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in case you missed it – the random moments edition

April 17, 2010

In case you missed it – Almería vs. Real Madrid [2010-04-15].

My favorite moments of football games usually happen before or after the game.  And when they happen during the game, they usually come when the ball is out of play.  Case in point – the Almería game.  The following are the moments that captured my attention during the game.

One. Guti’s shoes, which he tied before the start of the game, has the names of his kids on them – Aitor on his left shoe, Zaira on his right.

Two. I think we can crown Rafa van der Vaart the king of the remontada. In addition to this game, there was also the Sevilla game, and he started the comeback in the Sporting game.

Three. Iker wore black and Madrid won.  There’s definitely a connection between the two.

Four. Benzema biting his nails while waiting to check in.

Five. Marcelo and Pipita both giving us some tongue action while waiting for the game to kick off.

Six. Rafa celebrating his goal with Jerzy.

Seven. Guti passing the captain’s armband to Iker and getting a yellow card for taking too long to do so.

Eight. Poor Cristiano got a little bloody during the game.  And despite all the running around, his hair didn’t move one bit, it was too heavily gelled down.

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  1. michelle permalink
    April 18, 2010 07:51

    that passing of the armband moment was just. so important. the fact that guti didn’t care that he was getting carded (when he didn’t even deserve to be but whatever), he was showing the armband and the club and the captaincy the respect it deserves. and iker defending guti by yelling at the ref the whole time. it was just so beautiful<3


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