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Benzema on life in Madrid

March 10, 2010

There’s an article in today’s Marca in which we learn a little more about player relations at Madrid, and how Karim Benzema came to sign with Real Madrid.  These are statements that Benzema made to the Journal de Dimanche.

First off, the Benz says that the player that has impressed him the most football-wise is Guti, and it was only after coming to Madrid that he realized Guti’s quality.

Drenthe is the person that creates the ambience of the locker room and Benzema says he’s “loco,” while Marcelo is the DJ.

Regarding his signing with Madrid, Karim tells us about FP’s visit to the Bron neighborhood of Lyon, where Benzema lived with his parents:  When Florentino Pérez arrived, I wasn’t at home.  My representative called me and said, “the president of Real Madrid is in your house.”  When I opened the door to my house, I saw him there, sitting in the room where I grew up, with a glass in his hand.  My mother, who doesn’t pay much attention to football, told me, “if he has come all the way here for you, it must mean that he really wants to sign you.  What are you waiting for?”

And as for the fans, Benzema says that they will leave their cars in the middle of the street to come talk to you and remind you of the importance of winning.  When he goes out shopping, he sees photographers everywhere, and the next day, his picture is in the papers.

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