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the quick news round-up

December 7, 2010

One. A reason to feel optimistic:  surgery has been ruled out for Pipita’s herniated disc.  He’ll go instead with the “conservative option” of medical treatment and kinesiology sessions.  The first epidural yesterday worked, and lessened the amount of pain and inflammation.  Gonzalo could be back in action around one month’s time, depending on how well he responds to the treatment.

This also means that he won’t be traveling to Argentina to get a third opinion (the first was from doctors at Sanitas, and the second from Dr. Cáceres).  Gonzalo worked out yesterday in the pool at Valdebebas.  Here’s to a speedy recovery, Pipita!

Two. UEFA’s Appeals Body announced its decision in the appeals case relating to the Ajax-Madrid game on Nov. 23.  The first decision by UEFA was this (basically fining the club, Mou, Sergio, Xabi, Iker and Dudek a total of €215,000 and suspending Mou for two games) but the Appeals Body reversed some of that, so the new sentence is this:  the club’s fine has been reduced from €120,000 to €100,000; Mou’s fine was reduced from €40,000 to €30,000 and he is suspended for one match (against Auxerre tomorrow) instead of two.  Everything else (the fines to Xabi, Sergio, Iker and Dudek) stands.

Three. Speaking of Wednesday’s game, Mou won’t be there, but he is preparing some line-up changes.  It appears that Iker will get a rest, with Dudek coming in to replace him, and Benzema will also start the game.  Álvaro Arbeloa will replace the suspended Sergio Ramos, Eze Garay could also get some minutes, and MFC could also see his debut!

Four. And since Xabi is suspended for tomorrow’s game, he’s enjoying a bit of vacation, and on Monday headed to Liverpool to watch their game against Aston Villa, which Liverpool won 3-0.  He tweeted that it was cold there.

Cue some Liverpool fans interpreting his presence and this tweet as signs that Xabi wants to return to Anfield.

Xabi, Sergio and Iker are all enjoying the mini-vacation Mou has conceded to them, since none of them will be playing against Auxerre.

Five. Their partnership to support the Iberian bid didn’t get the desired result, but Iker and Figo will once against team up on Friday to present a charity football game, the “Partido por la Ilusíon, Fútbol 7 Solidario” which will take place on Dec. 23.  The presentation will take place at the Consejo Superior de Deportes.

Six. Rubén de la Red is now an accredited coach, according to the RFEF.  He recently obtained the UEFA Pro license, which means he can coach any team in any category in the 53 countries that make up UEFA, after completing the three levels of the course.  He’s already spent several weeks learning from Real Madrid’s coaches.

Seven. In an interview with Radio Marca, Marcelo said the following:

– Mou said he’s in love with me, and I am also in love with him (laughs).

– I spoke a lot with Pepe [during the Valencia game].  After that incident he had with Getafe, a lot of players try to provoke him during the 90 minutes (to make him react) with elbows, kicks, etc.  Everyone can see that Pepe keeps a cool head and does not get provoked.  He’s like a brother to me, he’s the one that takes care of me the most in Real Madrid.

– We have Iker Casillas as a captain, but Sergio Ramos also talks a lot.  Xabi and Cristiano are also captains although they don’t wear the armband.

Eight. And looking ahead to the end of the year: the last game Madrid will play in 2010 will be their Copa del Rey round of 16 first leg against  Levante, which will take place at the Bernabéu on Dec. 22 (Wednesday) at 22h.  The players only have seven days of vacation (most will return to their native countries), and are scheduled to return back on either Dec. 20 or Dec. 30, since there are three games to be played from Jan. 1-9 (Getafe in the Liga, Levante in the Copa and Villarreal in the Liga).

According to Marca, Kaká will spend his vacation in Madrid instead of returning to Brazil, to continue with his recuperation process.

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  1. TexasMadridista permalink
    December 7, 2010 14:11

    As well as a Madridista, I am also a Liverpool fan (but Madrid always comes first) and it annoys me to no end when people go on and on about Xabi going back to Anfield. Yes, he was great with Liverpool, but he’s even better with Madrid.

    • YouNeverWalkAlone permalink
      December 7, 2010 16:29

      I totally agree! lol As you can probably see from my name, I’m a big Liverpool fan but I’ll always be Madridista first.

      Xabi has moved on and everyone needs to realize that…He’s moved up a step in his career…

  2. cua permalink
    December 7, 2010 14:15

    Well, I’m a Liverpool fan and I don’t interpret it that way at all.

  3. Whiskey permalink
    December 7, 2010 14:47

    Lots of good news in this post. So glad to hear that surgery will not be needed for Pipita – good for him and good for us! It was very nice to see Xabi in the stands at Anfield all bundled up – one of the commentators didn’t even recognize him – DuH! But I have only ever taken his visits as a sign that he still has a lot of fondness for the club and the fans there – which I think says a lot about him and Liverpool fans.

    I didn’t realize the break was so short for the spanish players too. Selfishly I am happy to hear this as I was already wondering how I would deal with my RM withdrawal over the holidays 🙂

  4. killer permalink
    December 7, 2010 14:54

    Well u deleted my comment…..
    Here it is…… According to sport, Cristiano has fallen out with his spanish teammates, AS and elmundo seem to agree….
    Is there any water in this claim or no???

    • December 7, 2010 15:07

      I didn’t delete your comment.

    • Jenny permalink
      December 7, 2010 15:59

      The source is “Sport” – so one suspects it’s wishful thinking more than anything.

    • Stacy permalink
      December 7, 2010 16:43

      Well Sport is a pro-Barcelona Spanish publication, so I wouldn’t believe this.
      And why would his Spanish teammates have trouble with him? He’s been helping the team a lot and they’ve been celebrating and seem to be happy on the pitch.

      Wish the team luck tomorrow! Come on Madrid!

  5. JillTorres permalink
    December 7, 2010 15:11

    I heard that Xabi was just in Liverpool because of Leo Torres’ birth (Fernando Torres’ son)
    Sorry my english is kinda bad.

    • Cosi permalink
      December 7, 2010 16:07

      That’s what I’m hearing as well (in England), which is quite sweet. Congrats to Nando, btw!!

    • Evita permalink
      December 7, 2010 16:07

      What’s wrong with your English? I understood everything that you said! Um, never heard that stuff about Crsitaino. Maybe he’s got some issues going on at home? I just read that interview with Wesley Snjeider. When someone has home issues it can effect everything that is going on around them.

      • JillTorres permalink
        December 7, 2010 23:11

        Uhh Tell that to my english teacher 😀

        Stacy: I think that it’s sweet that they can say “He was born in the 74th minute of the match against Aston Villa” instead of for example 22:11 or when ever the 74th minute was d:

    • Stacy permalink
      December 7, 2010 18:13

      He was there to watch the match.

      Leo was born during the match (74th minute 🙂

  6. Sunny permalink
    December 7, 2010 15:19

    “Mou said he’s in love with me, and I am also in love with him (laughs).”

    Marcelo, stop being so cute.

    • Deb permalink
      December 7, 2010 23:10

      lol adorable isn’t he? And so nice to hear about his friendship with Pepe.

  7. HermosaChica permalink
    December 7, 2010 15:19

    The Pipita picture: made…! I love love LOVE it; thank you so much! ..And cue his amazing song. 😀 I’ve missed him terribly, so the thought of him starting to recover successfully is making me very happy indeed.

    Lol! Does “MFC” stand for ‘My Favorite Canterano’?! Haha, I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now.

    “Mou said he’s in love with me, and I am also in love with him (laughs)” — I can only imagine the cheeky face he would’ve pulled as he said that. Oh Marcelo 😆 ..

  8. Gillian permalink
    December 7, 2010 15:20

    Thanks for the update post. That is promising news about Pipita!

    • Deb permalink
      December 7, 2010 23:12

      That is really good news! My sister had a herniated disc several years ago and they used the corisone shots and it worked wonderfully. I was kind of surprised that the doc. suggested surgery before trying that.

      Anyway, so glad for Pipita!

  9. Kay permalink
    December 7, 2010 15:23

    Question – what did Alvaro’s “venda, venda” tweet back at Xabi mean? “Sell”…? *confused*

    • mila_casillas permalink
      December 8, 2010 02:22

      I wish I had more Spanish. Some of these tweets really get lost in translation. 😦

  10. December 7, 2010 16:08

    No surgery YAAY ❤ Hopes he gets better really really soon.

    Oh and Xabi won't leave us EVER ❤

    Marcelo, and we love u both ❤

  11. emily permalink
    December 7, 2010 16:26

    Word has it that Xabi was at the hospital for the birth, not just at the game. 🙂 He’s one of the good guys… Una have you noticed any of this falling out that Killer speaks of? And, was surprised to see that you haven’t written about Guti’s little accident… We need more news!!!!!!! ;-p
    I guess I need to stop goofing off and get back to painting my house… 😦 HAGD

  12. canederli permalink
    December 7, 2010 16:31

    Great news about Pipita! I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Xabi obviously still has a lot of love for Liverpool and the fans. It’s awesome that he was in town for Leo’s birth as well. Wonder if Sergio was in Liverpool too since he had time off? I like to imagine him being around to congratulate his BFF. 🙂

  13. Ava permalink
    December 7, 2010 16:43

    Such fantastic new about Pipita isn’t it?! Such relief!
    and yay for Rubén 🙂 he’ll make a great coach I think

  14. jean permalink
    December 7, 2010 16:58

    killer I heard the same thing and some people used as an evidence the fact that some of his teammates didnt rushed to celebrate with him when he scored on the last game(except pepe, celo, dudek, lass…).
    What I do know is that Cris is a very friendly guy and he gets along “more “with some players than others at RM.I think he gets along very well with all the foreigners(pepe, celo, kaka, benz, arbeloa, ozil…) the others Im not sure.One interview that Ozil did (sorry I dont have the link but Una posted that interview a while back) revealed the same thing .When they asked him how is the atmosphere at RM he said that he gets along with everybody but more with cris, celo, pepe, the argentinians(di maria).
    I dont know what it is? problem of EGOS colliding maybe? Who knows? Or mabe there is NOTHING but the press just like to stir things up:):):):).But I do believe that there is some elements of truth in those articles:):):):)

    • December 8, 2010 12:37

      I think they all get along well, but probably the foreigners got closer to eachother faster because they all have one thing in common: all of them faced the cultural shock and/or language barrier when they arrived. So probably, the foreigners of RM who are more years on the team support eachother and try help the other new foreigners to adapt to Spain faster by getting close with them and hanging out with them. The spanish players probably hang out together more because they are very close because they know eachther from the National team and also because they are all spanish.

  15. Danielle permalink
    December 7, 2010 17:07

    Xabi was just there because he wanted to be there Ollala went into labor 2 days early not even Fernando thought she would go into labor because he had to leave anfield about an hour before the game. He probably went to liverpool to see Fernando of course but it wasn’t related to lil Leo Torres

  16. Danielle permalink
    December 7, 2010 17:09

    And no it wasn’t because he wanted to come back to liverpool either. He does like the city and his ex mates like Gerrard but liverpool is struggling I highly doubt he’d want to leave Madrid and come back to the pool lol

  17. Pam permalink
    December 7, 2010 17:52

    Can anyone clue me in on why Gonzalo is called Pipita?

    • December 7, 2010 22:35

      His father’s nickname when he was a player was Pipa (pipe) so Gonzalo became the small pipe (Pipita).

    • Pam permalink
      December 8, 2010 06:13

      Ah, cute 🙂 He doesn’t look remotely like a pipe, little or otherwise 🙂 Hope he’s back on the field soon with his lovely smile.

  18. Mari permalink
    December 7, 2010 19:07

    Hey, with Iker and Sergio out of tomorrows game (as well as Xabi) Who is going to be captain? Cristiano?

    • Deb permalink
      December 7, 2010 23:14

      I would imagine. He’s one of the other capitains, I believe.

      • December 8, 2010 08:04

        The captains are decided by the number of years they’ve played with Madrid, so Cristiano is a bit far down.

  19. Tash permalink
    December 7, 2010 20:33

    love the expression on Pipita’s face

  20. December 7, 2010 20:41

    Thanks for the news.

    I am happy that some players can rest (no matter what the reasons are, eg. cards;-), but I am already in serious Serhiooo withdrawal. Now, when also Iker and Xabi will not be playing tomorrow, and Mou too, it will get worse!

  21. December 7, 2010 21:08

    Very nice post, as always. Loved the talk of Marcelo, he is such a fun fun guy…

  22. inmybestdress permalink
    December 7, 2010 22:39

    HAHAHA Marcelo. I’m so glad there won’t be surgery for Pipita… GET WELL SOON!

  23. December 7, 2010 23:37

    impatient me, of course, the best news of the day is that Pipita is better, I hope he recovers soon!

    Not Madrid related, but since it was mentioned: the news about little Torres are very sweet!
    The fact that he was born during the Liverpool match and is the funniest thing that I read today! I hoped for Sergio Torres or Xabi Torres or Stevie Torres or Pepe Torres, but I have to say that Leo Torres sounds super cute too. LOL

  24. Barbara permalink
    December 8, 2010 01:23

    I just read that Sami is injured — did that happen in the last match or later in practice? Or is it part of his previous injury that hasn’t healed? He already has to sit out for the 5 yellow cards– I miss seeing Sami!!

  25. Cindy permalink
    December 8, 2010 02:05

    Hopefully the treatment will go fine for Gonzalo and he won’t need surgery. As for Cris not getting along with his teammates, this was planted by Sport . It’s going to feel so good when we win La Liga.

    According to Spanish publication Sport, Cristiano Ronaldo is becoming increasingly isolated from his Real Madrid teammates.

    The Catalan based daily, which is “notoriously pro-Barcelona,” suggests the Manchester United legend’s brash personality and lofty opinion of himself has not gone down well with the club’s senior players and he is becoming increasingly marginalised by Bernabeu stalwart Iker Casillas and the La Liga side’s Spanish contingent of Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso, and Alvaro Arbeloa.

  26. Laryssa permalink
    December 8, 2010 02:38

    Do you remember Pipita when he first arrived at Madrid? He was so weird, skinny and has that ridiculous hair… Now he is so gorgeous and handsome. Oh my God, I can’t stop stare this picture. I hope he get well fast. I miss him! He is such nice boy and we need him so much…
    I adore Iker, but I’m glad that Dudek finally will start a game. As a teammate, he seems to be very supportive and caring. He must be crazy to play for some minutes. It was so unfair that he get fined in the whole Mou conspiracy scandal.

    • December 8, 2010 12:44

      So true!!!!!!!!!!!
      When Pipita player for River Plate and when he arrived Real Madrid he had a geeky/awkard look. He wasn’t very good looking…
      But as time passed, Pipita grown to become a very handsome guy. Every year he gets more and more handsome. *_* He looks amazing in this picture!


      ” In an interview with Radio Marca, Marcelo said the following:

      – Mou said he’s in love with me, and I am also in love with him (laughs).”

      Hahahahahaha So cuteeeeee! I love the Mou-Marcelo love!

  27. December 8, 2010 13:47

    Xabi backs to anfield is def. made my day, don’t get me wrong, I’m gerlonso-shipper. LOL

    Honestlt, I believe he just be a good supporter for his former club and teammates (Pool needs so much support and I’m glad Xabi still has the reds-part at his heart)
    And sure, he never ever think that’s gonna be a sign for him to leave RM, he love to be one of RM-A team, no?

  28. Michelle permalink
    December 11, 2010 22:26

    Not related to RM specifically but about Xabi being at Anfield, someone (I’m assuming a Liverpool fan) tweeted:

    “I dated a girl for 3 years. Then we broke up and she married someone else. Even now, I think about her every day. But I still miss Xabi Alonso more than her.”

    Can you really blame the Scousers for wanting such a perfect man and midfielder back? 😀

  29. December 13, 2010 08:15

    I’m a huge Liverpool fan, but I don’t necessarily see that him visiting Anfield means he’s returning to the club and I don’t think most Liverpool fans do either. It’s just heartwarming to see the love he has for the club.

    Also, we may WANT him to come back, but that doesn’t mean we expect him to do so.

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