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Kaká apologizes to Pellegrini

March 12, 2010

I felt this was important enough for its own post:  I was disgusted by the behavior of Kaká’s adviser, who called Pellegrini a “coward” via twitter.  The message read something along the lines of Pellegrini being a coward and trying to take the focus off his own incompetence by substituting Kaká in the 76th minute during the CL game against Lyon.

Now anyone who watched the game, or any of Madrid’s last few games, will realize that Kaká is basically LOST out there and doing nothing for Madrid’s midfield.  I think Pellegrini was right to substitute him.

And to make matters worse, Kaká’s wife Carol Celico re-tweeted the post by the adviser, and then later retracted that when it blew up in her face.  I personally don’t believe her when she denied knowledge of that original tweet.

So Kaká apologized to his coach yesterday – they had a private chat after the regular coach-players chat before the start of the training session.  Kaká was embarassed about what had happened and told Pellegrini that those weren’t his sentiments and hoped their relationship would not change as a result.

Now that those waters are calm again, will Kaká please:

1.  shut up his wife and get rid of his “adviser”

2.  concentrate on playing well

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  1. andrea permalink
    June 16, 2011 09:18

    I don’t think Kaka should be responsible for “shutting up his wife.” Since when is it another person’s responsibility to shut another person up? Just because he is a man and she is a woman? because she is his wife and he is her husband? that is misgynistic, and she is not an object to be controlled or silenced. this also goes for sara carbonero.


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