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December 9, 2010

Now I almost never read Kaká’s tweets, because I’m just not that interested in his replies to his fans.

But he did tweet something yesterday that was interesting!

It’s also great that Kaká’s knee didn’t stop him from doing certain things, no?  And is right now a bit too early to begin planning the wedding between Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and baby girl Kaká?

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  1. KDJ permalink
    December 9, 2010 09:31

    I can only imagine how gorgeous that little baby girl would be!! Congratulation Kaka!

  2. HermosaChica permalink
    December 9, 2010 12:27

    “It’s also great that Kaká’s knee didn’t stop him from doing certain things, no?” — hahaha, I agree. The first thing I thought was “well someone’s been busy at home!” 😆

    I’m very happy for Kaka and his wife. Let’s see if their new baby girl will be as adorable or even more so than her big brother! 🙂

    • yash permalink
      December 9, 2010 17:51

      Knee problem stopped him from scoring goals but helped him in scoring baby gal.

  3. Re_Clark permalink
    December 9, 2010 13:16

    It’s absolutely NOT too early. Ha.

  4. Fatima permalink
    December 9, 2010 13:38

    Hahaha Una naa I don’t think it’s to early haha:p

  5. Diana permalink
    December 9, 2010 13:56

    Awww! That is too cute! Congratulations! :3

  6. December 9, 2010 14:19

    We are used to your lovely coverage of RM matches. So, please update us on yesterday’s match…

    • michelle permalink
      December 9, 2010 15:25

      have some patience, yes?

  7. suzanne permalink
    December 9, 2010 14:20

    awwww! a girl! ::squeals:: how peerfect and exciting!! Congrats Kaka!!

  8. December 9, 2010 14:30

    so sweeeeet!!! Kaka and his wife are adorable together, and their son is precious.

    Not too early for planning the pairings, UnaMadritista.

    In fact, I already made some calculations. Looking at the genders of the footballers babies, there are more boys needed. There are definitely a lot of girls. I still cannot decide who I want to pair Jon Alonso with – Nora or one of Pepe Reina’s precious daughters. Leo Torres, even few days old, little bundle of joy, is already for Xabi’s daugther, although it would be cute if one of Steven Gerrard’s girls would like him.

    Of course, I only care for the kids’ happiness, so if anyone asks me (LOL), they could choose whoever they want.

    Linking it to RM, clothes-wise, Cris Jr. could be also paired with possible Sergio’s daugter, if he has one ever. Assuming of course, that the kids would inherit their fathers’ fashion sense. On the other hand, looking at my caclulations above, if we dream of all LaRoja/RM/otherfootball pairings, both Sergio and Iker should have many sons to equal the numbers of kids of each gender LOL

    I also have in mind the genders of the future kids of other La Roja players, but I guess I will stop writing now, before you start judging me – if you are not already. ;-)))

    • Maisoun permalink
      December 9, 2010 15:58

      You came up with some good pairings! haha but I think it would be even MORE adorable if Leo Torres and the new Reina baby were an item! They are neighbors after all 😉

      ….OR Leo Torres may decide he wants to play for Madrid, and steal baby girl Kaka’s heart while Cris Jr is away in Portugal….;) only a couple days old and some not even born yet and look at the drama created!!! haha

  9. Evita permalink
    December 9, 2010 15:45

    Congrats to them! I pray that Cris Jr does marry, or atleast hang out with Kaka or Xabi’s kids. It’ll give the poor boy half a chance on NOT becoming the same label whoring, fashion victim his father is. I lubs me some Crispi, but the clothes are an EPIC FAIL a good ninety percent of the time.

    • Maisoun permalink
      December 9, 2010 16:04

      In the pics I saw of Cris Jr at the game….he had a jacket on verrry similar to Cristiano’s red Michelin Man jacket….so I dont think the baby boy has much of a chance lol THAT fashion sense is GENETIC! 😉

      • December 9, 2010 17:12

        Agreed! I really wanna see his hair now, you know, to see if the hairgel is applicable to the little boy’s hair.;-)

        Seriously speaking though, Mama Ronaldo looked so happy carrying the grandson, I am sure Crispy’s so sweet towards him as well., I’d really like to see this father-son hugging moment one day! Having said that, I really applaud that he did not sell his photos or had not a photo session with him. baby boy deserves privacy;-)

  10. Bekah permalink
    December 9, 2010 16:21

    So exciting! I love them! And I had the same thought about Cris Jr. and baby Kaká… glad I’m not the only one!

  11. rytlowska permalink
    December 9, 2010 16:41

    Ok, your comment about CRjr and baby girl Kaka made me laugh out loud. Made my day!

  12. EM. permalink
    December 9, 2010 16:57

    “And is right now a bit too early to begin planning the wedding between Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and baby girl Kaká? ”

    LOL Just a teeny tiny bit too early. Speaking of CR Jr. he was at the Auxerre game but only saw his back. Don’t know about his looks but his sense of fashion seems similar to his father’s unless of course Cris dressed him which would be so adorable!

  13. December 9, 2010 21:27

    Oh I missed that tweet. Such a lovely news ❤

    It would be absolutely amazing if the 2 kids got together LOL

  14. Lissete permalink
    December 9, 2010 22:38

    I don’t read much of Kaka’s tweets just because I don’t understand Portuguese :/ I missed this tweet somehow though. Congrats to the happy couple!

  15. Ange permalink
    December 10, 2010 00:06

    AAAAWWW CONGRATS TO KAKA!!! Wow… Kaka lil girl w/ Cris Jr. <<< if those babies have a baby … that baby is going to be the best player in the world….

    & i'm shocked nobody mention Alvaro's daughter…or Marcelo's kid…

    & i agree most player in Spain have girls…we need more boys… *lol*

  16. Lily permalink
    December 10, 2010 02:09

    “And is right now a bit too early to begin planning the wedding between Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and baby girl Kaká? ”

    Just a tiny bit early, perhaps? One could also hope Cris Jr. does not inherit his daddy’s taste in girls, Kaká’s daughter isn’t likely to grow up to resemble any of those!

  17. mila_casillas permalink
    December 10, 2010 03:40

    Haha! I confess I was rather planning the wedding myself.

  18. Christina permalink
    December 13, 2010 00:41

    ooooooh, what’s your twitter name Una?


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