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¿el último adios?

May 8, 2010

Madrid plays Athletic tonight at the Bernabéu, while Barça takes on Sevilla at the same time.  ¡Que pinche el Barça!

This is Madrid’s last home game of the season, and as such, it could also be Guti’s last game as a Madrid player, since Marca says he’s close to coming to terms with Turkish club Galatasaray.  In this way, he’ll leave behind the club he’s been a part of since he was nine years old.  I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Guti over the years, but this makes me a bit sad.  As for Raúl, who is injured and hasn’t been called up for the game, all signs point to him staying another year at the club.

Other players who may be playing their last game in the Bernabéu tonight include Jerzy Dudek, Drenthe, Gago, Lass, Diarrá, van der Vaart and Higuaín.

Dudek‘s contract with Madrid ends this year, and he has an offer from Feyenoord, but Madrid may renew his contract for another year.

Drenthe has not played since February, and when he has played, hasn’t played well.  Madrid may part with him if they receive a good offer, or they may loan him out.

– It appears that Gago, in spite of starting the last several games, may still be looking to leave Madrid, as he did during the winter transfer window.

Lass has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff, and a return to the Premier may be possible.

– The club is open to offers for Mahamadou Diarrá, who has seen his playing time steadily decline.

– Several clubs, among them Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Arsenal are interested in Rafa.

– And as for Pipita, Madrid has not discussed renewing his contract yet, although he would like to stay, and it’s known that Chelsea and Manchester United want him.  MADRID, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

This will definitely our last chance to see Christoph Metzelder, as he has already signed to play with Schalke 04 next season.

I’ve grown quite attached to the players that we have, both good and bad, so it hurts me to see anyone leave, but if anyone does end up leaving (please not Higuaín, please not Higuaín) I hope they end up in good homes!!!

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  1. shay permalink
    May 8, 2010 17:53

    Did you see the Sergio interview?! bitch perfect hair and all?

    there is another 5 parts after this

    • May 8, 2010 17:56

      It (his hair, not the interview) is covered in the post I’m writing right now and which will be published in about two minutes! But seriously, who can concentrate on the interview when his hair is that perfect?

      • shay permalink
        May 8, 2010 18:00

        Woops guess i jumped the gun a bit then lol….. but I know right its ridiculously perfect someone should have rung or text in WTF do you do to get your hair so perfect grrrr I’m just jealous because has like 10 times more shine than mine 😛

  2. May 9, 2010 14:38

    If we do sell some of these players we have to get good value for them. We brought Gago for 20 mil there’s no way I’d let him go for less than 25. Lass was brought in for 25 and I would not sell him for anything less than 35 mil because he’s that good. Both these players are young and provide something a little different to our midfield and should stay but they may not be happy with limited playing time. In that case we need to get maximum value for them.

    Rafa has to stay because Guti is off to Galatasaray.

    I’d like to see Drenthe get loaned to another club because we won’t get back the 14mil we paid for him… he’s very raw but some playing time might help him improve. If he doesn’t make the grade we can always hope that his loan time increases his transfer value.

    Diarra is going to be 29 and Dudek is 36. They are both great guys to have in the vestuario but their roles are limited in this squad we could afford to move them.

  3. Kaye permalink
    May 11, 2010 07:49

    After reading the recent stories on how Dudek inspires players on the team, I really, really hope they keep him on the squad. Even if he’s there as a motivational speaker, I’d be happy!

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