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here we go again…

May 4, 2010

Check out this little video from AS.  The basic premise, if you don’t understand Spanish, is that they’re asking what Iker will wear to the World Cup, and that you can find out in this Saturday’s AS.  Did Iker get to submit input to Adidas for his Spain jersey too?

Iker is looking pretty adorable in the video, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was really his closet, because I spotted a lot of articles of clothing that have the potential to be mismatched.

And if we’re to judge by what he wore yesterday to a charity padel tournament for breast cancer research, then I would say, the jersey’s got to have some plaid incorporated in it somehow, and it will mismatch with something else on his body.

Ok, I’m officially scared now.

But hey, at least he wore black shoes!  I think that outfit would have looked alright, if only he had removed the plaid shirt…

Dani Parejo (who Marca says will return to Madrid next season), Jordi Codina and Miguel Torres (Padel Lobb!  I used to pass by one of their stores every day on the way to school!) were also at the event, by the way, and Iker didn’t participate in the padel tournament.

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