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la Champions tonight!

September 15, 2010

First off, I just want to say how much I love the Champions League training shirts!  That shade of blue is gorgeous, and everyone looks so good in them!  Does this one also come in a sleeveless variety?  I also like how the coaching staff changes along with the players – when the players were wearing white training shirts, the staff wore navy ones.  And now that the team is in blue, the staff is in white!  No monograms in sight though…

Meanwhile, the goalkeepers wore green shirts.  That should indicate that Iker will be wearing the green jersey tonight, since the light blue training jersey gave way to the light blue jersey in games.  And Iker’s shoes matched the green shirt, as expected.

All of the available players (21 out of the 25) were called up for tonight’s game against Ajax.  It’s easier (and takes up much less space) to write about who WASN’T called up, so here are the players who will be watching the game from the stands: Albiol, Garay, Kaká and Gago.

In other news, as the team made their way to the Mirasierra Suites hotel for the concentración – in blue leisurewear polos that matched their training shirts – Cris showed off a new hairstyle, what looks to be a fauxhawk.  Thoughts?

And Álvaro Arbeloa – who else – tweeted from the hotel to say that he was at the hotel.

Will Arbeloa one day become mayor of the Mirasierra Suites?  With Mou requiring concentraciones before each home game, he has a good chance…

And Pipita talked to the press, saying that they’re comfortable playing with three forwards, that he hopes the goals will come against Ajax [time to uncap that ketchup bottle?], that the team needs to win an “important” title this year [understatement of the year, no?], and that he believes José Mourinho is the right coach for the team.

Meanwhile, club legend Luis Figo, during a watch presentation, had this to say about TSO: “he’s a man that will help the team via his qualities as a person and as a coach.  He’s a great communicator and an honest person with his players.  He’s a winning coach and what Madrid needed.”  We also found out that Luis doesn’t see himself as a coach in the future, and that his objective now is to spend time with his family.

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  1. reggaeballgirl permalink
    September 15, 2010 07:49

    I’m ready for the Madrid goal feast. Go boys!

  2. LaBlanca permalink
    September 15, 2010 08:42

    I love the shirts!!! Thats an awesome color!

    Cris…. ahhh well its not too much different to his latest hairstyle just that it looks a bit thin at the sides, but its an advantage as he doesnt need so much hairgel anymore. LOL

    Alvaro… keep on tweeting where you are, that great for everyone who wants to stalk the team! 😀

    Pipita… he really needs to start scoring in the CL. Cmon Pipita, silence these doubters and hget the ketchup … err goals flowing!

    Raul… I really hope that team can improve. I really felt sorry for him yesterday.

    talking about Raúl, Schuster yesterday said that Raúl did not vetoed a possible Villa transfer to RM. So why the hell did he put up that rumor at all? I mean I anyway didnt think Raúl would do that but many others believed it and it put Raúl in a bad light. Schuster is such a fool!

    Anyway, Ajax… their player Evander Sno suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday during a game. He had to be reanimated 4 times. Thankfully it was successful and is recovering from it. All the best to him! Gosh that puts football so much in the background and brings up memories of Ruben De la Red… I miss that player =( but his health is the most important.

    for the game I wish we’ll have a good start! We need to win these games, especially the home games with THAT group! And I hope the fans stand behind their team this time!!!


  3. Jennifer permalink
    September 15, 2010 08:51

    Love the blue shirts, HATE Cris’s new hair! Someone just took away Sergio’s “Worst Haircut of Real Madrid” trophy… The frosted tips don’t help.

    Arbeloa’s tweeting is adorable (and useful for RM-stalking purposes). I love that he’s making a fantasy football team for Champions, too. Wonder who will be on it? 😀

    • Miche permalink
      September 15, 2010 09:20

      No monogrammed shirt for TSO? I wonder if that will change.
      Oh, Twitter. We can always count on Arbeloa to tell us where we can find him, haha.
      I’m nervous and excited for the game tonight. I really hope we play as well as we can. Hala Madrid! 🙂

      • hazrd permalink
        September 15, 2010 13:04

        Maybe they haven’t had the chance to monogram all his shirts yet?
        Cristiano’s hair yeah….nahh.
        Looking at Pipita’s photo….does he get his monobrow waxed?

        CL match….is everybody watching it live? I’m still thinking about recording it or watching live…since it’s on at 4:30am here…and I get so nervous during RM’s live matches.

  4. Cindy permalink
    September 15, 2010 13:02

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue shirts. I’m expecting a win tonight (please please please). Oh Cris, why do you do this to yourself. I would love for him to just leave his hair alone and let it grow. Embrace the curls Cris, embrace them.

  5. LaBlanca permalink
    September 15, 2010 13:40

    Girls, just got bad news, Sergio is not gonna play tonight. He had to leave the hotel for a magnetic resonance in the clinic. He went out of training yesterday with pains in the muscle and it went worse today. Hope its nothing serious. Alvaro will play for him.

    And Di Maria will start as well.

  6. Stacy permalink
    September 15, 2010 14:16

    Is it true Ramos is out 😦
    I would like someone to update me ASAP because that really is a blow for tonight!

  7. drdrcosta permalink
    September 15, 2010 14:37

    Cristiano’s hair…Cute on Neymar, not so much on Cristiano!

  8. drdrcosta permalink
    September 15, 2010 14:47

    Ohhhh…maybe he was trying to distinguish his hair from Tevez’s new look. Don’t worry Cristiano, NOBODY would confuse you two…

  9. September 15, 2010 15:16

    Comon Chris leave your hair alone! The frosted tips and practically shaved sides… *winces*

    I’m crossing my fingers for tonight.

  10. HermosaChica permalink
    September 15, 2010 18:42

    Lol at the group photo, it looks like an unenthusiastic square dancing session 😆
    Yeah, what’s with Alvaro and tweeting maps? It’s like he’s inviting us to come stalk him; this can obviously be arranged at some point 😉
    ..So I guess I’m the only one who likes Cris’ hair? It makes him look less like a pretty boy, which is a great consolation since he usually looks like he smeared a greasy pan layered with corn oil across his head. But as we’ve learned before, the first picture of a seemingly bad haircut will always deceive you; I’m gonna wait until I see it from all angles to determine whether it was a hit or a miss.
    Lovely Pipita photo! 😀
    After reading the comments about a newly injured Sergio, I’m choosing not to explode into smithereens on this post, so I’m saving it for where it’s mentioned.

    • Maisoun permalink
      September 16, 2010 07:01

      “Lol at the group photo, it looks like an unenthusiastic square dancing session”—-LMAO! honestly your comments crack me up! I actually went back up to the picture after reading your comment to see it again lol

      • HermosaChica permalink
        September 16, 2010 15:55

        Well it’s true! Look at Granero’s face 😆
        Haha and I’m glad that you’re being provided with an extra smidgen of entertainment on top of all the great stuff we learn here everyday 😀

  11. Manemanda permalink
    September 16, 2010 08:09

    CR ~ the faux-hawk looks even sillier than his previous ‘do. I’d like to see him shave it all off then grow it out.

  12. Eiro permalink
    October 20, 2010 23:43

    K the hair is way better now!! It’s back to being dark again! look at this photo it was taken 1 day ago and it show how much better his hair looks now!


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