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looking ahead to the derbi madrileño

November 6, 2010
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(This was the sight that greeted Atlético at last year’s derby in the Bernabéu – it says, “your worst nightmare: a derby every night.”)

Some fun facts heading into the derbi madrileño:

– the only Madrid-Atleti game that Iker has played in and lost was his very first one, back on Oct. 30, 1999.  In that game, Iker came in for the sent off Bizzarri and Madrid lost 1-3, but none of Atleti’s goals came while Iker was on the field.  Iker has played in 18 of these games, with 11 wins, six ties and one loss.

– that streak of 17 non-losses against Atleti is the longest derby streak in the Liga.  The previous record was 15, held by Real Sociedad against Athletic between 1993 and 2000.

– coincidences: last season, Madrid also faced Atleti on Nov. 7, in jornada 10, and immediately after a Madrid visit to San Siro that ended in a tie.

– Atleti has only won twice against Madrid in their last 34 games (32 in the Liga and two in the Copa del Rey).  The last time Atleti won against Madrid was in the 1999-00 season, which ended with Atleti being relegated to the second division, and Madrid lifting the Champions League trophy in Paris.

– this will be the first derby without Raúl in 15 years.  Raúl has only missed one of these derbies (out of 28) since he debuted in the 1994-95 season, precisely in 1995 when he was on U-20 national team duty.  He’ll watch the game on TV, as will Míchel Salgado (go here to have a listen to his conversation with El Larguero last night – as always, Míchel is extremely well-spoken and interesting).

– between minute 38 and minute 42 of the second half is when the most goals have been scored in the history of the match-up, a total of 40, or 9% of the total.  That means that you should be glued to your television screens at 22:37 on Sunday night.  However, it’ll be alright to get up for a drink or snacks between 22:05 and 22:10, since that’s historically when the least amount of goals have been scored (15).

(And when last year’s game ended with a 3-2 victory for Madrid, this sign came up: “10 years without winning a derby… the nightmare continues.”)

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  1. LaBlanca permalink
    November 6, 2010 13:39

    Pipita and Pepe traint normally today again after they went with pains from the Milan game.

    And what was Cristiano on last night, or better his PR-team? The game is tomorrow not today. Strange!

    • Maisoun permalink
      November 6, 2010 22:12

      I thought it was funny how the tweet suddenly disappeared as more and more people called “him” out on it 😉

  2. Tanja permalink
    November 6, 2010 14:55

    I’m sorry this is probebly a weird questions but I love this blog and I know that you speak great English and of course Spanish.
    I’m getting a tattoo and I hope you can help me bacuse im getting
    “Only God can judge me” in spnaish.
    Which of this is right?
    1.) Solamente Dios puede juzgarme
    2.) Sólo Dios puede juzgarme

    Please help me, thank you 😉

    • November 6, 2010 15:05

      I would go with option 2, but please don’t base the tattoo on just my opinion, ok?

    • JulieFromParis permalink
      November 6, 2010 15:50

      Sorry to interfere 🙂 but a good friend of mine (native speaker) would go for option 2 as well, but also added that he says more easily “Sólo Dios me juzga” (only God judges me). It’s not exactly the same meaning but it’s shorter for a tatoo ( in other terms less painful).

      You’re getting the same tatoo as Ibramovic ( his is in English). It makes you think twice about it, no?? Just kidding…

      • MsLaSuerte permalink
        November 7, 2010 01:55

        and the same tattoo appeared in “Charlie’s Angels II”, there was that Irish villain who had it tattoed on his back! and the film came out in 2003, I wonder if Zlatan was inspired by the movie.:)
        btw, my boyfriend is also going to tattoo this phrase on his back… isn’t it becoming too wide-spread???:)

  3. sweetubi permalink
    November 6, 2010 14:58

    Nice to know the history.
    I feel bad for atletico bcoz i was laughing for that last line..
    It’s very lively in the S.Bernabeu. 😀

  4. Emily permalink
    November 6, 2010 17:33

    Okay I know this is a realy stupid question but what’s a derby?

    Oh btw, I LOVE your blog 🙂

    • November 7, 2010 01:32

      It’s a big game between two rivals. With Madrid, it’s used when they play Atlético, and Barcelona.

    • Michelle permalink
      November 7, 2010 20:24

      It’s most specifically used with regards to a *local* rivalry, between two clubs from the same area. The Madrid derby is between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, the Barcelona derby is Barcelona / Espanyol, the Manchester derby is Man Utd / Man City, the Milan (Madonnina) derby is AC/Inter, the Merseyside derby is Liverpool/Everton, the Old Firm / Glasgow derby is Rangers/Celtic, etc etc etc.

      Those are some of the more famous ones, but there are a TON of them — see this Wikipedia link for a relatively exhaustive (and exhausting to read!) list.

  5. Pam permalink
    November 6, 2010 19:23

    wow that banner is huge! I’m glad that the derby is tomorrow, cause I wouldn’t have time today. 😀
    Good luck and I hope Xabi gets to score a goal against Atleti again!

  6. Vigdis permalink
    November 6, 2010 22:46

    Thank you 😀
    and thank you Julie!

  7. suzanne permalink
    November 8, 2010 02:13

    i love it!! we won again! the banner last year was wonderful! can’t wait to see the one from this year. THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUES AGAIN!!!

    our boys are playing wonderfully! HALA MADRID!! after the mallorca match…who saw this burst of awesomeness?!


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