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November 27, 2010

One. A fun video from Cuatro of the players’ activities on Thursday.  See how the valet at El Espigón mixed up their cars; how short Lass really is; and a woman rearranging her hair right before Cristiano makes an appearance.  Also of note: the guys staring at the cheerleaders; Sami Khedira; and blink and you’ll miss him Sergio Canales.

But the best part is of course the three amigos.  Don’t you love how it only takes one look at Marcelo for Cristiano to crack up?  I wonder how much of the actual game they saw.

I also have a lot of love for the purple watch that Marcelo wore to the basketball game!  It matches with his hat!  Another great choice, Marcelino!

Two. The San Sebastián Tourism Council has decided to bestow upon Xabi Alonso their 2011 Tambor de Oro (golden drum) award for “actively and conspicuously contributing to the formation of an attractive image of the city.”

Attractive indeed.  The mere presence of Xabi in the city makes it infinitely more attractive, no?  (Not that it needs a lot of help, because the city is already preciosa, and one of my favorites in Spain.)  And Xabi talking about the city is very appealing as well.

Let’s hope the city is smart enough to use Xabi as the image of the city in all their advertisements – I’m sure tourism there will definitely increase!

The proposal still has to be ratified by the city, but since there’s hardly any doubt that Xabi deserves this, it will be presented to him on Jan. 20 during the fiesta celebrating the patron saint of the city – unsurprisingly, it’s Saint Sebastian – called the Tamborrada (which is why the awards are called tambores).  The mayor of the city said they have already asked the president of Real Sociedad to contact FP to see if Xabi can be present (there are Copa del Rey games that week).  He added that he’s already spoken with Xabi and that he was touched by the recognition.  Xabi’s candidacy was proposed by his former football society Antiguoko, and a web site.

Xabi of course maintains his link to his beloved Donostia, as he’s still a La Real supporter, he met his wife there, got married there and maintains a house there.

Three. Pepe told La Sexta that he would like to continue on in Madrid, which is good news since he’s currently negotiating his renovation.  Pepe said, “I would like to be in Real Madrid for many more years, my intention is to continue here and the renovation is in the hands of my agent and the president.”  Good.

Four. Cristiano has revealed that he watches Prison Break as he finds it “relaxing.”  This was via another of his (and by his, I mean his publicist) amazing, informative and not strange at all tweets.

Five. And Karim Benzema has lost about four kilos in the last months, which should make him a better player.  When the players returned to Madrid from their summer vacations, Mou discovered that Marcelo and Benzema were both about five kilos above their ideal weights.  Marcelo was able to quickly return to fighting form, while for Benzema it took a while longer.  Apparently, Karim was able to take the weight off simply by working hard.

Psychologically, the presence of Zidane is also a help.  During the team’s visit to Amsterdam earlier this week, Zizou took the time to sit down and have long chats with Benzema, since before he was either alone or stuck to Lass.

Six. Pipita spoke with AS.  But first, go have a listen to his cumbia here.  It’s very catchy and I can’t get it out of my head… Pipita Higuaín es de mi Argentina… The song was created by the group Soleado de Sauce de Luna before the World Cup, as the article says.

Back to the interview.  Highlights include Gonzalo saying that he always “sleeps well”; reminding the interviewer that there are only three points at play during this game (i.e. it’s not as important as the media makes it out to be); revealing that the players can understand each other on the field just by looking at each other; that he has the custom since he was a kid of always entering the field on his left foot; and that he speaks with Messi quite often via text messages, although they haven’t talked about the game yet.

And on the negative side, he still has back and waist pains and was in a bad mood during the interview.  But he did manage a smile for the photo.

It looks like the pro-Madrid press is running out of ideas for poses in the run-up to the game, no?  That’s the cover of today’s Marca on the right.  I’ll write about the interview with Iker in a separate post.

Seven. In Barcelona, the players will be staying at the Juan Carlos I hotel (which overlooks the Camp Nou).  At the airport, their bus will go directly onto the runway to receive them, so that they won’t have to walk through the airport terminal.  Let’s keep them safe. The club has decided that the team will pass through terminal 2 of the airport so that their fans will be able to see them.

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  1. HermosaChica permalink
    November 27, 2010 12:59

    I’d probably pretend to lose their keys if it meant that they got to stand in front of me all day..

    I wonder what Cris/Marcelo/Pepe are like when they hang out at home. Shirtless play fighting, perhaps? 😉 I love Cris’ reaction when the ball lands on the people in front of them. And Pepe is just too cool to even flinch 😆 .

    The Pipita song is stuck in my head too! I hope his back gets better really soon (as well as Sami’s hamstring)!

    • Maisoun permalink
      November 28, 2010 05:00

      “I’d probably pretend to lose their keys if it meant that they got to stand in front of me all day..” ——or make copies of their house keys….what? Im not psycho or anything 😛

  2. Barbara permalink
    November 27, 2010 14:12

    Did anyone watch the video from Cuatro –there’s a picture of Sami sitting with a blonde girl-did he get back together with his girlfriend? I didn’t understand the Spanish commentator on the video. Sigh* I thought Sami was single.

    • November 27, 2010 14:22

      The commentator just said that Sami was trying to explain what was happening to his “pareja,” which means partner, but it appears that they don’t know who she is.

    • Lissy permalink
      November 27, 2010 15:49

      Oh well, she definitely looks like his (ex-)girlfriend Kathrin Breitmaier…

      • Marjannaa permalink
        November 27, 2010 22:10

        Totally looks like her. I spot a (engagement) ring?!

      • November 28, 2010 04:28

        I never even knew he broke up with his girlfriend lol. When did that happen? Or is it just a rumor?

        I hope they’re still together! They’re such a cute couple. 🙂

        • Barbara permalink
          November 28, 2010 14:26

          One of the German newspapers (Bild I think its like the Sun in the UK, but they still manage to get some things right) reported that they broke up before the World Cup. Sami said in an interview that he lived alone in Real Madrid so maybe she’s just visiting. I thought he & Mesut would hang out together since Mesut’s girlfriend left him. *Sigh* Sami’s so beautiful.

  3. sidney permalink
    November 27, 2010 14:20

    Lovely post.I love all the amigos together.:):):):):)It seems that they had a great time and I actually wonder how much of hta game thye saw, they seem to be giggling all the time, and cracking jokes.
    I actually think that Cris actually wrote that twit himself:) and not his publicist. I also love seven: pipita and Iker(is the rumor about sara breast implants true?).

  4. Amber permalink
    November 27, 2010 16:41

    I do believe that some of those tweets Cris writes but they are so vague because of his fear of the press jumping on something he writes like they did with Ricky’s wife last year.

  5. mumblo permalink
    November 27, 2010 17:00

    Prison Break always made me very tense when I watched it. I don’t understand how Cris finds it relaxing… unless he watches it like he “watches” basketball! =)

    • Sarah permalink
      November 28, 2010 00:21

      Hahaha, I know right?! I miss that show.

      Love CR’s smile!

  6. November 27, 2010 17:35

    Awwwwwww Cris’s smile ❤

  7. November 27, 2010 18:29

    “Let’s keep them safe.” – This line of yours made me think. I remember reading somewhere that just before the team bus reaches Camp Nou, the curtains are all drawn and all the players move to the center of the bus because it gets pelted with stuff.

    Just how bad is the security situation out there in Barca territory anyway?

  8. November 27, 2010 19:21

    those three together you gotta love them ( karim looked like he had some place to go, FAST ) looked very eager to get his keys . I love him

    • Deb permalink
      November 29, 2010 03:23

      lol…I saw Karim scurry over there…maybe afraid of what car he’d get left with if he wasn’t at the “front of the line”. :p

      Marcelo is just too cute…always the entertainer it looks like. And the 3 of them together…cute!

  9. Ranya permalink
    November 27, 2010 19:21

    What is Cris even doing in that 3rd gif?? Lol. Gotta love our boys ❤

  10. Kai permalink
    November 27, 2010 22:28

    I don’t think Cris implied that he finds Prison Break relaxing, Una. He said that he’s relaxing after the hard day and one of his things is watching TV shows. :\

  11. Maisoun permalink
    November 28, 2010 05:13

    I just cant get over how beautiful Pepe’s smile is!!!

    Im sure we can all say we went to school with boys just like ‘the three amigos’ but they were never never never this fun to watch! 😉

    Love Cris’ dancing too!

  12. Delicious permalink
    November 28, 2010 12:59

    Oh God Cristiano is so handsome. And I love Marcelo! He’s so funny!

  13. Kat permalink
    November 28, 2010 18:15

    I have to be honest, I always thought CR was arrogant, vain, thinks that he’s entitled, etc. Hot, yes, but not necessarily as likeable as Xabi, Iker and Kaka (although, Kaka takes likeable to a whole different level)… But the gifs above (and some of your posts, Una) are starting to change my mind. And it totally helps that he’s so effortlessly gorgeous in those shots, too, even with that haircut.


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