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get ready to be nostalgic…

November 22, 2010

But first, some (fun) current club news.

One. First, a fun video from Cuatro showing how Mou basically called over everyone on the bench to give directions.  That included Rui Faria, Dr. Hernández, Dudek, Benzema, Di María, and as we saw before, Lass and Granero.  He even made other people pass on directions, so we see Di María asking Özil if he could continue playing, as well as give Benzema some tactical commands.

Two. Next up, a leftover picture from the Athletic game of Sergio Ramos patting the ass of Cristiano Ronaldo.  It’s probably right after Cris told Sergio to go ahead and take the penalty, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Sergio does this more than once during games.  Also note all the chalk all over Cristiano’s right elbow and hand.  That’s not surprising, because he’s been spending a lot of time on the ground – he gets fouled three times for every foul that Messi receives.

Three. Now that we’ve gotten the game out of the way… Sergio has been a busy boy lately, because he’s almost as much in demand as Xabi Alonso.  His latest photo shoot was in support of children with Down’s Syndrome, and those who are cancer-stricken.  What do you think of Sergio in almost all white?  Can you imagine him getting married like that?

Here starts the nostalgia!

Four. The peña Mazacotero held a celebration for their 27th anniversary yesterday in Torrijos (Toledo).  Some former madridistas were among the special guests, including unamadridista favorite Fernando Morientes, and Iván Helguera.  I see that Iván still favors ”outlandish clothes.”  It may be hard to believe, but that belt just may be worse than anything CR has ever worn.

Five. Zizou spoke with Madrid’s web site yesterday, saying he was happy with his new position and his new life, and that he felt like the club had signed him.  His functions at the moment are to travel with the team during Champions League games (such as today to Amsterdam), and to be with the team when they’re at Valdebebas.  The goal is for him to be close to the team, and the other functions will come as a result of this.  Meanwhile, JM said that Zidane “is going to be a great help to everyone… we’re all happy that Zidane is returning to football and his club.  That’s something we all wanted… the club, the president and myself, and I’m sure the fans as well.”

Read Zidane’s interview here and Mou’s here.

Six. And on the subject of former madridistas, here are a couple more who have been in the news recently.

As you probably know, Raúl scored a hat trick Saturday against Werder Bremen for Schalke in their 4-0 victory (Metzelder scored the first goal).  Raúl revealed that the goals were dedicated to his children:  Hugo because it was his birthday that day, and the twins because they had just celebrated their birthday (so they each got one).

And in a recent interview with L’Équipe, our former “7” said that it was the best decision to sign with the German club, because he didn’t know if he would have been able to get playing time in Madrid, and his body needed that.  He added that Madrid is still in his heart and that he still considers himself “merengue.”

Seven. And Marca headed to Istanbul to check out Guti’s new life there (as in, is it anything like Crackòvia imagines it to be?).

Guti tells the newspaper that his life in Turkey is like that of a university student studying abroad.  This is his daily schedule:  he gets up, makes himself some juice, goes to his team’s training grounds and eats breakfast with his teammates.  Then, there’s the training session and lunch in a restaurant on the training grounds.  There’s also a dormitory, and each player has his own room, so Guti sometimes takes a siesta.  Then it’s back home (where he lives alone) to watch Spanish TV and talk with his family.  And most afternoons, he plays the guitar.  When he decides to go out, he goes to a mall near his house to go shopping and eat at an Italian restaurant there.

He says he misses his family the most, and on the walls there are five frames with pictures of his two kids.  And pobrecito, he says that not a lot of people call him anymore, and that “now you know who your true friends are.”  Guti watches all of Madrid’s games, and keeps up via his contacts in the club – employees, teammates…. and also via the Internet (video chats with Sergio Ramos, perhaps?)  He’s learned a few words of Turkish to help communicate on the field (Nihat helps him out), but prefers to use English, because most everyone on the team speaks it.

What a difference from his life in Madrid, no?

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  1. November 22, 2010 10:28

    ‘he gets fouled three times for every foul that Messi receives.’ – YSSSS it’s so unfair. I realize that I’m sounding like a petulant child here, but it’s true. Especially in the game against Sporting Gijon where he got jumped every. single. time.

    Rahul and Guti… I still feel sad when ever I think of how they left. I love Rahul’s tribute after he scored.

  2. Ali permalink
    November 22, 2010 10:36

    Oh Guti! This makes me so sad… “Not a lot of people call me anymore” – I can’t imagine how lonely he must be. The description of his schedule sounds very repetitive. And especially with the way RM let him go… 😦

    • Ava Mendez permalink
      November 23, 2010 03:27

      how did real madrid let him go?

  3. amouria permalink
    November 22, 2010 10:37

    Great breakfast on your blog, wonderful, please keep it up and do serve us with such ‘early’ meals every day.

  4. Sam permalink
    November 22, 2010 11:07

    Awwww…. Guti. That makes me sad for him.

    I hope he comes back soon either as a coach or director for the youth teams.

  5. November 22, 2010 11:36

    you read my thoughts girl, just two days ago i had an attack of major raul nostalgia and it suddenly struck me how i miss him in real!!! And guti guti guuuti i hope he does not feel lonely in turkey, i hope sergio calls him!!!
    Also thanks for sexio news- i am still relying on my phone so i can´t see all clearly but i am sure he looks yummy!!! I also love, that he´s posing for a good charity cause. I have nothin against athletes in commercials, but it´s so so so nice to see that our sexio involved in the charities actions like that and using his awesome looks and popularity there!!!

  6. Fatima permalink
    November 22, 2010 12:02

    This just made me miss Raul and Guti more!! Thnx u soo much…:)

  7. Marie permalink
    November 22, 2010 12:23

    guti living alone???!!!!!!he looks lonely
    and to think here he had Iker calling out to him…guti, guti, GUTI!!!!

  8. HermosaChica permalink
    November 22, 2010 12:40

    Whoa, that’s more like a firm grip that a little pat 😆 I would’ve done the same, though. To both of them..simultaneously.

    “Can you imagine him getting married like that?” — did I really just read that?..


    Raul and Gutiiii! Aww, I love what Raul said about his goals, and Guti’s guitar photo is just..disturbingly teenage.
    “Now you know who your true friends are.” — poor Guti!

    Yeah I’m still trying to recover from that shocking statement regarding El ‘Very Much Single’ Ramos..

    • noelle permalink
      November 23, 2010 06:03

      im with u on the ramos being very single…. i REFUSE to even think about him getting married unless its to me =)

  9. Cindy permalink
    November 22, 2010 12:40

    Ahhhh Guti & Raul miss them both. Sergio looks like he has a nice hand full of a$$ there.:)

  10. Laura permalink
    November 22, 2010 13:36

    Ha, this video of Sergio made my day. The beginning of Burnin Up has never been a better fit.

    btw, i love your blog.

  11. Mani Thangadurai permalink
    November 22, 2010 14:06

    Delighted for Raul that he’s playing so well now and finding his feet in Germany, a perfect example of a REAL professional, ALWAYS eager to play, unlike SOME so-called ‘pros’ who would rather turn up for training, pick up their wages, and be content with no playing time whatsoever!!

    Real Madrid’s and Spain’s loss is definitely Schalke’s gain!

  12. ulong permalink
    November 22, 2010 14:08

    o my God, I was cry like hell when guti left Madrid and I need months to bear my sadness. And I see him here, playing guitar and said something that sounded so sad..
    Guti, I never forget you. Never ever. T_T
    Thanks Una 🙂

  13. suzanne permalink
    November 22, 2010 14:28

    it looks like sergio’s copping a feel instead of just a pat…and i like it. both have very nice rear ends ::drooling::
    ok, una…it’s a monday morning…you are not allowed to have a post with ramos and married in the same sentence on a monday morning. that’s just wrong. lol. he looks perfect for a mardi gras ball. hmmmm…i go to mardi gras balls…hmmmm. he should be introduced to american (ok, ok, southern) culture by someone in the know. i volunteer. he looks really, REALLY good in those shots. the hair has really grown on me.
    😦 😥 :((((( guti…my poor baby guti. he sounds so sad and lonely. i miss him so much 😥
    and good for raul and metzelder for thier goals. i miss them both too.
    zizou…so glad he’s officially with the club again. so cute about feeling like he’s been signed again

  14. Kristine permalink
    November 22, 2010 14:35

    Oh, SERGIO. That man is so fine.

  15. emily permalink
    November 22, 2010 14:36

    Guti! Guti! Gutiiiiiiiiii! That’s it! I’m packing up my guitar and moving to Turkey to comfort Guti’s lonely little soul. He obviously needs someone to teach him how to play it ‘right’ handed. I like Crackovia Guti’s swingin’ bachelor flat much better.
    What are we supposed to be getting from Serhio posing with a mask on? A weird, sinister, creepy mask. That’s as anti-Sergio as you can get. Full Face time is what we all want. Okay, if he took off the outfit and posed with JUST the mask, that would be fine.

    • Lulja permalink
      November 22, 2010 22:13

      Definitely agree about the Guti-Crackòvia-Bachelor-Flat! It’s so painful to see “GUTI!!!” like this. Let’s all hope he’s nevertheless having a nice time over there – and if not – let’s hope he would somehow return to Madrid (oh please anybody, do us, Guti, Sergio and Iker that favor).
      As we’re already talking about favors, how about Cuatro or TVE broadcasting some Skype conference between G’n’S, live, in HD? Appreciated.

  16. wandering permalink
    November 22, 2010 14:36

    Sergio in a mask!!! *dies* Such a hot phantom.

  17. Maisoun permalink
    November 22, 2010 15:07

    HELLLLLOOOOO ass-pat picture! What a way to begin a post 😉 That needs to be blown up and put on my wall and shrunken down and put in my purse, oooh-weee!

    Putting a mask on Sexio…how does someone get away with that?! “YOU”RE FIRED!!!” They should have definitely went with a more ‘Phantom’ style mask where you could still see most of his gorgey face…and the part where just his eyes are following the camera was a little freaky, no?

    I definitely want the job of dressing (& undressing) Sergio, “No,no, no, thats not how you put pants on. Take them off and start again! ….slow down this isnt a race.” 😉

    “Can you imagine him getting married like that?” —-I think I actually HEARD my heart break, my heart of glass is now shards in my stomach, what a painful thought! (married Sergio, not my stomach)….I can only imagine him getting married like that if it was to ME! …and if it aint me…it aint happenin’! (I’ll continue to tell myself this as I cry myself back to sleep) 😉

    • November 23, 2010 14:27

      I hear ya! about the married thing! I’ve been there with few of my sports crushes (I have no other famous crushes, only sport-related ones), it always totally broke my heart when they got married or even – started dating someone. I am a perfectly rational, pragmatic person with realistic views and I do understand that they all deserved to be happy (and I of course wish that to them), but I cannot help that I hear -as you wrote – my heart breaking whenever such news appear!

      • Maisoun permalink
        November 23, 2010 15:09

        Arent sport related crushes the best kind? 😉

        Yes, I totally believe they deserve to be happy…I just think they’d be a lot happier with me! LOL!

  18. weina permalink
    November 22, 2010 17:01

    now, the part abt Guti in Turkey is so sad. T_T
    can i just go to Turkey and marry him so he wont be so lonely? 😥

  19. November 22, 2010 17:02

    Oh, oh. Naughty Sergio…

    I don’t like him so, in a suit.
    He looks mucho better in jeans & shorts and whatever.
    Also, all that posing? smh. Its for ‘tiano & Villa. Not for him.
    He looks better just being himself.

    And thanks! 🙂

  20. Rebekah permalink
    November 22, 2010 17:46

    That picture of Guti watching Madrid on TV is really sad!!! Hope he isn’t as lonely as he sounds….

    I usually hate white suits, but WOW, Sergio looks great. And hahaha to the Jonas Brothers song playing in the background.

  21. RealLisa permalink
    November 22, 2010 17:54

    1. Thanks Cuatro (and Una)! They’re always coming up with interesting videos, I love watching them.
    2. I’ll just say: wish I was Cris!
    3. Sexio. in. a. mask. YESSS!!! Finally someone has read my minds!!! ”Can you imagine him getting married like that?” – Oh, can I!?!?! You bet ya!!! In fact, I can imagine myself along with him. Thanks Una, it means a lot to me.

    Oh, mi Raúl.. mi Guti! I miss them soooo f*cking much!!!
    Poor Guti, I can see he’s not really in a pim-pam mood. 😦 I wish I could do something. Awww he watches all Madrid’s games.. Why’re you doing this to me Perez? Why?! Pobrecito.. *speachess*

  22. Delicious permalink
    November 22, 2010 19:37

    Sergio is hot as hell! As always of course! 😀 He looks stunning in that white suit!
    Aww Guti is living alone and almost no one is calling him? Poor Guti! Well his former teammates are really busy but I’m sure they still love him!

  23. JulieFromParis permalink
    November 22, 2010 21:23

    Beautiful pictures of The Ramos. Just. Beautiful.

    Grande Raul… y cuando hizo la pasada del matador… Goosebumps 🙂

  24. November 22, 2010 21:44

    Sergio is so gorgeous it hurts ❤

    I'm so happy for Raul. It was the best decision although I miss him terribly. But Guti oh I almost cried. Why didn't his family move with him? Istanbul is such a beautiful city he should be very happy there. 😦

  25. Gillian permalink
    November 22, 2010 22:08

    That pic of Sergio & Cris might be the cutest thing ever!

  26. Jennifer permalink
    November 22, 2010 22:50

    Aw, Guti makes me sad! He looks so lonely, and his flat reminds me of Benzema’s “apartment without furniture”! I totally didn’t know he was a lefty, but he does look very hot with that guitar. I just want to give him a big hug and tell him it’s okay, he can come back to Madrid now… 😦

    And in super-important news:
    – Sergio in white, slapping Cris on the ass = very hot.
    – Sergio in white, styled up and wearing a mask = not so hot. (Still love him, of course, but it’s not his best photoshoot. The old car, however, is freaking awesome!)

  27. Kai permalink
    November 23, 2010 00:36

    It makes sense that Cristiano is tackled more than Messi because he’s taller and has a bigger build and the defenders probably think they can stop Messi without the need to bring him down. Still doesn’t make it right though.

    And really saddening about Raul and Guti. I hope it wasn’t actually Real Madrid that forced them out. Raul and Guti themselves said that they left so that they could get playing time but I don’t know anymore. :\ But I don’t think RM would do that to these guys and this is just a case of homesickness.

    • Sarah permalink
      November 23, 2010 14:50

      No, Guti explicitly chose to leave before last season even ended, and Raul made the call this summer. Real didn’t force anyone; do you think Guti, of all people, would mince words if he had?

  28. Michelle permalink
    November 23, 2010 04:57

    a) First things first. Black shoes with a white suit? Really, stylists? REALLY?! (Not that Sergio’s not still hot, from the ankles up.)

    b) That’s one heckuva assgrab. I approve! I think someone in the Sexio peña should photoshop themselves into the left of the pic grabbing *Sergio’s* ass, to create a chain of assgrabbery. Come on, you know you want to do it!

    c) I know this is a Madrid blog, so I’ll just point out that Lionel Messi has, um, a lower center of gravity than Cris, and leave it at that! 😉

    d) That belt buckle! MY EYES. I agree, it is an absolute atrocity.

    e) Does Zidane’s job strike anyone else as “a job they made up just for Zizou so that he could work for Madrid”? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s brilliant that they’ve managed to get him involved with the club in a more hands-on manner, but that job description sounds so… vague! “Travel with the club and… just stay close to the team! You’ll figure it out from there! Go pass on your awesomeness by osmosis!”

    f) Oh, Guti, pobrecito, my heart broke a little bit reading that story. It sounds like quite a lonely existence. I hope he’s at least got a few friends, and that they hang out from time to time. Have his kids come to visit? How often does he get to go home to see them?
    (Also, was that picture taken in a mirror, or does he *actually* play his guitar lefty? Best as I can tell, it doesn’t look like it’s strung backwards, is it? Music nerds want to know!)

    • November 23, 2010 07:50

      Guti is left handed (which you can also see in the juice picture) so he probably does play his guitar like that.

      • Michelle permalink
        November 23, 2010 20:30

        FASCINATING. I knew we could count on you for tidbits like that! (Although if I’d been more observant, I could’ve picked that up myself. Tonta.)
        I know a couple of left-handed guitarists, but they both chose to learn righty guitar. Like knitting, both hands have to do pretty complex things, so it doesn’t really matter, and learning “regular” righty guitar means you’re more likely to be able to pick up someone else’s axe and jam with them rather than always requiring your own. But all this is irrelevant to Guti, who plays his lefty guitar on his own… HEY, MAYBE HE SHOULD JOIN A BAND. That might help give him something to do in the evenings! (but it might put him in the nightclubs again, and maybe that might not be the best idea…)

  29. mila_casillas permalink
    November 25, 2010 19:39

    Omg I am really crying reading the part about Guti. 😥


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