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some Madrid news

June 1, 2010

One. The Special One is also the chosen one, and so when he speaks, we should listen, no?

At the press conference following his presentation, TSO said that he was attracted to Madrid’s history, its frustrations in the last years and the pressure to win. He also proved optimistic that he would be around for a while:  he said that his objective is to construct the present in order to shape the future, and that the second year will be important, because it’s when the team attains equilibrium between the growth of a team and the work of a coach.

Other quotes:

– I was born to coach.  I like important challenges.  It’s nice not to coach Madrid, but to win in Madrid.

– Cristiano Ronaldo is an important player for Madrid, and players are part of a team, not individuals.  The club is more important than the players.

– I’m not anti-Barcelona.  I’m the coach of Madrid and I don’t care about Barcelona.

– This summer will be tranquil, it won’t be one with a lot of news about new signings.

– I talk with the players I coached in Oporto and Chelsea, and I talk about them as if they were still my players.  This is the kind of relationship I want to establish with Real Madrid’s players.  There are players that say, “if you leave, I’m not going to play anymore.”

Before the presentation and press conference, TSO had breakfast with Raúl at Valdebebas, and the two spoke, although he wouldn’t reveal what was said.

Two. Speaking of Raúl, the Foundation will present a book about his life today called El Triunfo de los Valores.

Three. And with regards to Higuaín, his father Jorge was at the Bernabéu yesterday to talk with Jorge Valdano and José Ángel Sánchez about his renovation.  It appears that Mourinho has Pipita in his plans, and so the club is trying to hammer out a deal.  The deal on the table now is for three million a year, and until 2016.  Let’s hope that the contract is signed soon!

Four. Meanwhile, Barcelona president Joan Laporta showed how delusional he is by saying that Madrid has “barcelonitis,” that Barcelona is a reference for them, and that Madrid feels obliged to try and emulate Barcelona because Barcelona is winning everything, every year.  I think it’s the opposite.  Madrid doesn’t really care about what Barcelona does, but Laporta is absolutely OBSESSED with what Madrid does, that’s why he talks about it so much!

Five. The Fútbol Draft awards (honoring players aged 16-20) were handed out at the Bernabéu yesterday, and Sergio Canales received an award.  He was named as one of the players in the Golden Starting XI.

The others were: De Gea (Atlético de Madrid); Azpilicueta (Osasuna), San José (Athletic), Domínguez (Atlético de Madrid), José Ángel (Sporting); Keko (Valladolid), Parejo (Getafe), Fran Mérida (Arsenal), Jordi Alba (Valencia); Bojan (FC Barcelona).

In addition to Sergio and Parejo, other Madridistas receiving awards included Tomás Mejías (goalkeeper of Real Madrid C) and Pablo Sarabia (Castilla), who formed part of the Bronze Starting XI.  Meanwhile, Marcos Alonso was selected by readers of as the left back in their ideal Starting XI.  And good news, his recovery from an ankle injury is going well!

Marcos and Sergio are so cute together!  We already know that they are friends, hopefully they’ll be teammates too!

Pictures and a video here.  Madrid’s next generation of footballers aren’t too bad looking!  They’re all in the adolescent, cute stage now, but hopefully they’ll grow into handsome men!

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