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in case you missed it – the ice cube love affair edition

March 25, 2010

In case you missed it – Madrid vs. Sporting de Gijón [2010-03-20].

During the second half of the game between Real Madrid and Sporting de Gijón, Cristiano got knocked in the face.  He then went to the Madrid bench and asked for an ice cube to hold against his face, to reduce the swelling.  He kept the ice cube clutched in his hand during play, and whenever he had a chance, he would apply it to his face and rub it around.  At one point, he even put it in his mouth and sucked on it.  The ice cube (I’m not sure if it was still the original one, or there was more than one) finished the night on the field, after Cristiano threw it down.  The images are priceless.

And I have a confession:  with the exception of the last part (the thrown on the ground part), I wouldn’t mind being that ice cube.

See also this video:

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  1. LaBlanca permalink
    August 11, 2010 06:27

    LOL I love cuatro for their details 😀


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