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Sergio on Punto Pelota, part I

October 27, 2010

A big thanks to reader Jennifer, who volunteered to transcribe and translate Sergio Ramos’ appearance on Punto Pelota from May.  I’ve divided the interview up into segments according to the videos I found on YouTube, so this is just the first part, about 20%, of the interview.  How great is Sergio?

Just a note: all the comments in the text below are also Jennifer’s!

Josep Pedrerol: Are you in your best physical shape, or what?

Sergio Ramos: Well, I think that maybe after the injury I got at the end of the Confederations Cup, it was good to have those two months to stop, to be able to start from the beginning, and the truth is that emotionally, I’ve got more confidence, and physically as well. I’m going through a really good moment that I hope continues to go equally well for the World Cup.

JP: Are you going to win La Liga?

SR: We hope so, right? It’s clear that both teams are fighting for it and this has almost never been seen before, with the number of points that we have and nobody is mathematically the champion, but it’s clear that after the defeat against Barça at the Bernabéu, every match we’ve played has been like a final, and Real Madrid has responded to that. I think that the goal is to win La Liga and to hope that on Saturday the best team becomes the leader.

JP: And that’s Barcelona?

SR: Of course [massive amounts of sarcasm, obviously].

JP: Is it hard for you to say the name?

SR: No, no, not at all, it’s never been a problem, Barcelona.

JP: And you would never go to Barça?

SR: Definitely not. I think it would be impossible.

JP: Really.

SR: I think so, I think that – this is my fifth season with Real Madrid, and, God willing, I signed, with my eyes closed, that I would retire with this great club, and I think that nobody has the slightest doubt that a transfer to Barcelona would be impossible for me.

JP: But you are a sevillista (supporter of the club Sevilla)?

SR: Yes, yes, of course.

JP: It’s a good moment to remember, and to say that you are very much a supporter of Sevilla.

SR: Well, that’s just a coincidence too, it just so happens that with just a few match days left that Barcelona has a super complicated game while Sevilla is going through a really good moment right now and they’re practically playing… (he abandons this train of thought halfway through). It’s going to be a very complicated game.

[The interviewers talk about how people have been sending questions, and how to send your questions for Sergio, and the panel of people who are going to be participating in the interview. Nothing hugely interesting.]

JP: Now we’re going to look at some of your pictures, you can tell us about your life. You wanted to be a bullfighter, no?

SR: No, no, I wanted to be a footballer, it’s clear that in my pueblo… [interviewer interrupts, crosstalk] No, but it’s clear that they’ve always linked me with that world because it’s a sport that I’m passionate about, because from my birthplace, Camas, have come both Curro Romero and Paco Camino, who are two great figures in bullfighting, but also a lot of footballers, Monpaler, Redondo, Cápino, who are great footballers, and our pueblo is very proud of them.

JP: What’s up with your family? How’s the family? Proud of you?

SR: Súper bien, no? After everything that was said last year… Now we’re going through a pretty good time, things are really in our favor, we’re enjoying it, and more united than ever.

JP: Do they keep clippings of all the newspaper stories about you, all your television appearances?

SR: Yes, between my mother and my brother and my sister, they’re in charge of all that. Collecting them and keeping them and making sure that [in the future] I’ll have a good scrapbook of memories, of pictures. I think it’s really important.

JP: I’d imagine that the “revistas de corazón” (tabloids) don’t fit, if they’re keeping everything that’s published about you! [I don’t think they’d fit in his house, never mind a scrapbook!]

SR: Haha, no, not that sort of thing, but it’s true that I’m going through a much more tranquil period in my personal life and I’m more dedicated to my profession and to my family, which is what I’m really passionate about.

JP: Someone said to me, “Sergio Ramos really lost his head for awhile there.” I don’t know. How old are you?

SR: I just turned 24.

JP: And at 19 you went to Madrid.

SR: Yes, this is my fifth season here. I feel like, everyone makes mistakes at first, me most of all, and sometimes those mistakes help us learn. It’s true that I was not at my best last season, neither emotionally nor professionally, and when all is said and done, everything that’s happened has allowed me to learn, to get back up and to be even stronger today.

JP: Who gives you the best advice? Who do you listen to the most?

SR: My father and my brother, who have always been on my side. If I have anyone to thank, I’d have to thank them, because what I am today would have been practically impossible without them.

JP: Just as important as family – friends. You were good friends with Antonio Puerta.

SR: Yes. We spent many years together, and we had the misfortune of losing him… and it hit us really hard. We grew up together in the cantera of Sevilla, we spent many years together as part of la selección and the youth teams of Sevilla, and the truth is that all of this made us really value our true friendships a lot more, they’re very few and we have to take care of them.

JP: Radio Macandé wrote a really beautiful song, dedicated to Antonio Puerta…

[They play the song “Una luz se apaga” (A light goes out).  As much as I like the song, and Radio Macandé, and that people aren’t forgetting about Antonio, this was kind of heart-wrenching and I thought it was a bit harsh to inflict it on Sergio for the sake of an interview.]

JP: Football has allowed you to meet a lot of people, no?

SR: That’s the really beautiful thing about sports in general, but football in particular, that it also serves to unite people and that’s just… marvellous, no? And you have to take advantage of that.

JP: How is Antonio’s family? Are they doing okay?

SR: Well, I think they were hit really hard by it, and all of us have tried to support them, but these moments are infinite – there’s hardly any consolation that you can give to a family who have lost a son at such a young age, and with such a powerful future like Antonio had.

JP: We talk sometimes about people who basically live in a bubble, who don’t know what’s going on in the world, but then there’s footballers like you, who participate with NGOs, in your case, a foundation which helps children with Down’s Syndrome, does that give you life?

SR: Of course, no? I think that above all you have to be a person, with a caring heart, to all the people who need it, whether they have Down’s Syndrome, cancer, or whatever sort of illness. In my case it’s true that I’ve worked with UNICEF and a lot of other foundations, especially Apascovi, for children with Down’s Syndrome. On Tuesday we’re having our third golf match, raising funds for the center. There’s been a great response from artists, celebrities, and athletes. Hopefully it continues to be successful.

JP: We’re seeing some pictures of you with the kids…

SR: Yes, that was the other day, at the center.

JP: How many kids are there?

SR: A little bit more than 400, and with the new center that we’ve built, which is nearly ready to open, they’ve got therapy rooms and other facilities.

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  1. RealLisa permalink
    October 27, 2010 10:48

    Oh thank you Jennifer and Una, of course. It has been a while since you wrote something about Sergio, whether old or new. I feel like I’m not receiving enough infos about him..
    Anyway, I’m glad that (quote) “I’m going through a much more tranquil period in my personal life and I’m more dedicated to my profession and to my family, which is what I’m really passionate about”.
    No more words are needed, he’s soo adorable! Can’t love him more.

  2. October 27, 2010 11:57

    Thank you for this translation girls.*hugs*

    I liked Sergio in this interview so much, because he laughed so often and looked good. I knew what he was talking about, but not every detail.
    Well, I loved the Cris part…

    • Jennifer permalink
      October 27, 2010 13:18

      The Cris part was hilarious. I must have replayed the segment where he says “Cri-sti-a-no Ro-nar-do” about a hundred times just for the comedy value alone!

      • nicole permalink
        October 29, 2010 00:10

        which part is tis you are talking about?

  3. houstonz permalink
    October 27, 2010 13:03

    Hi, when to expect second part of iview ?

  4. HermosaChica permalink
    October 27, 2010 14:26

    Yaaay! I finally know what he’s talking about instead of just admiring his handsomeness, hehe. Thank you ever so much Jennifer and Una!

    By the time I started to take notice of Sergio, he was in his “tranquil” stage, but there was still that lingering reputation that I could never understand. Was he really that bad? I’m talking about the outfits, of course 😉

    I was absolutely heartbroken when I saw his face during the Antonio video. Was that really necessary? We already know that it still affects him personally, so we didn’t need to see sad Sexio..

    I can only imagine how long these interviews must take, so take your time. In the meantime, I can study the precise movements of his lips until I get the words in English 😀

    Oh yes, and need I mention how darn GORGEOUS he looks?!

    • Jennifer permalink
      October 27, 2010 14:51

      Um, his fashion used to be a LOT worse. I mean, like, he dressed 100% Andalusian eurotrash and I loved every second of it. (I admittedly have problems and am easily charmed by a Sevillan accent and a bit of flamenco.) He was also quite the wild child for a bit, and there’s even video out there on the internets of him just taking a piss on the side of a building whilst very drunk.

      Now he’s all grown up and isn’t toooooo naughty anymore, and his clothes are generally an improvement. (Trust me, they were BAD. Worse than bad. Worse than now. Google image search is not your friend.)

      The little section about Antonio had *me* crying, so I don’t know how he managed not to. That song crushes my soul. (Perhaps a translation of that is in order? Do I need to start a complementary blog where I translate all things related to Sergio, like his favorite songs?) Anyway, I felt like it was a bit exploitative, and certainly not very nice on the part of the interviewer…

      • HermosaChica permalink
        October 27, 2010 15:50

        Hmm, I don’t think his outfits were too bad 😉

        Naah, you know that us Sexio fans are thick skinned when exposed to embarrassingly horrendous outfits. I handled the google search pretty well considering the horrors that popped up.

        Whoa, I’m gonna have to dig up some of that stuff, but not too much of it, of course. At this point, those types of stories won’t manage to sway my judgement of him whatsoever.

        A blog dedicated to Sergio?! Goodbye real life obligations, hello recurrent lapses of eye twitching as I relentlessly refresh the page for new posts. Aah Sexio music! He totally got me hooked on Jose Merce. I’ve only managed to come across one apparent playlist of his, and honestly, that Mariah Carey business was a leave off for me.

      • Jennifer permalink
        October 27, 2010 19:00

        Ack, I clicked on that (thinking you’d found some non-offensively dressed young Sergio) and BAM, naked Ramos in the middle of the library! (It looks like this: – not exactly the most appropriate place to be looking at that photoshoot!)

        In the interests of actually *finishing* my degree and doing another one, I will forgo the Sergio Ramos blog for a little while at least… although I am not opposed to doing a sort of supplementary “Sergio’s Corner” sort of thing if there’s Sergio-related translations that people would like…

      • inmybestdress permalink
        October 27, 2010 20:56

        Totally agree on the song playing being a little too exploitative. That part is painful to watch…

      • Maisoun permalink
        October 28, 2010 04:15

        I’d like to LIVE in “Sergio’s Corner” …

      • Michelle permalink
        October 30, 2010 05:10

        Dude, Jennifer — I hope you read this comment, and I wish there were a way to send this to you privately, but that’s SO cool that you go to school where you do! My best friend from high school read PPE at Exeter, and I visited her (and Ben’s cookies) every year 🙂 I applied to Trinity for PPE as well (my parents thought languages was too “soft” a course and wouldn’t let me go for it), but ended up going to college in the US instead — which is where I got to also study various Romance languages for four years, so that worked out! What language(s) do you get to study?

        (Sorry to be such a stalker! This was just a cool discovery!)

      • Jennifer permalink
        October 30, 2010 22:24

        Small world, eh? I read Spanish (¡¿what else?!) at a college on Turl Street – handily located right by Ben’s Cookies! (Double chocolate is the food of the gods.) But since this has little to do with Sergio – if you fancy emailing me, it’s (my first name)lnorris (at) gmail (dot) com 🙂

    • Deb permalink
      October 28, 2010 04:12

      Like you, I’ve really just taken notice of him recently too. So thanks for asking the question. I too was wondering about that.

      And the part where they played the song about Antonio Puerta…that was just wrong. Poor guy was trying so hard not to cry…I couldn’t watch it. :{ I hope they at least warned him that they’d be playing it before hand.

  5. October 27, 2010 15:01

    THANK YOU Jennifer! and Una!

    I know this interview, saw it many times, but now I will be finally able to fully understand what everyone there is talking about!!

    and since I mostly stared at this video so far, I would like to underline the awesomeness of the outfit and of the hair. There are only 3 men in the whole entire world that I think can pull off long hair like no other: Serhio, Anthony Kiedis and Mauro Camoranesi. This interview is a great example of why Sergio is included in this group.

    ok, now I have to go and listen and read what the boy is finally talking about;-)) thank you!!

    • Tash permalink
      October 27, 2010 18:01

      I miss his long hair 😦

      • Mel permalink
        October 29, 2010 21:38

        You don’t call his hair long as it is in the interview?? Ö
        I would say it’s long enough.
        It was waaaaaaaaay too long after the euro in 2008…

  6. Gilly B permalink
    October 27, 2010 15:48

    great job translating- thank you Jennifer (*and Una for posting*)!!

    I followed the gist, but the detail provided here makes it even better. Sergio is such a darling

  7. inmybestdress permalink
    October 27, 2010 17:52

    JP: What’s up with your family? How’s the family? Proud of you?

    SR: Súper bien, no? After everything that was said last year… Now we’re going through a pretty good time, things are really in our favor, we’re enjoying it, and more united than ever.

    –What is he talking about when he says “everything that was said last year”? Was there stuff about his family in the tabloids or is he just talking about his own personal life?

    THANK YOU so much for translating/posting… I’ve always wanted a translation of this interview because it looked like it was full of good stuff, but I could only understand a few things here and there. I’m always frustrated because I never understand the jokes he makes, but people seem to think he’s funny! hahaa… so I can’t wait for the rest of it 🙂

    • Deb permalink
      October 28, 2010 04:13

      I wondered the same thing. Hopefully someone here can explain it for us. 🙂

  8. MsLaSuerte permalink
    October 28, 2010 00:40

    I’ve been dreaming for so long to finally know what this interview is all about!
    Sergio is truly adorable!

  9. Maisoun permalink
    October 28, 2010 04:20

    Playing that video was just cruel and wrong, the way his face changed made me want to cry 😥 so mean!

    Cant wait for the next part where he’s happy again! Thank you Jennifer and Una!

  10. nabela permalink
    October 28, 2010 06:56

    I have no words to explain the amount of gratitude that I feel toward you Jennifer or Una for that post. I had been watching it for many times trying to understand what he is saying and wishing that someone in the big world having the same or even more of the admiration that I have for him and there you are. It might be something easy for you to do it, but the fact that you did it while you are busy with more important thing made me * again I am out of words* just, I want you to know about how that affected me *Gracias*.

  11. nicole permalink
    October 28, 2010 23:51

    yes..what did they say about his family in the tabloids?

  12. Suzi permalink
    January 9, 2011 05:41

    u don’t no how long I’ve waited 4 this in English! It made me cry 2 c Sergio so so sad & I knew he still is deeply affected by losing Antonio 😦 I translated the song so I could understand wot lines he was asying. I’m from England so 2 u Sergio, the football world is with u & please beleive that Antonio (sweet Angel) will neva ever walk alone. Big hugs 2 u all there in Spain it shows me that football is more than just a game! Thanx again 4 the translation.


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