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those eyes, that profile…

November 5, 2010

… those hands, that smile.  It can only mean one thing – Iker Casillas.

Iker spoke to the press after today’s training session, and he talked about a variety of topics:

– on the derbi madrileño: I really don’t know why Atlético hasn’t been able to win against us in 11 years.  I played the last time it happened.  I came in for Bizzarri and I remember it well because it came about after he had been expelled.  I hope the streak continues for one more year.  It’s a game with a special sentiment.  As a madrileño, I know what it’s like.

– on Rubén de la Red: we have a fabulous relationship.  On the outside, it’s probably not known, but both Sergio and I have spoken a lot with him and with the president.  In fact, the four of us have met many times.  It’s a personal issue, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to talk about what I spoke with Rubén about.

– on David de Gea: he’s a kid with a fabulous progression.  He’ll bring a lot of happiness to Atlético and I hope to the national team as well.

– on the clásico: there’s still one more month to go and we both have complicated games before that.  It’s not time to start thinking about Barcelona yet, but it’s true that it’s the game of the year.  We want to go to Camp Nou as leaders.

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  1. Cosi permalink
    November 5, 2010 15:30

    LOL as soon as i read the title in my email, i knew exactly what- or WHO- this post was about. another reason why this

    thanks, Una!

  2. HermosaChica permalink
    November 5, 2010 16:13

    Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. 😀
    The bottom photo on the left reminded me of Unai *sigh*..

    Oh wait, what? There are words that go along with this post? Hmm..must’ve missed that with all the beauty and everything..

  3. Debsen permalink
    November 5, 2010 22:56

    Iker got expelled from a game? What happened?

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