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the Monday quiz

April 5, 2010

This week’s quiz is not too hard, even if you’re in a sugar coma from eating too many chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies!  And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, then it should be a breeze, since some of these photos have appeared before!

Can you guess which Real Madrid players are pictured below, based on their baby/early childhood photos?

Answers after the jump!


1.  Cristiano Ronaldo – so cute, and the hair looks so product-free

2.  Fernando Gago – starting young with the mullet

3.  Xabi Alonso – I want to pinch those cheeks

4.  Raúl – still looks the same now, no?

5.  Ezequiel Garay – see Raúl

6.  Iker Casillas – will our kids look like that?

7.  Sergio Ramos – LOVE the bowl haircut and would like to see him rock it now

8.  Gonzalo Higuaín – thank goodness he learned to smile

9.  Guti – used to look like a choirboy

10.  Esteban Granero – sure looks different with short hair

11.  Kaká – see Sergio Ramos (and still occasionally rocks a bowl haircut)

12.  Christoph Metzelder – looks like a mischevious kid, no?

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  1. LaBlanca permalink
    August 10, 2010 21:17

    AAAAWWWWW!! This is just too cute!!!

  2. HermosaChica permalink
    October 18, 2010 18:35

    Aaaah! Mondays would be WHOLE lot better if the Monday quiz was back! You gotta love nino number 7, eh? 😉 but baby Xabi is the most pinchable in my opinion, lol how precious! Don’t you just love to hug little kids wearing bulky sweaters?!


  1. bowls, best friends and a pirate « following Real Madrid…

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