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all set for the Copa del Rey game!

October 25, 2010

First, today’s Mouism, from José Mourinho’s press conference this afternoon:

If those who play don’t play well, on Saturday I’m going to fill the bench with Castilla players.

And there you have it, primera plantilla.  Consider that your warning.  And now onto the training session:

Both Sergio and Raúl are back!  That’s something that Álvaro, I and I’m sure all of you heartily approve of!

Anyway, Madrid held their last training session before their debut in this year’s Copa del Rey.  Two canteranos – Juanfran and Jesús (Castilla’s gk) – joined 16 players from the first team.  If you’re wondering where the other players are, three are still injured (Kaká, Gago, Garay) and one temporarily – Lass, who was suffering from inguinal adenopathy (I looked it up and it’s an inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin area) and who stayed in the gym.  Meanwhile, Xabi, Mesut, Carvalho, Dudek and Marcelo are enjoying their mini-three day vacation (Marcelo and Jerzy joined those players whom Mou had already said would not be playing against Murcia).  Sergio trained normally, and was included in the list of called up players after missing the last three games.  This also allowed Mou to give Marcelo a rest.

Thus, the list of players traveling to Murcia consists of goalkeepers Casillas, Adán and Jesús; defenders Albiol, Arbeloa, Pepe, Mateos and Sergio Ramos; midfielders Khedira, Granero, Diarra, Canales, Pedro León, Di María and Juanfran; and forwards Cristiano Ronaldo, Higuaín and Benzema.

In his post conference, Mou said that he does value to the Copa del Rey, that 17 years is too long to go without winning it, and that he wants to win it.

Related to that, Mou says he does have confidence in the players that will see action against Murcia, naming Pedro León, Granero and Albiol as examples.  Meanwhile, his defensive line will be made up of solely Iberian players: Iker in goal, Sergio on the right, Arbeloa on the left and Albiol and Pepe in the center: “four world champions and Pepe.  Not bad.”

As to why Iker will play: “because he’s the best in the world, he’s not tired and he can play a game each day, since goalkeepers don’t get fatigued physically.  If I have the best, why would I play with the second or third best?  Dudek and Adán are working hard.  Dudek is a top goalkeeper for his experience and his weight on the team.  Adán is getting small opportunities, such as this game, and has to feel that the future is his.”

Pipita also received some compliments: “Higuaín is working like he’s never worked before.  I’ve watched many of Madrid’s games in the past, and I’ve never seen him work like that…. he scores goals, gives out assists, makes others work… the reason why Benzema is not playing is because of Higuaín.  But Benzema doesn’t have to do anything to convince me because it’s the fault of Higuaín, who’s doing things very well.”

Mou was also asked about why he would be the one signing autographs in Murcia tonight: “we all have to do it.  One or two times a year.  Everyone has to have a turn.  It’s an initiative that the club likes.  We made a pact to do it.  Pedro’s going because it’s his home province.  I wanted the other to be Chendo, because it’s also his home, but he didn’t want to.  So it was left to me.”

And since I mentioned him before, here’s the latest on Salamanca player Miguel García: the team doctor says he won’t be able to return to playing football.  Miguel’s reaction was one of pain, but with resignation.  Sad news!  He’s still in the hospital, having spent the night there, but is evolving positively and could be discharged this afternoon.

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  1. hazrd permalink
    October 25, 2010 16:26

    haha… Mou, everyone treats him like a star and he’s all ‘oh well, nobody wanted the job, so I’ll have to do’.

    Hope RM does better this year in Copa del Rey.

  2. October 25, 2010 16:30

    Serhio back!!! sporting the pink physio tape like a boss (it’s not visible in those pics but I saw some other from the training where you could see it) LOL I’ll have to record the match cause again, I cannot see it!

    The Mourinho quote – oh my, brilliant (again)! Speaking of him, to make a long story short – I was quite sceptical towards him in the past. Of course, his successes were always undeniable for me, all respect, but I was not convinced to his methods and his Mou-ways of talking to the press etc, you know, this kinda arrogant attitude. I think I was kinda unfair towards him, I have to admit it!

    Now, when I started to really follow him closer for quite some time now, meaning since the final of CL of last year and when it turned out he’s going to coach Real, I am really starting to love him, if I do not already!

    I mean, his temper is very, well, interesting, but I kinda get him. I especially start to like the discipline that he introduces and his way of treating things both seriously in all the levels (like now, with Copa del Rey) and yet with some distance (his quote about how if we loose it’s gonna be Wednesday tomorrow, and if we win, it’s gonna be Wednesday too, and the quote when he said that there are bigger problems than with football, like the parents who have no money to feed their children).

    I really like that he wants the players to respect every match and prepare for every match and have this attitude of being always proffessional, no matter what the stakes are and who the opponent is. I really like that and I certainly like what the team is doing right now, under his wings!

    The TSO quotes of the day are so brilliant too!

  3. Lola permalink
    October 25, 2010 16:46

    Hey anymore details on that contest?

  4. Jennifer permalink
    October 25, 2010 18:42

    “four world champions and Pepe” – ouch, Mou!

    But most importantly: ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡YAY SERGIO IS BACK!!!!!!!!

    (I’m following the Arbeloa model of punctuation.)

    Love that Sergio will be at rightback, that means lots of yummy closeups when he throws the ball in! (Not that that’s the only reason I prefer him at rightback, of course!)

    As much as I love Castilla and the canteranos, I like the primera plantilla just the way it is, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for a good game tomorrow!

    • HermosaChica permalink
      October 26, 2010 07:45

      Aaah I know! He’ll be my personal highlight of the match regardless of the outcome. Murcia better make a habit of kicking the ball out of play ’cause I’m gonna want to see those close-ups!

  5. peppy permalink
    October 25, 2010 20:38

    I love what Mou said about San Iker.

  6. Maisoun permalink
    October 25, 2010 22:48

    “Both Sergio and Raúl are back!” YESSSSSS!!!! FINALLY! And now Im already looking forward for the ‘In case you missed it’ post 😉

  7. Mani Thangadurai permalink
    October 26, 2010 01:04

    If I was Dudek, I would be regretting my decision to stay at Madrid. It’s now clear that Casillas will play in ALL the games and Dudek will starve to death on the bench. At least the other coaches were willing to give him some game time. Mourinho is being heartless, but Dudek should be blamed for his own stupidity. He’ll be rightly remembered as a stupid and irresponsible fool who wasted his talent and ability.

    • October 26, 2010 07:35

      He’s 37. And he’s making a lot of money to sit around. That’s not stupid.

      • Mani Thangadurai permalink
        October 26, 2010 11:14

        Yes he is! He’s supposed to be a football PLAYER, NOT a football WATCHER!!

    • October 26, 2010 13:19

      I have mixed feelings about him (Dudek). On one hand, he has his accomplishments and maybe does not need to prove himself anything more so he decided to stay. look at the CL final, when Liverpool won with Milan and he saved the penalties. I mean, he was a hero of one of the greatest matches ever played, at least one of the most exciting ones. I would not complain about living in madrid and being paid for it either, if you ask me;-)

      But on the other hand, I would prefer to play if I were a footballer. I’d just would love to play!!! Look at Raul Almighty, noone can doubt his love for Real, but his will to play won with it so he moved somewhere where he can play!

      I think he will get some minutes eventually. I mean, Iker has to be rested at some point….probably…

      • Mani Thangadurai permalink
        October 26, 2010 16:21

        It is true that he has had his accomplishments, but the fact remains that had he not spent the last FIVE seasons on the bench he could easily have achieved so much more! He SHOULD have been Poland’s first-choice for the 2006 World Cup, he could easily have played in Euro 2008 and earned so many more caps to truly become his country’s greatest all-time goalkeeper. At the end of the day it boils down to the Biblical parable of making the most of one’s God-given talents, and Dudek has failed miserably in these last few years.

        No consummate professional worth his salt will ever say that he’s happy to be at a club where he is not a first-choice player unless he’s lying through his false teeth, and we have seen in Raul and Michel Salgado two examples of players who are willing to move out of their comfort zones in order to continue playing rather than end their careers as peripheral players. Those two guys are honest, real professionals who truly love the game and deserve respect. But Dudek, who could still challenge for his country’s number one jersey, is just willing to become a part of the furniture at a big club without trying to make things happen for himself. I wouldn’t have ANY respect for him even if I was a Real supporter!!

        It looks as though he’ll have to depend on the coach deciding when to rest Casillas, and I don’t think it might happen. This kind of situation would NOT in any way make me proud to be a part of Real Madrid if I was in his shoes!!

      • Mani Thangadurai permalink
        October 26, 2010 22:23

        I had left a reply here…why was it deleted?! There was NO foul language used!!

        • October 27, 2010 07:46

          It was not deleted. I have to approve all comments before they appear, and I do have to sleep sometimes, meaning I can’t monitor them around the clock.

  8. zyc permalink
    October 26, 2010 01:42

    i love your blog!! thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put into this 🙂 makes my day reading your articles :))


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