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Xabi Alonso at DT

October 27, 2010

Xabi Alonso Fashion Month continues, after his stellar appearances in EPS and Shangay.  Maybe that’s why he’s getting so good at posing during games?

Anyway, Xabi’s latest fashion layout and interview was for DT magazine.

The introduction: Xabi Alonso arrives on time for the date with DT.  He’s very photogenic and has the body to wear all types of clothing, a photographer’s dream.  He’s also friendly, and on the personal level, Xabi is the extreme opposite of the stereotype of a Madrid star footballer: he dedicates his free time to his wife and kids, far from the clubs and the nightlife of the capital.

Q:  How do you see the team this season?

A:  It’s a new year, with a new project, a new coach and new players, and we’re growing bit by bit.  I believe that we still have a lot of things to improve before the team can reach a higher competitive level, but the results have been good.  And that’s good because it brings tranquility, but we’re aware that there’s still room to improve.

Q:  The squad of Madrid this year is very young.  After the game against Ajax, Mourinho said that Real Madrid was like a team of children, with Xabi Alonso as the papá.  Do you feel that way?

A:  (Laughs) Well, you know, those are phrases… I don’t consider myself the father.  I have a bit more experience, of games, because the majority of the team is quite young.  But I don’t consider myself a veteran yet.

Q:  How was it playing a Liga game in Anoeta against Real Sociedad wearing the shirt of Madrid?

A:  It was good.  We know that Madrid isn’t the most beloved team there, but I received a nice reception.  Whenever I’m in Donostia, and even when I played for other clubs, I noticed this nearness, this affection, this respect.  That’s important for me, because in the future, I’ll return there.

Q:  World Cup, Eurocopa, Champions League, European Supercup… if this year you win the Liga, you would have accomplished what every footballer dreams of, no?

A:  The truth is I can’t complain, but the Liga is resisting me [must be the only thing EVER to be able to resist Xabi].  With Real Sociedad, Liverpool and Madrid, I’ve been second.  I hope to finish first this year and to be able to one day repeat winning one of those other competitions.

Q:  If you could improve one of your skills on the field, which would it be?

A:  Perhaps to be a bit faster.  Although I’ve never been known for my speed, since it’s not essential for my position, I believe that a spark, a bit more velocity would be good for me.

Q:  How is Cristiano Ronaldo as a teammate?

A:  He’s super ambitious, he always wants to improve, he’s very professional.  This is the type of player that you want by your side, one that makes you and the team better.  He’s very normal, very simple… and is always thinking about football.

Q:  How has Sergio Canales adapted to the team?  Do you believe the expectations of him place too much pressure on him?

A:  We know that if you don’t control the environment around you well, at times you can lose sight of things.  But I believe that Sergio has a good head on his shoulders and his adaptation has been good.  Being Spanish makes things much simpler, because you already know the language, you know what you’re going to find… and that makes things easier.

Q:  Are there any players that have problems with the language?

A:  Yes, especially Sami Khedira and Özil… they speak English and a lot of us can speak with them, but they still have some trouble with castellano.

Q:  Is Mourinho as tough a coach as he appears to be?

A:  I don’t know how he appears, but he’s very demanding.  He’s hardworking, he likes to be in charge of everything and he’s very detail-oriented.

Q:  And have you found any defects?

A:  He’s the boss (laughs).

Q:  I understand: no criticizing the boss.  Two reasons why Madrid will win the Liga this year?

A:  For hopes and for work.

Q:  Who would you give the Golden Ball to?

A:  To Xavi.  I like to look at careers, and that of Xavi has been spectacular in the last few years and he imposes his style wherever he plays.  I love playing with him.

Q:  That’s your hope, but do you think they’ll give it to him?

A:  I don’t know, I hope so.  Of course, he’d be a very deserved winner for me.

Q:  Between the games of the Liga, the Copa del Rey, the CL and the national team, you have a full calendar.  Do you believe there should be less games?

A:  Yes, the Copa should be one game.  That’s fundamental to free up some time because we’ve had little vacation since the World Cup ended.  And then you start the season and it’s intense.  We’ve only played a few games, but it already seems that the season has gone on for an eternity (laughs).  So I don’t know how it’ll be at the end of the season.

Q:  On the national team, which players are you most friendly with?

A:  Do you know what happens?  We’ve been together for so long that it’s difficult to answer… In addition, the World Cup was one and a half months long, so you lived through a lot with everyone.  But logically, I have a greater friendship with those that I know best: Arbeloa, Albiol, Iker, Reina, Torres… and also those that I’ve shared clubs with, because I’ve spent more time with them.  But in general, I get along very well with everyone, and the atmosphere is great.

Q:  How’s the sternum?  What a kick you received from De Jong in the final of the World Cup… it hurt, no?

A:  It took some time to recover.  I was feeling badly for three or four days.  It didn’t leave much of a mark, because it was in the front, so nothing was broken, but my spine, my hips cracked.  It was without a doubt the most serious blow that I’ve received in my life.

Q:  But you got up quickly.

A:  (Laughs) Because it was the final, I didn’t want to miss the game.

Q:  Do you believe that it was done intentionally?

A:  No!  I think he didn’t see me.  Obviously, the foot shouldn’t have gone there, but I don’t believe he saw me because if not, well then he should be jailed for that!

Q:  If you weren’t a footballer, what would you have become?

A:  I’ve always liked tennis a lot, but I don’t think I could reach a high level.  So, like my friends, I would have studied in the university, I would have done my Erasmus year and now I would be working.  I had started studying business, and so I’m sure it would be something related to business.

Q:  What are your hobbies?

A:  Right now my hobbies have been put on hold because I have two kids and they take up 100% of my time.  I spend all my free time with them.  The beginning of the season has been very intense and so you have to take advantage of any free time.

Q:  What movie would you recommend?

A:  I have a lot.  I like the classic ones: Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, The Great Escape, JFK… There are a lot more, but I like these a lot.

Q:  What is the most expensive item of clothing you own?

A:  One of my suits.

Q:  Of the clothing you have, were most of them gifts from designers, or do you like to go out and buy them yourself?

A:  Fortunately, there are things that you receive.  I’m not very into shopping, but sometimes I do like it.

Q:  How do you come to terms with the fame?  Do the fans harass you?

A:  No, the truth is that I’m okay with it and I prefer it to be like that.  I try not to let it keep me from having a normal life and I think I’ve achieved that.  In other words, I hope not to have to stop doing anything for that.  Three years ago, in Mexico, I met a Mayan Indian, a football fan, that had just had a child and who named it after the person he believed was the best player in the world: one Xabi Alonso (laughs).

Q:  Really?  Why so much devotion?

A:  I thank him and I send him a “supersaludo” from here.  The truth is such admiration surprises me.

Q:  How was the photo session?  Did you feel comfortable?

A:  Well, it’s a different area from ours, but bit by bit you become accustomed to it, and if you do it with naturalness and try not to do anything strange, things turn out well.

Wow, Xabi looks amazing in the tux, no?  And he would be the sexiest professor out there!  I just wished he had put on those glasses for a few shots, I’m sure he would have looked great in them too!

Watch a making of from the session here!

By the way, Xabi received on Monday the “Lan Onari” distinction, one of the highest that the Basque government hands out to recognize Basques that “are characterized by extraordinary dedication, consistency and spirit in the carrying out of professional activities.”  Of Xabi, the lehendakari said, “his boots demonstrate the universality of sports here, in England, in Madrid or South Africa.  He’s a model of sporting effort for young people.”  Xabi will also be honored in his hometown of Tolosa in December.  Picture here.

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  1. Mika permalink
    October 27, 2010 09:55

    That is one sexy professor on the cover of DT magazine.

  2. October 27, 2010 10:52

    Thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. for the translations..
    My fav parts are:
    1. About Xavi deserves Golden Ball and how he loves playing with him. (i know they’re teammates at NT and all but still.. it’s a very nice gesture to acknowledge a Barca player as the best in the world :))
    2. “..but I don’t believe he saw me because if not, well then he should be jailed for that!” (jajaja)
    3. and Shawshank Redemption is one of my fave movie too..

  3. Lola permalink
    October 27, 2010 11:11

    Thank you for the translation, Una. I’m so proud of Xabi, he always remains so modest.

  4. Debsen permalink
    October 27, 2010 11:26

    Thanks Una for the translation! I got the gist of most of it from what I know of Spanish, but not all of it.

    I love the sexy professor look. It reminds me of one of the scenes from Indiana Jones when he’s teaching in classes and all the girls are swooning and chasing after him at office hours. I’m sure Xabi would have the same following. Sure he’d make a great James Bond too.

    He looks amazing in what he’s wearing. They’re right about his body being able to pull off al types of clothing.

    Shawshank is my favorite movie too :). And I like how he gave his national teammate, Xavi, love. I hope Arbeloa tweets something about this interview as well.

    I agree Unia, if only some of those pictures had him the glasses…

    Great husband, great father, classy, sexy, Nagore is one lucky woman!

  5. pam permalink
    October 27, 2010 12:22

    I’ve only known these superhot photos until now, but the interview is great too! Interesting questions and answers.
    Thanks for taking up the long work of making the translation! :*

  6. Nurul permalink
    October 27, 2010 13:40

    I concur, I do hope that Xavi’d get the Ballon d’Or. I’m not surprised he mentioned Arbeloa & Albiol first, as the ones he’s close to. xD Thank you so much for the translation!

  7. Jennifer permalink
    October 27, 2010 13:47

    Oh, that cover image is not even fair. Don’t even give a girl a chance, do you, Xabi?

    I’m kind of glad none of my professors are as hot as Xabi, really… I’d never concentrate on my work!

    And re: De Jong, my mother (who is not even remotely interested in fútbol or sports generally) has an entire rant about how if that had happened anywhere but a football pitch he would have been arrested for assault. I mean, the thing takes ten minutes at least, and anytime I so much as mention Xabi, or the World Cup, or ANYTHING, bam! Insta-rant!

    • Michelle permalink
      October 29, 2010 18:12

      Dude, can you set her going and then stealth-film that for us? I’d love to hear the insta-rant! *giggle*

  8. HermosaChica permalink
    October 27, 2010 14:42

    That is the BEST footballer fashion spread, by a landslide!’s outdone himself for sure 😀 And he seems like such a nice person to work with.

    “If you do it with naturalness and try not to do anything strange” umm, can someone please hold up a sign saying that whenever there’s a camera pointed at Sergio? Please?

  9. October 27, 2010 14:45

    Dios Mio!!!!!! I have no words, no words at all. And mentioning of Casablanca just melted my heart completely.


    And it also totally ruined the real life guys around me for me, not for the first and not for the last time I am sure.

    Thank you for translation. Classy Xabi is so so so classy. aaah.

  10. Gillian permalink
    October 27, 2010 18:33

    Handsome and classy – all the way.

  11. October 28, 2010 06:22

    Thanks for translation…

    Xabi,classy,elegance and intelligent,way too perfect!!!

  12. Michelle permalink
    October 29, 2010 18:15

    Late to this entry, but he is perfection AS ALWAYS.

    One thing that I noticed though — in the El Pais Semanal feature they said he had been studying engineering on the side in Liverpool. And over here he says he had “started studying business” — was this in San Sebastian before he made his pro debut at 19? So he did both? Or was one of them a misunderstanding?

  13. luoxiuyuan permalink
    October 31, 2010 14:09

    thank you~~~
    xabi,you are the best you forever.


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