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in case you missed it – the a bit of everything edition

May 4, 2010

In case you missed it – Madrid vs. Osasuna [2010-05-02].

There were a ton of memorable moments from the game this weekend, it was hard choosing just a few!  And by a few, I mean 12, so you can imagine how many I started with before whittling them down!  So here we go, I hope you don’t have anything urgent to do for the next 15 minutes.

One. We’ll start with the obvious – the remontada.  Way to make us wait until almost literally the last minute, guys.  But when victory came, how sweet it was.  Thank you Cristiano, for not giving up.  And thank you Sergio, for giving us an epic goal celebration.

Two. And related to that, the Iker-Raúl Albiol celebration that followed that goal.  Osasuna’s first goal came as a result of a mistake by Albiol, and he was the only player that didn’t celebrate Real Madrid’s first goal.  But all was forgiven by the time Madrid made their comeback, with Iker hugging and then tackling Albiol in celebration of Cristiano’s second goal (lucky poor Raúl, who was only expecting a high-five).  They even rolled around on the ground for several seconds.

The next day, Albiol said that he didn’t expect that hug from Iker, and that he (Iker) went a bit crazy with it.  He added that Iker is a fantastic teammate who is always there for you, in both good times and bad times.  In addition, Iker helped Albiol to recover psychologically from that error.  That’s what a gran capitán does!

Three. Fernando Redondo was at the game!  I loved him while he was at Madrid and was so sad when FP sold him and for how his career ended.  I will always remember my guy friend telling me that all the girls loved him, because of his Argentine accent.  I loved him for his impeccable hair!  Anyway, Fernando attended the game as a guest of el Grupo Cortés, and sat in their VIP box.  He was accompanied by the execs from El Corte Inglés, as well as the owner of Argentine restaurant De María (a favorite of Madrid players, if you’ve been reading the Stalker’s Guide).

This was his first time at a game since 2006, and he spent the second half saying, “they’re going to score, they’re going to score” each time Madrid was on the attack.  He even said he felt like going down to the field to play because of all the memories being in the Bernabéu brought back.  It took him an hour to leave the stadium after the game, because fans kept coming up to him for photos and autographs.  Some told him, we haven’t had a midfielder in your class since you left, to which Fernando responded, “no, no, we now have Xabi Alonso.”

Four. Marcelo’s goal celebration – he said he made the letter “C” with his hand because the goal was dedicated to his wife, Clarisse, and her name starts with “C.”  This was his first ever goal scored with his head, and he said that Raúl had told him in the locker room that against Osasuna, he would score a header.  So it appears that Jerzy is not the only one on the team who can predict who will score and when (like he did with Kaká and van der Vaart) – we now have a second psychic in Raúl, who managed to take it further and also describe the type of the goal that would be scored.  Increíble.

The picture below shows the three phases of Marcelo’s sweet celebration – the letter “C” for his wife, as stated earlier, kisses (presumably also for her), and the patting of his head to signify that his goal came from a header.

Five. The celebration between Kaká and Cristiano in his first goal.  Both pretended to cry.  I really want to know what that signifies.

Six. The bench in the last minutes of the game.  Here’s them celebrating Cristiano’s goal, and the video here shows how much they suffered in the last minutes of the game: see Gago stamp his foot and point to his watch (or where a watch would theoretically be), Garay’s nervous smile, Kaká running his hands through his hair, Diarrá yelling at the ref for only two minutes of extra time instead of four… This is why I love Madrid – they are a TEAM.

Seven. Throughout the Bernabéu, there were a lot of Inter Milan scarves, shirts, banners… the unprecedented support came of course because Inter deprived Barça of a place in the Champions League final in the Bernabéu.

Eight. With the win, their 29th, Madrid set a new record for wins in a season.  They broke the previous record of 28 set by Barça this season, by the Madrid of 2007-08 and the Barça of 1996-97.

Nine. Has someone been listening to me?  Iker wore black, and Madrid won.  He has to wear red or black for the three remaining games!!!  I love this picture, by the way.

And speaking of goalkeeper outfits, Ricardo’s was BRIGHT!  And everything matches – jersey, shorts, socks, even gloves!  Please Iker, don’t get any ideas (quick!  Someone delete Adidas’s number from Iker’s phone)!

Ten. Juanfran didn’t have to wait as long as Pedro Mosquera or Marcos Alonso in making his debut.  He came in for Fernando Gago in the 39th minute of the second half, so he got to play around 10 minutes.  It’s great to see canteranos get their chances!  After the game, the kid said he was very grateful to Pellegrini and to all the players, who all congratulated him.  He told us that he was nervous while entering the game, but happy, and that Pellegrini had told him to stay calm and just play as he knows how.  Congrats Juanfran!

By the way, Carlos Aranda (why does his shirt say “N. Aranda?”), who scored the first goal for Osasuna, is also a canterano, having played for Real Madrid B and Real Madrid C from 1998-2001.  And the other Juanfran, the one that plays for Osasuna, is also a product of la cantera (and doesn’t he look just like B.J. Novak, aka Ryan from “The Office?”)

Eleven. This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair right after he attempted a header.  His hair didn’t move at all!  How much gel is in there?

Twelve. Cristiano and Pipita after the game, each showcasing their individual style.  A very tan Cristiano, in a very tight shirt (gets my seal of approval), and Pipita, in his favorite black quilted jacket (one of several in different styles that he owns).

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  1. miya permalink
    May 5, 2010 15:02

    in our team i honestly think marcelo has the best style…its a bit like beckhams don’t u think? ronaldo is over the top lool 😛 and ramos….my love for him does not let me comment on this matter haha.
    pepita just seems like he’s trying to hard….and do you remember pepe coming out from the resturant during sergio’s bday?? i think he needs the most help.

    to me it either seems that our boys lack a sense of fashion or go overboard…some1 help them!!!

    • May 5, 2010 17:54

      Do you think Real Madrid will accede to hiring and paying me a salary if I go and offer my services as a stylist? That would be a great job!!!

      • miya permalink
        May 5, 2010 20:28

        I THINK THEY MIGHT! real have a image to uphold 😛

        • May 5, 2010 20:35

          I would love, love, love to do that! Iker & Sergio would be my first projects. But then my material for this blog would decrease by like 50%!!!

  2. November 5, 2010 05:42

    that is so nice of iker poor albiol must have felt terrible after that mistake


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