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good thing some of them aren’t able to customize their cars

November 9, 2010

Take a look at these pictures…

… and see if you agree with my conclusions.

I would categorize the players, based on their outfits at the Audi event, into these categories:

What was he thinking?

– Cristiano, no explanation needed.

– Sergio Canales, for that not-so-pretty puffy jacket, which came off to reveal a not-so-pretty jersey.  Did he or his mom choose this outfit?  I’ll give him a pass though, because he’s only 19, meaning that Cristiano is the only one left in this category.

Shameless self-promotion:

– Cristiano, for wearing the CR7 belt.  The buckle is horrendous.  I bet he’s been waiting since he came to Madrid to wear it, but couldn’t until he got the number “7.”

The styling/item of clothing ruined the outfit:

– Sergio, for his fake rolled up cuffs.  I’m not sure what the point is?  He looked quite good otherwise.

– Mou, for trying to go matchy-matchy.  That neutral color kind of washes him out.

– Pedro León, for his top.  I’m not feeling it.

Mateos, Ángel di María and Fernando Gago, for the white jackets.  I can’t see them too clearly, but I’m not liking the white jackets.  

The accessory takes away from the outfit:

– Iker, for the man bag.  Does he ever go anywhere without one?  Why can’t he even leave it aside for a photo?  And most importantly, what in the world does he keep in it?

– Cris, for the gaudy CR7 belt and his matching, Michelin man red jacket.  Did you notice the sneakers matched the belt and jacket as well?  So we can see that so much thought went into the outfit, but the result is a suspendido.

– Dudek, for the pink scarf.

– Pepe, for the pink scarf.

– Pipita, for the belt.  I’m not sure it works (he looks good otherwise).

No, I’m not 50, I just like to look like I am:

– Kaká, for his outfit.  The good thing is, in 30 years time, he can still wear the same outfits!  What a way to save money!

– Iker, for his sweater.

– Zizou, for his plaid zip-up with the mock turtleneck.

Déjà vu:

– Iker, for his man bag.  But did he really need it?  His sweater had so many pockets I’m sure everything he needed would have fit in there.

– Mesut, for wearing another v-neck, jacket and jeans combo, again.

He took a risk, but it paid off:

– Esteban Granero, for his multi-colored top.  This one doesn’t follow fashion; he prefers to set it.

In this case, the accessory works:

– Lass, for the green sneakers.  I love that pop of color!

– Marcelo’s hat.  He looks adorable!

Looking good:

– Arbeloa, for rocking that leather jacket.

– Adán, Albiol, Diarrá for keeping things neat, classic and simple.

How do you always look so perfect:

– Xabi Alonso, no surprise there.  The simplicity and timelessness of his outfit are key.  The white sneakers on others might not look good, but Xabi makes it work.

By the way, cutest picture of the afternoon.

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  1. November 9, 2010 11:36

    Oh man.. Xabi, of course, is looking good. But I Arbeloa’s outfit!! You right Una, he’s rockin’ that leather jacket. I really love the brown color of his jacket and sneakers..

    • November 9, 2010 17:49

      I’ve been noticing him a LOT more after he took off his shirt the other day when the game got over. Call me shallow, but WOW I sure as hell didn’t think he has a body that was so hot! :))
      /shameless fangirling

      Cris’s outfit made me wince. Cris, I love you and think that your awesomely talented, but seriously, your taste in clothes and women makes me laugh.

  2. November 9, 2010 11:57

    Oh Una, you always can present the news in such an entertaining form, thank you and you are great! I think that Real Madrid should definitely make you a honorable reporter, you know, the only person entitled to present precious news!

    The title is rockin! I like the categories! Especially the ones where Crispy is, as I found his outfit wrong on so many levels (although I love red colour)! On the other hand, it gives me some sense of stability in life – I can always count on Cristiano to wear something, well, surprising! And his outfit plus the color of the car- oh!

    Mou looks dramatically, so is Zizou – I know I cannot help Cristiano, he’ll be like that forever, but Mou & Zizou have both potential to look as a classy mature sexy man JamesBond style (I cannot believe I am saying that) and they ruined, ruined it! Also – I am refusing to accept that Zidane is getting older.

    The Xabi – wow, nothing new, but still wow.

    Last but not least – Sergio looks adorable. I don;t get the trousers either (and the gel on the presh hair…), but other than that I am positively surprised. What do the other members of the Sexio peña think? ;-))

    I cannot stop wondering – how cold is it in Madrid? I mean, I am in much colder country than Spain and I am still not wearing my totally winter clothes, so I am wondering what is the temperature tolerance of the players with all the wintery jackets, scarfs and Marcelo’s hat (ok, it’s cute, but I am not wearing a hat unless it’s minus 10 C…)

    *now the time for a daily 5-minutes of staring at the Real_Baywatch gifs*

    • Maisoun permalink
      November 9, 2010 15:52

      “members of the Sexio peña” haha I love it! well as a faithful member I would have to say Sexio looks amazing, and Im going to overlook the cuffed jeans because when I look at Sergio I dont spend much time looking at his feet! If you know what I mean 😉

      …I would drive the RM car if it came with a Sergio attachment….:D

    • HermosaChica permalink
      November 9, 2010 16:51

      Regarding Sexio: I too wish he wouldn’t slick his hair back with so much gel all the time. It’s fine when he has a little chignon at the back, but he should really let it fall loose just like in the Punto Pelota interview! And no matter what he wears, I’d always prefer him without clothes, so there’s no point discussing that 😉

      Lol that’s exactly what I was thinking! Is it really that chilly in Madrid right now?! And I’m not sure about laws in Spain, but can’t they just ban clothes for one teensy weensy YEAR?! 😀

      Oh you watch the Baywatch gifs? I just run an entire Sexio slideshow, haha.

    • Gilly B permalink
      November 9, 2010 17:54

      lol! Zizou is not only getting older gracefully, but older a la George Clooney: sexy MF. He doesn’t look too bad in outfit, IMO, which aesthetically speaking, is a contradiction! That can only reinforce what a vintage piece he is to still bring the sexy. Zeeeeee-zoooooouuuuuuuuuu 🙂

      Xabi is perfect here; the man just gets IT. Instead of merely laughing at style offenders like Cris, he really ought to be the resident Real advisor. Or get a job for his wife, seeing as she styles him!

      As a member of ‘Sexio’s peña’ here, I concur on the oddity of them faux cut offs. Sergi, babe- when you have to ask ‘why?’, just say no. That aside, he’s still looking hot, if a little uninspired. Maybe it’s the cold messing with his mojo a little? May explain all the hats and scarves of everyone else, too 🙂

      Great post again, Una.

    • Jennifer permalink
      November 9, 2010 18:28

      To be honest, I thought it was a pretty good outfit, considering he picked it out himself. The faux-cuffs are more of a style hiccup than a crime against fashion. So close, Sergio, so close! (Pro tip: Ask Xabi to teach you how to look boss! You can thank me later!)

  3. Lola permalink
    November 9, 2010 12:01

    Benzema and Alvaro are the best. Xabi look presentable too, as always.

  4. faith permalink
    November 9, 2010 12:44

    Iker and murse – maybe he keeps captainy things in it like the teams’ snacks and hair gel.

    Xabi and perfection – he can do no wrong.

    Adan he is the hot lurker on the team no? I find myself looking for him in most pictures and he is starting to remind me of Xabi’s hotness.

    Cris and his “style” – just shakes head.

    Arbeloa is another Adan – really starting to appreciate his style and look.

    Keep up the great work Una! Thanks.

    • HermosaChica permalink
      November 9, 2010 16:56

      I feel the exact same way about Alvaro and definitely Adan! He just makes me want to call him “Antonio” all the time: compared to the names we have here, it’s just so darn sexy!

    • Michelle permalink
      November 9, 2010 18:24

      *falls off chair laughing* Yes! I bet Iker has fruit rollups and juice boxes in there in case any0ne throws a tantrum because they’re too hungry. or because someone else is hogging the ball and won’t let him score (Cris, I’m looking at you.) Or emergency gomina/pomada because someone got mad that their hair got messed up during a head-rubbing goal celebration! (“Quit whining, here’s some gel, go fix it, you’ll be fine, see? now was that so bad?”)

      So if Xabi is el padre, does that make Iker la madre del equipo? Moms are always prepared! (I may have to start calling Iker’s man-bag his mom-purse.)

    • emily permalink
      November 9, 2010 19:28

      captainy things – possibly orange slices and Capri Suns? hair gel lol…

  5. Margie permalink
    November 9, 2010 12:48

    I must just voice this protest here: Whyyy are they given free cars? They probably already have cars. Nice cars. Multiple nice cars, even. So whyyy??? I just feel like this money could be put to better use by feeding starving children or something…

    • November 9, 2010 15:26

      The cars are not given to them; they are loaned to them. And Audi does this because it’s good publicity for them (they also pay Madrid for the “privilege”).

      • Margie permalink
        November 9, 2010 16:46

        Okay, that makes sense. 🙂 But I bet Cristiano, for example, has little room in his garage for another car 😛

  6. Cindy permalink
    November 9, 2010 13:07

    Hehehehe hahhaha oh Cristiano never change. I see he doesn’t wear earrings anymore. Thats a small baby step. I think the day we Cristiano looking good I might self combust.

    Mourhino looks like he’s ready for anything.

    • emily permalink
      November 9, 2010 15:56

      self combust – that’s funny. The day CR turns himself out reallll nice will be a great one, tho. OH heck – he doesn’t need clothes, just a paper bag over his head so we don’t have to see that silly hair.

    • Michelle permalink
      November 9, 2010 18:25

      Funny you should mention that — someone tweeted today that Marca devoted a whole page and part of the cover to Cris having taken out his earring! WHAT A CHANGE! (Madridista, were you planning to share that one with us? It sounds amusing if nothing else! 🙂 )

      • November 10, 2010 00:49

        I did see that article, but thought it was a complete waste of space that they could have dedicated to more pictures of the players and their cars.

  7. November 9, 2010 13:10

    Why? Just why are some of these men allowed to dress themselves????

  8. Pam permalink
    November 9, 2010 13:16

    I don’t really feel Xabi’s cardigan to be honest, so Álvaro wins this for me too (with Esteban coming second)!
    (and Mou, what’s with the jacket? It’s odd and makes him look like he came to the event in a tracksuit)

  9. ana permalink
    November 9, 2010 13:35

    whatever, i think iker looked fantastic for a change

  10. sidney permalink
    November 9, 2010 14:03

    Brilliant article Una.For the life of me I cant understand why Cris , Sergio and others are always making fashion faux-pas?You would think that since they are Hot , “Model materials” they will know how to dress well but it seems that they are always going somewhere wrong with their outfit.I rest my case lol. At least this time Cris did make an effort except for the matching part lol.And Sergio looks great.Iker no comment.
    The best dressed will be arbeloa and Xavi; sometimes simplicity is the best option:)
    I love that pic of celo and is it pedro leon?:)

    • Michelle permalink
      November 9, 2010 18:26

      And as we both know thanks to Twitter, both Alvaro and Xabi are dressed by their lovely, tasteful wives. 🙂 That’s why!

  11. Anna permalink
    November 9, 2010 14:06

    oohhh no what about Benzema? u didnt even mention him </3

  12. def permalink
    November 9, 2010 14:30

    i know i’m going to get some serious kick-in-the-butt for this comment, but i prefer Arbeloa’s outfit to Xabi’s *run for my life*

    sure, Xabi looks good as always, but i dunno, he looks kind of plain. Arbeloa, on the other hand, looks scorching hot with that smokin’ leather jacket XD

    and, i’m sorry, i think Kaka looks terrific! so simple, yet fashionable. nothing resembles old man fashion

    • Pam permalink
      November 9, 2010 15:41

      Agreed. Kaka looked classy in that outfit.

  13. November 9, 2010 15:39

    Thanks for all your personal thoughts, that always makes my day! ♥

  14. Maisoun permalink
    November 9, 2010 15:56

    “Michelin man red jacket.” Lmao this is exactly what I thought of when I saw Cris!
    I thought to myself “just take off the jacket….” but then he did and the striped collar just ruined the whole thing for me…:(

    • HermosaChica permalink
      November 10, 2010 20:58

      (Totally off topic, sorry) — But oh my God.. I never thought I’d say that of all places, the twitter world is actually very tiny. Let me elaborate: as I was *ahem* exploring tweets that mention Sergio, I stumbled across a user with a name that made me lol for about seventeen minutes. Let’s just say I have a hunch that you have a “special” fondness for gum chewing.. 🙂

      • Maisoun permalink
        November 11, 2010 05:19

        lmao @ChewLikeMou! that account is the baby of mine and another madridista hahaha you’d be surprised how many people will follow you as soon as you mention Mou & gum lol theres also accounts for Mou’s scarf & notepad!!!

        (off topic again) but if anyone wants a follow or to talk nonsense hit me up @ihearttomas lol ;D

      • HermosaChica permalink
        November 11, 2010 12:38

        Lol! I’ll follow you too, but my profile’s a bit barren. I have a feeling that one of your hilarious tweets will finally break my silence 😀

      • Maisoun permalink
        November 11, 2010 18:02

        lol just followed you back, get to tweetin’ girl!!! You can start by introducing yourself to @SergioRamos ;D

  15. emily permalink
    November 9, 2010 16:04

    Iker’s shoes caught my eye for the wrong reasons. *fingers crossed* hoping they aren’t as geeky as they appear. And Sergio’s pants are killing me for all the wrong reasons, too. We all know what the right reasons are, don’t we ladies? RM seriously needs to hire an in-house style consultant. Who else wants that wicked sweet kick-ass Audi A1 RM Logo car?! squeeeeeeeee!

    • LaBlanca permalink
      November 10, 2010 08:02

      That car is so coooooooooooooooool!!! Absolutely love it!

  16. ooze permalink
    November 9, 2010 16:11

    i think arbeloa wins xabi too! xabi looks classy yes but arbeloa’s dressing is a little more exciting 😀 i guess it fits their personalities. 🙂

  17. emily permalink
    November 9, 2010 16:13

    Is it just me, or is there anyone else out there who wants to bring out the real man in Peter Lion? Gotta LOVE that sweet doe-eyed baby face…

  18. Rebekah permalink
    November 9, 2010 16:17

    Hahaha, I was waiting for this post! I’m quite proud of Sergio for putting together such a reasonable outfit (minus the fake cuffs). And your comment about Kaká is so true– his jacket really looks like something my history professor would wear (elbow patches and all).

  19. Sarah permalink
    November 9, 2010 18:47

    Honestly I think this day should go down in history. I mean look at the jeans Iker is wearing. No acid-watch, no perfectly rolled cuffs, no really weird fading.

    I’ll take what I can get at this point.

  20. liz permalink
    November 9, 2010 19:06

    I think Iker looks great, I think your opinion is influenced by his past choices! Give him a break 😛

  21. Miche permalink
    November 9, 2010 19:27

    I think Iker and Sergio did rather well for themselves (if they dressed themselves, haha) this time! 🙂
    Other than Cris’s very shiny and bright ensemble, the two outfits that really stood out to me were those belonging to Pepe and Dudek. Casual Mou is rather… interesting… as well.

  22. Mel permalink
    November 9, 2010 20:36

    Where do I buy the Real Madrid A1 audi??????? I want that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. MsLaSuerte permalink
    November 9, 2010 20:53

    Great style analysis, Una!!!:)
    By the way, have you seen the video from this evening where Iker is asked to sign a girl’s jersey, he comes up to her, gives her the marker pen he was holding and then immediately turns around and pretends to be going away without having signed the jersey! lol The girl was absolutely startled! Then in a second Iker ran back to her laughing and held her tight as if saying “I’m sorry for this stupid joke, sweatheart”. 😀
    It’s absolutely adorable!!!! I was waiting for you to comment on the situ, but you didn’t, so, I assume, you haven’t seen it.:)
    here’s the link just in case
    watch out on 0:22 😉

  24. Kristine permalink
    November 10, 2010 00:13

    As much as I love the Sexio, he always looks so stiff and kinda weird when he poses for pictures. When you see him live and talking on television and videos, he seems to shine brighter than everyone around him…So handsome and charming. Action and non posed photos of him are also so much hotter!

    I approve of his outfit mostly, the cuffs don’t work, but its not a huge faux pas.

    I’d say that most of them looked pretty good. Mous outfit was not flattering to him though.

    I figured out what CR is doing with his pants…He’s wearing them right under his hip dips and belting it, which cause his hip dips to stick out, giving him that weird shape.

  25. Woooot! permalink
    November 10, 2010 00:46

    Cris oh Cris. You are hopeless. Do you OWN a mirror!? (Not saying you’re ugly..cause you’re damn right gorgeous..but you would be even better looking if you actually owned some nice clothes and less hair gel..just saying).

    Xabi or Xabi. Why must you be so damn perfect? I envy your wife with every fiber of my body 😛

    Oh and Arbeloa! Keep the leather jacket 🙂 It looks very good on you.

    And I really really want Marcelo’s hat. It looks so warm and cuddly and I really need a new hat LOL.

  26. November 10, 2010 00:51

    you didnt put Benzema in a category but i think he should go in the ” looking good” category

  27. November 10, 2010 12:51

    I know Alvaro’s lovely wife is the one who dresses him (and how cute to know that Xabi teases him about that) but he looks amazing here, I think he’s quite underrated in these matters. He’s quite the GQMF here, Xabi is still firmly at the top but nice to see he has company in that category. (oh, and Zizou! Talk about aging well, even the plaid can’t take away from that)

    Iker and Sergio Sr…..this is better than they’ve looked in self-styled clothes in ages. A tweak here and there would leave them looking perfect but then I find their style hiccups endearing, they are two of the hottest men in the world who can’t manage to dress themselves without help, or don’t quite understand how fit they are. On one hand, I want to frog-march them both to a good stylist, and on the other, I think it’s cute.

    Cristiano- why does one even bother? And is Mini Sergio still living with Sergio Sr., the dress sense shouldn’t be contagious!

  28. LaBlanca permalink
    November 10, 2010 15:37

    one more pic from the event, I really liked:

    oh and Alvaro has posted a few on his facebook account as well. 🙂


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