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September 17, 2010

Mou is a hot commodity, Cris updates his hair, Álvaro makes plans and Iker is honored.

One. Has anyone seen the movie “Once Bitten” from the 1980s?  Well anyway, there’s a song in there where the lyrics go something like “hands off, he belongs to me, hands off, I’m telling you one last time…”

And that’s what I feel like singing to the Portuguese Football Federation in relation to their attempts to steal away José Mourinho.  Doesn’t it seem like a lack of respect for Real Madrid for the Federation to do this?  They already pissed me off last year and as you know, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Carlos Queiroz either.  It’s no wonder they’re not doing well.  And with the type of micromanagement that TSO is so fond of, I also don’t believe he’d have enough time to manage two teams.  As any of the Real Madrid coaches who preceded him can tell him, managing Real Madrid is a full time job and a lot more.

Two. After all that fuss about Cris’ hair, things went back to normal (if anything related to Cristiano Ronaldo can ever be classified as normal) during the training session yesterday, when Cris showed up with slicked down hair.  I like this look.

Three. Meanwhile Álvaro Arbeloa is a fan of online dating!  Well, sort of.  He made a date with Fernando Verdasco over twitter yesterday, and who can blame him?  For those of you who don’t know, this is Fernando Verdasco.  Bonus video here.  Oh, and he’s an excellent tennis player as well (and gets extra points for being a madridista!)

Left: Well let’s see if we can get together a day before I go on the Asian tour!  A lunch or something, no?

Right: I accept the invitation.

Hopefully Álvaro will later reveal the location of the meal via foursquare so we can stalk, no?

Four. And Iker was named as a favorite son of his birthplace and hometown, Móstoles (he had previously been honored with the city’s gold medal and the city award).  Iker was welcomed by Móstoles mayor Esteban Parro, who said, “we honor his merits because we love him, because he’s the person that all the kids in Móstoles aspire to be and because he’s the same person he was 10 years ago and brings Móstoles along with him wherever he goes.”  In his speech, Iker thanked the mayor and the people of Móstoles: “if the city of Móstoles was already linked to me, now it is much more so.  I give it my all so that you will be proud of me, like I am of this city.”

In declarations to the press, Iker said, “if 25 or 26 years ago you had asked me when I was three or four years old whether one day I would be a favorite son of Móstoles, I probably would not have known what that was, and I wouldn’t have believed it either.”  When asked whether he would like a street in the city to be named after him (how about his mother?), he said, “I would love that, but ask the mayor.”  The mayor said, “I already told him that I will change the rule because the current one only allows names to be named after persons who have already passed away.”

After the ceremony, the majority of the people headed to a nearby field to watch Iker’s (cute) brother Unai and his team Móstoles take on Puertollano.  Iker watched the game from the box of honor.

Iker looked good yesterday, didn’t he?  But did you know that the outfit is a more or less combination of what Iker, Xabi and Álvaro were wearing here?  Iker chipped in the blazer, Álvaro the white shirt and Xabi the jeans.  That equals perfection.

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  1. September 17, 2010 09:26

    Looking good there Sr. Casillas, now will you try to dress along those lines more often. If Móstoles named a street after him then there will be nothing left to reward him with 🙂 , maybe they should leave that till he retires in the unforeseeable future 😀

    Will the Portuguese Federation just stop flirting with Mou? He is ours you are not taking him away from us!

    Oh and people with twitter please ask Álvaro to tweet pics of the two of them whenever they meet up!

  2. LaBlanca permalink
    September 17, 2010 10:29

    Iker looks amazingly! Why cant he just keep it like that? Whoever gave him this advice with the clothes, please continue!!!

    Haha, I just love Álvaro on twitter! Cant wait for the pic from that meeting! =)

    I have no idea how that should help Portugal to loan him out for 2 games? Dont like the idea, but it seems its tempting him.

  3. HermosaChica permalink
    September 17, 2010 15:21

    Whoa..Iker looks..great! 😀 We should all just freeze this yummy moment for a while before he goes back to the plaid shirts *sigh*..
    Did you just mention Unai? 😮 What? What?! Where? Where?!
    Oh yeah, I follow Verdasco too. He tweets a lot of photos which sort of fills the void that the Four Musketeers have left now that they barely share any photos 😦

  4. September 17, 2010 17:17

    OMG- ONCE BITTEN WAS MY FAVORITE MOVIE when I was younger…LOL they were at the school dance during that song.

  5. GKS permalink
    September 18, 2010 06:51

    Wow! Iker looks totally incredible…I love him even more. Did he have a stylist for this event?


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