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in case you missed it – the manita edition

May 10, 2010

In case you missed it – Madrid vs. Athletic [2010-05-08].

Madrid has an incredible 95 points, but we’re still not champions – the winner will be crowned next week, during the season’s last jornada.  It should be an interesting one, because it not only depends on us, but also on Barcelona, and because we’re both facing teams that are in the relegation zone.

The scoring tandem of Cristiano and Pipita scored two more goals in this game, bringing their total to 53, setting a new record for Madrid and tying the one for la Liga.

Anyway, on to the highlights of the game!

One. Have we had our last glimpses of Guti and Pipita in the Madrid white?  In the case of the former, it seems certain, while in the case of the latter, things are still a bit unclear.  Yesterday, on Pipita’s wikipedia page, it had Real Madrid listed as his club from 2007-2010, and Chelsea from 2010 on (it has since been removed).

Two. Rafa Nadal was at the game, I love how much of a Real Madrid fan he is, despite his uncle’s past.

Three. Benzema needed to score, and he did (as did Pipita), and no one was happier for him than Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká, to judge by the smiles on their faces.

Four. Sergio Ramos is the best, says this sign.  He certainly is.

And also the best at teasing us by lifting up his shirt.

I also love that he went back to doing somersaults to celebrate his goal.

Five. Once again, Arbeloa ended up with the game ball.  I wonder who he gave it to this time?

Six. We have two coaches – Pellegrini, seen here giving directions to Guti, and Jerzy Dudek, giving counsel to Cristiano.

Seven. I love seeing what happens prior to the game.  This time, we got to see Iker put on his gloves, a smiling Kaká on the bench, a tribute to Metzelder (good luck in Germany!) and the non-starting players joke around.

Eight. Other observations from the game: I’m upset that the rain didn’t make the players’ white shirts turn clingly and transparent.  There was a huge roar in the Bernabéu when the scoreboard flashed that Sevilla had scored their second goal.  Iker told the mayor of Madrid to prepare Cibeles for a celebration (he specifically told him to start erecting the fence that protects the statue).

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  1. shay permalink
    May 10, 2010 16:43

    1. Watching Guti say goodbye and giving out his shirts after he came back out made me depressed.
    2. Kaka has like PERFECT teeth
    3. Love that Sergio was nice to show the skin and put on a show but not dumb to get a yellow for it
    and 4. How the hell does Arbeloa always get to the game ball first?!

  2. May 10, 2010 20:22

    Ugh, I hate all these rumors about pipita. He just can’t leave 😦

  3. Jen permalink
    May 12, 2010 02:34

    😥 I hate that Guti is leaving and refuse to believe that Pipita would go:(

    Sergio made great somersaults and the shirt-lifting, UNF!


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