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ICYMI – the Portugal-Spain Real Madrid edition

November 19, 2010

Here are the best moments of the Portugal-Spain game, from a madridista’s viewpoint.

On the Portugal side, Cris and Carvalho started, and Pepe came on at the half.  On the Spain side, Iker, Sergio and Xabi started.  Álvaro was subbed in late in the game, and Albiol only got to chill on the bench.

Find the ICYMI for the selección here.

One. We have to start with this image of Iker right after he gave his shorts to one of the ball boys (you can see the shorts clutched in his hand, along with one of the game balls).

Two. Cris and Sergio shared a laugh and a whisper while the two teams were holding the sign supporting the Iberian World Cup bid, and later on, it was the turn of Iker and Cris, while they read some supportive words.  They had a great time reading together.  Doesn’t it look like Cris is serenading Iker in the picture below?

This is teamwork at its best – Iker holding the cue card, and Cris the microphone.

How did Iker end up finishing so much faster than Cristiano?

The smiles they shared before, during and after were adorable!

As the captains of their respective national teams, Iker and Cris also had to do the coin toss and the exchange of federation banners.

And of course, they gave each other a hug after, like the good teammates, captains and friends that they are.

Three. Prior to the game, Cristiano and Pepe were honored, as both reach milestones with their national team.  Cris reached the 75 game landmark, while for Pepe it was 25.

Four. Our two captains, prior to the Spanish national anthem.

Five. Real Madrid (and Portugal) legend Figo was at the game, acting a lot like Cris.  I wonder if he uses the same super gel.  Right before the second half, Luis spotted Iker and went to give him a hug.  Awwww!!

Six. It was a frustrating game for the Spaniards.  If looks could kill….

Seven. Cris was really into this game.

And of course, his unique style shone through, even though he was wearing the same thing as the rest of his teammates.

This time around, the safari boots brought him good luck, as he had a great game.  And of course, we can’t forget about the stegosaurus hair.

Eight. Front and back.™



Cristiano Ronaldo.

Nine. Celebrating 101, with your teacher Pepe: how to celebrate a goal, whether it’s with your club or country.

First, jump on the huddle of your celebrating teammates.  Try and get as high as possible.

Next, face the crowd, and point towards the escudo on your chest.

Thump your chest a few times if you want to add more drama.

Ten. The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

Eleven. Pepe, like he did after the Spain-Portugal World Cup game, hugged his Real Madrid teammates once the final whistle blew.  On Wednesday, it was Álvaro Arbeloa and Iker on the receiving end.

Twelve. After the game, Ricardo Carvalho hitched a ride on the Spanish team’s plane back to Madrid.

As you can see, even when he was disembarking, he was surrounded by his Real Madrid teammates (and an upcoming opponent.

How come Xabi is the only one of the Spaniards pictured here to have changed back into street clothes?

He looks great!

Thirteen. If Cris plays like this, with so much skill and intensity, in one week’s time, we really can win el clásico.

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  1. emily permalink
    November 19, 2010 15:36

    what a huge disappointment that game was. I’m sure you had a hard time coming up with an angle for this post.

  2. November 19, 2010 15:40

    Iker and Cris moments were so cute.Iker and Figo together again makes my heart melt.Pepe is a very good teammate and I really hope that Cris and the rest of the team show the Camp Nou that Real Madrid is something else this year.

  3. andinar permalink
    November 19, 2010 15:43

    i have to say this…
    gracias for all the information you’ve written, una
    i’ve became really dependent of ur blog since i found it
    thank you 🙂

  4. Erica permalink
    November 19, 2010 16:03

    Ahh, Thank You, I’m so glad you did an ICYMI for this because my feed didn’t show anything after the game, and my life would be significantly darker without the image of Iker stripping down, giving his shorts to a little boy, then proceeding to hug his clubmates.

    Ha, love that Carvalho just rode home with the Spain boys. But WHY does Iker always have a big white carrier bag with him on trips? Does he stuff it full of dirty laundry? Does he buy dozens of souvenirs at every single airport? Does he empty the contents of his manpurse into it to avoid dirty looks at security checks? Inquiring minds demand to know!

  5. November 19, 2010 16:07

    i love the teenage flirty smiles iker and cris share while reading. And Pepe is awesome, i like how he celebrates lol and how much he likes ho hug hs team mates

  6. RealLisa permalink
    November 19, 2010 16:41

    Aaww poor La Roja. I was so sad too. But on the other hand, I’m glad that Cris is doing a great job. My love for Pepe reached the highest level. Their friendship’s so pure. That’s one of the many reasons why I love Madrid. Looking forward to the El Clasico. Optimistically..
    Can’t help it.. I must mention how great Sexio looks in the new jersey. Anyway, España’s still a World Champion. One friendly game can’t change that.

  7. Deb permalink
    November 19, 2010 17:04

    awww….look at the little kid standing behind Iker & Cris when they were reading at the beginning of the game. He doesn’t take his eyes off Cris the entire time.

    I love how close the Madrid guys seem, even when they are playing on opposing teams. It definitely seems to help keep the egos at bay when they’re on the pitch for Madrid.

    • Siv permalink
      November 20, 2010 23:35

      lol if I was that kid, I wouldn’t be taking my eyes off Iker the entire time, or Sergio. I felt so bad for our two captains after the game =(. Let’s see how Cris will take on the Barca defense in El Clasico.

  8. gabriela permalink
    November 19, 2010 17:07

    I read somewhere that Cris has once again managed to injury himself playing with Portugal (do I see some patern here? Or is it only a deja vu?) and is undergoing some tests, which may lead to him not playing tomorrow 😦
    do you have further information? I hope it’s nothing serious. I want him playing for Real Madrid like he played for Portugal.

    Also, Iker taking off his shorts. Bless him.

  9. November 19, 2010 17:13

    A great summary. Iker shortless, Xabi posing, Crispy being Crispy, Sergio in his angry-hot moment!

    Nice to see Figo. I just was thinking the other day, that we already saw Beckham meeting the players this year, we saw Figo, Zidane -obviously. Now I really miss Fabio Cannavaro there one day, that would be lovely to see him. McDreamy.

  10. canederli permalink
    November 19, 2010 17:18

    Una – Do you have any news on a Cristiano injury? I read on twitter that he couldn’t train today because of calf problem and was in serious doubt for the game tomorrow against Bilbao. Is this true?

    • November 20, 2010 11:07

      Cris did train, and was called up for the game today. He’s expected to start.

  11. Hala Madrid permalink
    November 19, 2010 17:27

    What a game from Cristiano, that little chip he made over Iker was simply sublime…too bad Nani ruined it, lol. If Portugal can play an attacking style like this, they are a real threat atleast for the Euro.

    Too bad, they didn’t have the same mentality in the World Cup or else that game Spain won might not have ended 1-0 and could have been much more entertaining than it was. Quieroz had too much of a defensive style approach and Cristiano even commented on it. That was just one of the problems on the team though…anyways…

  12. amouria permalink
    November 19, 2010 18:05

    Wow, such a skillful work…………thanks a lot

  13. Maisoun permalink
    November 19, 2010 18:17

    I love the Real Madrid spin you put on this ICYMI post, great idea! Focusing on the positives is the way to go!!! 😀

    Love the pic of Sergio and Cris whispering, so cute! —–Cris: “Your hair looks great Sergi.” Sergio:”I wish I could say the same about you.” 😉

    • Deb permalink
      November 21, 2010 09:16

      “Cris: “Your hair looks great Sergi.” Sergio:”I wish I could say the same about you.” ”


  14. Mike permalink
    November 19, 2010 18:39

    Ahh!! I was hoping for a gif of when Cristiano put his hands underneath the ball when it popped up.

  15. November 19, 2010 19:24

    Hmmm….I didn’t really notice it until looking at the final gifs here, but Cris didn’t “rip off” his captain’s armband and throw it down. If you look, before he scores, he is holding it in his hand for some reason. Afterward, when the goal was disallowed, he got angry and threw it down. He threw it only because it was in his hand. “Ripping it off” is something else entirely.

  16. Michelle permalink
    November 19, 2010 19:44

    1) Xabi in street clothes! YES PLEASE. HOW GOOD DOES HE LOOK.

    2) There’s something very gif-able about pissed-off Iker, even though he’s barely moving.

    3) Did Sergio get a haircut? Just a trim with some shaping? Length’s not much changed, but it seemed to move differently when I was watching the game, like the layers were bouncing differently. Am I just imagining it?

    4) Aww, I actually kind of miss Cris tantrums. They are so amusing. (He perfected the art as a young man at Manchester United.) He hasn’t had a meltdown quite like that one in a bit, has he?

  17. Rebekah permalink
    November 19, 2010 19:49

    YES to what you said about Cristiano. Watching Cristiano tear past Piqué and Puyol made me hopeful

  18. November 19, 2010 19:57

    El Clásico will be ours to win this year. I feel it! I’m still praying for it, but that’s beside the point.

    Thanks for this entry. It must have been really difficult for you to write it. *hugs*

  19. November 19, 2010 21:37

    Oh awesome match. Pay back for the world cup 😛
    And CR was AMAZING and his goal was amazing. Even it was disallowed. We totally can win el clásico.

    And I just loved how Ricardo flew back with the Spanish team. 🙂

  20. florence permalink
    November 19, 2010 21:51

    Most important thing about this ‘friendly’ match is Cristiano finds the formula about how to handle with Pique. (and Busquets finds how to stop CR7 a bit aggressively!) Now Mourinho needs to think about Messi factor : ) While I was watching the match, actually i was dreaming-thinking about Barça-Madrid 🙂

    (Note: I sent you an e-mail (to your contact mail on blog), please check it out (it’s about Guti) It may be on your spam folder 🙂 )

  21. sidney permalink
    November 19, 2010 22:11

    thank you so much for this post .Everything is brilliant.I particularly love Cris and Iker section and three because I missed it.

  22. Gillian permalink
    November 19, 2010 22:49

    Fantastic post! Love all the best bits you captured.

    I am coming around to Cris’ new hairdo. I still find it a bit garish, but I think it suits him. He does have a lot of fashion flair.

    Speaking of Cris, he and Iker were adorbs before the match. And I loved Cris’ passion in this game.

    Xabi is ROCKIN’ that sweater/jeans combo at the airport.

  23. Kai permalink
    November 20, 2010 03:42

    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.
    I hate the linesman official of that game.

  24. ulong permalink
    November 20, 2010 05:54

    o my God, that smile could kill..

  25. Delicious permalink
    November 20, 2010 16:56

    Thanks a lot for your great posts. I really enjoy reading them. Well the game wasn’t the best but there were cute moments.


  1. in case you missed it – Portugal vs. Spain « con la roja

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