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in case you missed it – the royal edition

September 19, 2010

In case you missed it – Real Sociedad vs. Real Madrid [2010-09-18].

San Sebastián is one of my favorite cities in Spain, not only because it’s beautiful, but because it has great food as well!  I was just there this time last year, because I remember that the visit coincided with the film festival – we had parked our car and emerged in a plaza, where there was a huge crowd of people waiting in the rain to catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt.  Now you all know that the equivalent of Brad Pitt for me is Iker Casillas, and I almost saw him one time in San Sebastián a while back as well, during the last time la Real was in the primera.  During a puente (long weekend), my friends and I decided spontaneously to spend the weekend in San Sebastián, and since we were nine people, we drove in two cars.  The car I was in was stuck in traffic when my friends called me to say they were stuck outside the Hotel María Cristina, because Real Madrid’s bus had just pulled up and the players were getting off.  I asked them to take some pictures, and I remember they got Figo and Solari.  Ok, enough recollections about Donosti and onto the game!

One. That was some nice collaboration between Pepe and Cristiano for the second goal, although I don’t know if it was deliberate.  In any case, I’m sure Cris was relieved, and you could see how happy for him his teammates were as well – Sergio kissed him and Marcelo gave him a special hug, with both moving to a rhythm only they could hear.

Two. A screenshot of the players who will vie to succeed Guti as the player with the most “original” outfits.  Iker’s hiding behind them, trying to get out of the competition, but by virtue of Iker being Iker, he’s definitely a contestant.  (Whenever a celebrity or what passes for a celebrity in Spain wears a questionable outfit, the magazines always describes it as “original.”)

Three. Who knew that FP had fans as well?

Four. I love this shot of the players looking at Mou as if he were a bit crazy.  Coincidentally, the only one not to do so, el Pirata, was the only one that got to play in the game.  He probably knows better because he’s a psych major.

Five. Poor Benzema.  He started warming up at the 15 minute mark in the second half, and the minutes ticked by as he kept running and stretching.  He didn’t get to enter the game until the 44 minute mark, when there was barely any time left in the game.

Six. Oh no, I left the hair gel at the hotel!

Seven. Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t the only underwear model on the field on Saturday night.  This is Real Sociedad defender Alberto de la Bella.  And he is indeed “of beauty” – check out his ads for Dirk Bikkembergs undies!  Impressive, no?

Eight. I think I will start a fund to pay primera footballers to ask for the complete package of Iker’s jersey AND the undershirt.  They won’t get the money unless they are able to convince Iker to take off and exchange both shirts.  And yes, Ángel di María had a great game, but I’m more interested in Iker behind him.

Nine. Speaking of Iker, he spent the game giving out directions and his patented “I’m so disappointed in my defense” look – perfected over seasons and seasons when FP refused to buy any defenders.

Ten. Despite that, Iker only had to make one save during the game, a great one.  Mou wasn’t pleased with Sergio Ramos the defense either, and took it out on his water bottle when Iker made that save.  Sergio better be preparing a nice present for Iker.

Eleven. Sergio threw a mini tantrum when the call went against his team – love the foot stomping – and got his reward for defending Madrid later on when Iker gave him a little pat on the ass.

Twelve. And of course, we have to mention Xabi Alonso in this post, because this game was his homecoming.  Before the game, as the Madrid line-up was being announced over the PA system, the announcer paused after saying “Xabi Alonso,” and the crowd responded with applause.  Xabi also saluted the players and the fans after the game.  His father Periko Alonso watched the game from home, since he had decided a couple of seasons ago that he would prefer to watch games tranquilly at home.  Bonus Xabi here, scoring a goal AGAINST Real Madrid and Iker.  Guti also makes a brief appearance in the video, and Xabi looks good in stripes.

Thirteen. The Mourinho section.

Let’s start off with a game.  Try to guess the situation that just occurred by looking at Mou’s expression.  The four situations are: Di María’s goal, a miss by Real Sociedad, Tamudo’s goal and regular game action.  No cheating by looking at the time!

Fun Mou things: more gum chewing (how many packs does he go through in a game?  Here’s a video that might give us a clue.) and the way he expresses disbelief.  He could be an actor.

And of course, there was the impromptu press conference at the Vitoria airport at 2:10 in the morning, where he cleared up a few things.

No rest for the weary – the team returned to training at 11h this morning!

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  1. Cindy permalink
    September 19, 2010 17:36

    Heheh I love all of your observations. Great job.

  2. Alisha C. D. permalink
    September 19, 2010 17:36

    oh, Una.. you’re the best!

  3. Nikki permalink
    September 19, 2010 17:43

    Their match schedule is so crazy! They most definitely need a break!

    • LaBlanca permalink
      September 20, 2010 07:49

      yeah they arrived around 3 at night and shouldnt have been to bed before 4 and at 11 am the training started. Crazy schedule.

  4. hehe permalink
    September 19, 2010 17:47

    LOL I love the Mou throwing the water bottle video. Watched it who knows how many times 😛 Well we all know that was one of the stupidest, fugliest games ever but thanks to your article, it softened the blow 😛

  5. September 19, 2010 17:51

    I laughed when Mourinho threw the bottle, I didn’t like how we played this game but I am happy with the 3 points.

    Una, I want to ask you about what I read in As today. Is Carvajal planning on suing Iker? Why is he demanding this money now and does he have documents proving that he negotiated Iker’s contract? What’s going on?

    • September 20, 2010 07:12

      I’m not sure. When Iker renewed his contract with Madrid in 2008 for “life,” Ginés Carvajal was still his agent, although he apparently didn’t participate in the contract negotiations (Iker did it himself with Ramón Calderón). And now Carvajal is claiming that he should be paid a percentage of this contract as a commission, although according to the AS article Iker never signed anything with Carvajal. Now I guess Madrid and Iker will decide whether they can negotiate with Carvajal, whether they should pay what he’s claiming if there is indeed anything signed, or go to court to resolve the issue if they decide not to pay and Carvajal sues them.

      • September 20, 2010 13:36

        Thanks a lot, I hope everything goes well without having to go to court.

  6. hazrd permalink
    September 19, 2010 18:35

    Yes, that’s what I want to know – why is Mou chewing so much gum? a) anxiety b) trying to quit smoking c) stops him from talking so much

    Which leads to the next q….he was talking behind his hand for a lot of the match – preventing controversy when the lip readers get to the footage?

    Bad luck for Sergio – maybe it’s the hair?

  7. RealLisa permalink
    September 19, 2010 21:27

    1. Dios mio unamadridista! You’re the best! Thank you for everything you have done!
    2. Anyway, the only spaniards I have ever known are from San Sebastian. I met them last summer. Such nice guys! (hopefully to visit them someday).
    3. I don’t know why, but it seemed (to me) that Sergio was especially hot & sexy this time. Of course he’s allways beautiful (I don’t even know if “beautiful” is enough/the right word)..
    4. I love that Cris-teammates-hug-happiness thing. I was all kinda happy and sharing love with him too, ‘cos he was so desperately trying to score..
    5. I can tell that I felt Iker’s pain when Sociedad scored. It was so obvious, so touching that I wished I was able to hug him and never let him go..
    6. Always’s such a pleasure watching Mou, even when he’s angry. I just love him! And it’s so cute the way Canales’s looking at him. Cute!
    Thank you once more unamadridista, ¡sos la mejor!

  8. September 19, 2010 22:02

    I’ve been looking forward to reading your post on last nights game ever since the game got over. *grins* Thanks for yet another fab post!

    PS: Gotta say that I adore your gif’s!

  9. HermosaChica permalink
    September 19, 2010 22:09

    Ohhh I detest that feeling after making a split decision that could’ve taken you to the right place at the right time but then you end up doing the opposite. Don’t worry Una, you will meet that extraordinary man one day 😀 didn’t you say that you lived in Madrid?
    I remember Benzema stepped onto the pitch at around thirty seconds before the ninety minutes ended, which kind of annoyed me, I mean he could’ve at least been given ten minutes.
    Hahaha I just loved the Iker gif where he’s telling them to calm down. I remember squealing a little on the inside when he did that 😆 but hey hey hey, why is Iker the only one who gets to do that to Sergio? I’m havin’ what he’s havin’!

    Poor Sergio. Lol! I didn’t notice the foot stomping when it happened! But in all sincerity, his hair is looking quite good, right? I think the best it’s ever been was either during that Ay Haiti video, or during the World Cup (Swiss game, I think) when the back was a little loose during the first half. Yes, I remember those sorts of details about him *hides blushing cheeks*.

    Wow, I just feel bad for anyone who was within a two metre radius of Mou when he threw that water bottle.

    • September 20, 2010 10:20

      Oh, but I have met Iker!

      • HermosaChica permalink
        September 20, 2010 11:52

        😮 were the angles weeping and serenading you in the background? Oh who am I kidding, they must have been 😀

      • September 20, 2010 12:53

        WOW!! I’m jealous!!

      • HermosaChica permalink
        September 20, 2010 15:53

        *cough* angels not angles (and to think, I hate when people confuse the two)..

      • Dru permalink
        September 24, 2010 19:24

        I want to die of envy now….did he have a halo around his head?

        LOL at Sergio Canales’s and ALvaro’s expression though- Canales is so cute, I want to pinch his cheeks and coo at that baby face! El Niño mk. 2, maybe?

    • Jennifer permalink
      September 21, 2010 00:24

      The foot-stomping was brilliant.

      His hair is looking better, too, but it’s still not quite perfect. Needs a little bit more growth just yet :-p

  10. JulieFromParis permalink
    September 19, 2010 23:19

    There’s so many things to comment on 🙂 let’s be organised:

    One. I adore every screenshots you post about The Ramos, so glad he’s back. But God, he was in trouble with that Antoine Griezmann. In the plane back, Mourinho probably threatened to tied poor Sergio to the bench for the rest of his career.

    Two. What a game from Antoine Griezmann, hope Blanc will keep an eye on him. I love the way he plays and he’s only 19!

    Three. Poor Marcelo! He was desperately waiting for some affection from Cris after the goal. I love how Xabi seems to tell him “give the guy a break , he needs some time and space” and how Marcelo gestures “finally!!” when Cris goes for a hug. I love this team.

    Four. Im getting really worried about Karim’s lack of game time.

  11. hi! permalink
    September 20, 2010 03:30

    love ur in.. case u missed it post..ah hek i love all ur post!!..i have a question are ur comments on ur conlaroja blog working just curious i wouldnt want Conlaroja to “break” i love i would cry if anything happened…..anyway Ur Awesome!

  12. LaBlanca permalink
    September 20, 2010 07:47

    awesome Una, as always!! Love your work. Im always waiting for it after the game.

    did you see what Mou said in half time? “What do you do? We cant sleep this way.”
    LOL but I think its harmless. Im sure he has had harsher words as well.

  13. September 20, 2010 14:27

    Lovely post!

    Re Mourinho: man, that guy likes to be shown on TV, I guess, he’s spectacular! I mean, man, is he emotional on this bench. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room to hear him speak to the players! (as if anyone would really listen to the words given the opportunity to observe the room while the players change and shower after the game!)

    Re Iker and his contract: if you ever need a lawyer, Iker, I am available, any time, anywhere, no charges. oh.

    Re Sergio – I love the boy and his looks (yeah, hair def. look better and man, he matures so beautifully), but he has a reputation when it comes to fouls and I guess he kinda pays for it, even with no fouls on his side! I am so afraid one of those days he’ll get the red card again!

  14. Jennifer permalink
    September 21, 2010 00:23

    Oh, poor Sergio! I mean, that error was pretty glaring, and Iker saved his ass… but I would really not like to be the target of Mou’s rather spectacular rage like that. (Love that his assistant barely even flinches, just kind of looks down like, “Oh, not again.”) I’m surprised that Sergio isn’t hiding under a rock or something…

    Canales and Arbeloa display the facial expressions of normal human beings when faced with the spectacle that is TSO. Granero just looks determined not to stare: “I won’t do it, I won’t I won’t I won’t!”

    Cris’ goal was beautiful. Twack-swish-GOOOOOLLLLLLL! We need more of those, please, thanks!

    I continue to be amazed by Xabi’s classiness/ability to pose, no matter the occasion. Corner kicks are an especially good time to observe the fierceness in action.

    Re: originality, if Sergio doesn’t fall back into his old patterns of dressing, he might well be out of the running to take Guti’s place! Personally, I’d say it’s a four-way race between Cris, Iker, Marcelo and Pepe (the latter two particularly for their vile taste in t-shirts).

    Finally, where can I send donations to your fund? The cause of getting Iker shirtless is a worthy one, and since Sergio already strips voluntarily, I don’t need to pay people to swap for his shirts :-p We should perhaps compile a list of those most likely to be receptive to our offer, and then… bam! Half-naked Iker! 😀

  15. Jennifer permalink
    September 21, 2010 00:26

    Also, maybe FP’s fans thought he was the Crackovia version? Or they know how to suck up… :-p

  16. emily permalink
    September 21, 2010 04:20

    Serge’s foot stomp was him showing the ref what he thought had happened. Serge did have some uncharacteristic mistakes, but they ended up being covered. Overall, he is so sharp. And Mou appears to have some OCD associated with that gum. That little bit of video of him playing with it is quite silly. ‘mmm mm mm nom nom nom chomp chomp chomp’

  17. paulgalactico permalink
    September 21, 2010 06:12

    Hi Unamadrista…
    first time poster…love your blog. i’ m a diehard madridista and this is probably the best blog for the OBESESSED Real Madrid fan on the internet!

    i can’t rememeber the last time i laughed so hard when you said “Four. I love this shot of the players looking at Mou as if he were a bit crazy. Coincidentally, the only one not to do so, el Pirata, was the only one that got to play in the game. He probably knows better because he’s a psych major.”


    it’s funny because it’s true. Esteban got to play because he knew how to react in the situation! 😛

    I will always follow your blog! gracias mi amiga, que te vaya bien!!



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