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in case you missed it – the hole in the shorts edition

April 6, 2010

In case you missed it – Racing Santander vs. Real Madrid [2010-04-04].

The most interesting part of the game was probably that little hole that Iker had in the back of his shorts.  Fortunately for him – and unfortunately for us – he was wearing Under Armour or something similar underneath.  I don’t know how the hole came about, but it might be from the shorts trying to get away from the shirt – even they know that they don’t match.  Anyway, let’s examine it from every angle, shall we?

Other observations from the game: Iker touching the top of the goalpost after Higuaín scored.

More Iker and those other guys on his team after the jump!

The persons responsible for outfitting the Racing and Madrid players obviously colluded prior to the game, because both teams sent out their goalkeepers in orange jerseys.  Compared like this, I’d have to say I prefer the Racing jersey for the lack of advertisement.  Plus, they matched it with black shorts instead of orange (only the Madrid official needs glasses).  Or maybe Fabio Coltorti just refused to match orange with orange like Iker?

We also got a glimpse of one of the future stars of Madrid.  Sergio Canales doesn’t even look old enough to shave!  You think he will play with us next season?  AS tells us that Raúl gave Sergio a replica of his shirt in the locker room after the game (having already exchanged his used one with Christian), bringing Sergio’s Madrid shirt collection to four:  the first one came in the Madrid-Racing game earlier this season, when he exchanged shirts with Xabi Alonso, the second was a present from Valdano after he signed with Madrid, the third was from Marcos Alonso (see below) and the fourth was this one from Raúl.

And speaking of Madrid’s future, Marcos Alonso made his long-awaited début.  It was nice that Pellegrini chose Santander for it (much like he tried to début Mosquera in A Coruña) because Marcos is from Cantabria, and his dad used to play for Racing.  He got applauded when he entered (Higuaín, who was coming out, was booed).  This was the first time that three consecutive generations of a family have played in the first division of the Liga.  Marcos exchanged one shirt with Sergio Canales at the end of the game (they’ve been friends since childhood, when they went to the same school in Santander, San Agustín, and they were also champions of Cantabria as kids together), and kept another one to give to his father.

However, Marcos must have been overly excited because after the game, he came out to talk to the press with hair like this, having forgotten to style it.  Or maybe Cristiano just wouldn’t share his hair products?

Or he couldn’t, because he had used them all up prior to the game.  I love this style!.

Other notes from the game:  this was the first game in the segunda vuelta in which Madrid scored less than three goals.  It was great seeing Gago, Metzelder, Diarrá, van der Vaart out there and playing well, since we all know they must have had a rough first half of the season with the lack of playing time and constant transfer rumors.

I leave you with a picture of Cristiano’s legs.  No explanation needed, just take a look.

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