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Wesley Sneijder on his years at Madrid

December 6, 2010

AS published an interesting interview with Wesley Sneijder the other day, the first where he talks about his departure from Madrid.  He said some noteworthy things, so here are the parts where he talked about Madrid and Mourinho.

Q:  You were in top form in your first year with Inter.  How did you adapt to the rigidity of the Calcio?

A:  It was mental.  My first year in Madrid was very good, the second not so much because I had personal problems.  When I left, I felt that I hadn’t accomplished anything.  I wanted more.  I felt bad for the fans, for the press, for my teammates.  When I went to Inter, I couldn’t stop thinking, “it was a horrible year, but I don’t want to continue like that.  I want to show the whole world what I’m capable of.”

Q:  It was a question of mentality?

A:  Mourinho also gave me confidence.  I arrived on a Thursday and on Saturday, in the derby, he started me and we won 4-0.

Q:  What does Mourinho do that makes him such a special person?

A:  Something psychological.  He knows perfectly how a player feels.  I told him things and he knew how I thought.  The dialogue was very direct.  Sometimes, he would tell me, “you need three days rest, stay at home.”

Q:  What was your departure from Real Madrid like?

A:  ¡Una locura!  The most difficult moment was when they made me train on another field, apart from everyone else.  I felt like I was in jail.  But I accepted it and I left, although with pain.  But that pain doesn’t exist anymore.  Inter has helped me to forget…

Q:  Who let you down the most?

A:  I got along very well with Pellegrini.  I think he wanted me to stay.  The problem was with Valdano and Pérez, more with Valdano.  But life is like that.

Q:  What is your opinion of Valdano?

A:  Nothing, nothing.  If I see him, I’ll greet him without any problems.  It’s alright because life is like that, you come and go.  But the way that everything happened…

Q:  Why did your performance decline so much in the second year?

A:  To begin with, I was injured for three months.  Then I had problems with my ex-wife.  She wouldn’t let me see my son, and it was all very complicated.  No one in the club reached out to me.

Q:  Did it bother you that they said you went out a lot at night?

A:  No, because it was the truth.  I did got out a lot, I know.  And then came a moment at the end of the year when I got up one morning and I thought, “Wesley, what are you doing?  You have quality, you’re in the best club in the world, what are you doing!”  And so, all that ended.

Q:  Were you still in Madrid then?

A:  Yes, yes.  During the last three weeks, I returned to my best level.

Q:  How did you find yourself in this downward spiral?

A:  I’m not going to lie.  I was almost always out partying…  when you’re alone at home and you have so many ugly things to think about, you need to escape.  What could I do?  Later on, the woman who’s now my wife helped me a lot.  We talked a lot…

Q:  Did you think about returning to Madrid when they signed Mourinho?

A:  No, because I didn’t want to… It was very complicated although I still feel something for the club, but with the people in charge…

Q:  You don’t want anything to do with Florentino and Valdano?

A:  Nothing!  [Jajaja, go Wesley!]

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  1. Gilly B permalink
    December 6, 2010 14:42

    I really like Wesley. He’s been really honest, no bs, in describing what was going on personally and what was affecting his game at the time. He’s also right to let it be known he felt mistreated toward the end of his Madrid time by certain individuals (we shall not dwell!), but not bearing a grudge.

    Thanks for the post Una x

  2. dev permalink
    December 6, 2010 14:59

    I wish Florentino wasn’t so mean to the Dutch. Why did he let such talented players like Robben, Wesley and VDV do. FP angers me so much, but then again he did get us Kaka, Cristiano.

  3. December 6, 2010 15:11

    “Q: What was your departure from Real Madrid like?

    A: ¡Una locura! The most difficult moment was when they made me train on another field, apart from everyone else. “

    WOW This is really harsh! 😦 Poor Wesley!
    He’s a great player! I wish he was in the top 3 of FIFA World Player Award, I’m sorry to Iniesta, but I think Sneidjer desearved to be in the top 3 more than Iniesta.

  4. anya permalink
    December 6, 2010 16:21

    I forgot he had quite long hair when he joined Madrid. He looks much hotter with shaven head. I was attracted to him and no one understood me.

    I always liked him.
    He’s honest, admitted that he used to party and had bad second year.

    Even now, when he won so many with Inter, he still has something good to say about Madrid.
    He should win this god damn Ballon D’Or.

  5. Whiskey permalink
    December 6, 2010 16:38

    Thanks so much for posting this Una! He seems quite honest in this interview and not afraid to admit he made some mistakes and didn’t handle things as well as he could have. Glad to see he didn’t throw Pellegrini under the bus either but its disappointing to hear him say that no one at the club reached out to him when he was going through some difficulties. Can’t see that happening with Mou around.

  6. December 6, 2010 16:51

    oh Welly! (since I heard Serhio calling him like that, I cannot call him the other way!)

    Pretty honest interview, very interesting. Thanks!

  7. emily permalink
    December 6, 2010 17:03

    So many great players come and go from clubs like this. You see it in every sport. I don’t like how just being good at the game can overcome chemistry and loyalty. So, now they are thinking about bringing Milito from Inter. Even if it were a stop-gap measure while Pipita is out, we have seen what Honaldo and Higuain can do together and Milito will want the ball on his foot a lot. I don’t see those players being happy with that. I would rather wait on Kaka and stay with the current squad than bring in ANOTHER new face.

  8. Guilherme permalink
    December 6, 2010 17:05

    Shame he didnt even was at the top 3 for Fifa’s best player this year. Shame on Fifa, shame on Valdano, shame on Perez. Good luck at this season in Inter, Dutchman.

  9. Patty permalink
    December 6, 2010 19:16

    Awww Wes! I miss him so much!

    It sounds like he still has love for the club and his teammates…but the guys in charge always ruining it! I’m glad he said something.

  10. HIJ permalink
    December 6, 2010 20:01

    😦 This interview makes me sad.
    I personally wanted him to stay and the way real madrid kicked him out.. it could’ve been better. On top of that he is not even one of the final 3 for ballon d’or! After all that he has done last season… sigh

  11. December 6, 2010 20:34

    He’s very honest and open and my favourite Dutch player ❤
    What happened with Valdano? And why did he train alone?

  12. December 6, 2010 23:16

    Great interview, makes me very sad to know that no-one helped out with Sneijder at RM while he was having problems 😦
    Great player, it’s such a shame he didn’t make it into the top 3 for Ballon d’Or.

  13. Sunny permalink
    December 7, 2010 09:27

    I love our club, but I hate the way the suits in charge just dispose of players like they’re trash.

  14. December 7, 2010 09:48

    From this interview and others, I think Valdano is the powerful man in RM. Many players and coaches do not hesitate to say that the main reason for their departure from RM is Valdano. If he is such a special guy, why doesn’t he become the coach?

    If you read the comment of Mourinho about him (last press conference), you understand that the relation between the two is not going well. Besides, RM is the only team that has two heads (in addition to the president). This is an odd situation that makes the decision-making in the club very complicated.

    I have the feeling that if Mourinho would leave RM, it will defiantly be due to the interventions of Valdano.
    To sum up, I do not like Valdano…

  15. December 7, 2010 10:03

    Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. And it makes me sad that he obviously was having so many problems and nobody helped him … Good to know, that he made it [with a woman’s help of course] 😉

  16. Evita permalink
    December 7, 2010 17:04

    Valdano needs to have a seat, and let everyone do their job. Mourinho is winning. The biggest hump for them is Barca. If he can be left alone to do the job they hired him to do….well, they may be may be pleasntly surprised.

  17. Tash permalink
    December 7, 2010 18:30

    I sometimes hate the way Perez and Valdano behave…but we gotta take the bad with the good I guess.

    Am also very annoyed with FIFA for snubbing Wesley for the Ballon d’or-he deserved it 😦

  18. Laryssa permalink
    December 8, 2010 02:52

    Honestly, I don’t miss Wesley at all. He had a great first year with us, but then… Well, then he had all the personal issues. Everybody have problems and I can understand that, but he was so unprofessional that time. I don’t miss Robben and his physical drama either.
    I really miss Rafa. I cried when he lives. I will never never never forgive Valdano for what he did to Rafa. The way he treats my favorite dutch. It was so disrespectful. Because of Valdano, Sylvie, my favorite WAG, leaves us…

  19. EM. permalink
    December 8, 2010 07:39

    Thanks for taking the time to translate it 🙂

    Loved this interview because he straight up admits he made some mistakes. His mention of Valdano in particular makes me think he was the reason Wesley left the club but I like that he seems to have let it go.

    ugh @ FIFA listing Messi and Iniesta over Sneijder, who was intrumental in getting Inter to the title and helping the Dutch team become finalists, for the top 3 for Ballon D’or . While Iniesta may have scored the single most important goal in Spanish footballing history, his season was nowhere near as good as Wesley’s. As for Messi, IDK. I kind of feel that without Xaviniesta behind him, he wouldn’t be quite as effective. Regardless, Sneijder should have been up in the top 3.

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