


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