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Raúl, don’t listen to your older brother

November 10, 2010

AS spoke with Raúl Albiol’s older brother Miguel, who plays for Murcia, before tonight’s game, and as expected, there’s a lot of good-natured ribbing!  In any case, there will be no losers in the Albiol family tonight.

Q:  Who is the lottery administration of Vilamarxant (their parents own the stand) going to support?

A:  They should go with me because I’m the oldest and I’m also the poor one (laughs), but I think in the end they’ll go with whoever will win.  That’s the advantage of having a kid on each team…

Q:  It’s clear who you’re going to exchange shirts with, no?

A:  Yes, with the best central defender in Spanish football.  It’s going to be a great moment, the two of us in the Bernabéu, with our family in the stands.  I’m sure it’s something that we’ll always remember.  No matter what happens that night, it’ll be something historic for us, because it’s also the first time that my mother goes to the stadium.

Q:  Have you spoken a lot with Raúl these days?

A:  Not more than usual.  All three of us (youngest brother Brian plays for one of Murcia’s youth team) are very close.

Q:  And as the older brother, you never Raúl to listen to you?

A:  I have, but I don’t think he listened.  I told Raúl to concentrate on the Liga and the Champions, but he ignored me.

Q:  A prediction for tonight…

A:  1-1, with goals from the Albiol brothers, and then to Cibeles.

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  1. LaBlanca permalink
    November 10, 2010 14:25

    the guy looks good, but: that sofa & these pillows totally ruin it!!! OMG!

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