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yesterday’s odds and ends

May 4, 2010

A round-up of the important (to me) news from yesterday, in order of worst to best:

One. Marcos Alonso had a small accident at home, and had to have surgery on his left ankle.  He underwent the procedure yesterday, and will be out for three months.  Recover soon Marcos!

Two. File this one under “scary.”  Madame Tussard’s has created a wax statue of the “perfect footballer” based on Castrol rankings.  This means that it has Xavi’s eyes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs, Julio César’s hands, the left foot of Messi, the right foot of Thierry Henry.  It is also as tall as Peter Crouch and has Carles Puyol’s hair (but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with his play!)  See what it looks like here or watch a video of how it was made here (that’s where the scary part comes in).  It definitely has Cristiano’s legs, since they are much tanner than the rest of the body.

In my opinion, if you really wanted to create the perfect footballer, in addition to all mentioned above, you’d also have to give it bad dress sense – in that case, I would volunteer to have it based on our beloved Iker.  And the abs can be taken from Sergio Ramos.

Three. And this one under “funny.”  Cuatro captured the reaction of Joan Laporta’s when Madrid scored the third goal against Osasuna.  I like how they kept repeating those few seconds.

Four. Karim Benzema visited La Sexta (I like his t-shirt!) and talked about a lot of things, from Cristiano Ronaldo to his supposed involvement with that French hooker.  All in all, it wasn’t a very interesting interview.  The most interesting things were: he lived in a hotel for three months, and now lives with a friend in a house (supposedly devoid of furniture).  He has a Spanish teacher and is learning more from her than from speaking with his teammates.  The player he was most impressed by has been Pepe.  Karim’s dream was to play for Real Madrid.  He’s quite timid and doesn’t talk a lot.  And he likes rap music – they played him a bit of a song that was entitled “Benzema, c’est de la bombe” and he said it was not a real song, but rather an improvisation by a friend.

What I got out of it: I was very impressed that he made an effort to speak Spanish throughout the entire interview – he only switched to French when he didn’t know a word or verb tense – especially since, as he said before, he doesn’t talk a lot anyway.  His Spanish is not bad at all!  Go Karim!  And Karim needs to smile more – he’s adorable when he does so!

Five. And finally, Vanity Fair magazine revealed that June’s issue will feature footballers, including our Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká.  From the preview images, this issue is a keeper!  However, I’m a bit perturbed by the lack of Spaniards in the photo shoot and video.  I mean, they did travel to Madrid to shoot Cris and Ricky, couldn’t they call up Sergio?  I’m sure he’d be more than happy to take his shirt off and pose, since he does that all the time after games (Iker might be more reluctant).

In the picture of Cris below, I like how the woman in the left corner is just staring on in amazement, mouth agape.  I would have that reaction too, although I also might be screaming at the same time.  And then we have shy Ricky, who refused to strip down to his underwear like everyone else.  From the looks of it, it might be because he didn’t want to outshine anyone else.  He definitely had the potential to do so.  And it’s definitely our loss.

And the best for last (I told you)!  The cover, featuring none other than Cristiano Ronaldo in his Portugal/Armani skivvies.  It almost makes me want to go and support Portugal, but I love my la roja too much!  Picture after the jump – because if I put it in the post, you would just stop everything and start drooling staring – and I wanted you to read the rest of the entry!  Didier is not looking too bad either…

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  1. shay permalink
    May 4, 2010 18:59

    Is it just me or does that look like his mother in the corner?!

    • May 4, 2010 19:06

      You’re right, it does! If that’s the case, I take back what I said about her and will add that she’s just staring at him lovingly. Or maybe she’s thinking, my genes are damn good.

      • shay permalink
        May 5, 2010 08:34

        It could be a bit of both, ya never know 😛
        Wouldn’t it be awkward having your mother watch you do this kind of thing…. although she is always everywhere with him (like Amber said below) so maybe not

  2. May 4, 2010 21:34

    Yes, that’s Cristiano’s mother, Dolores. She is never far from her baby.


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