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all set for Sevilla!

December 19, 2010

Some more cute moments from yesterday’s training session.  Sergio’s stretching is strangely mesmerizing, while Marcelo showing off his dance moves is just pure fun, along with Albiol welcoming Gago back.

There were also some fun moments as the players arrived at the stadium to change and board the bus to the Mirasierra Suites.

Iker’s outfit was made up of the bits and pieces that he had worn over the previous days, while Sergio busted out the red jacket that is also the favorite of Cristiano Jr.  The Michelin Man Albiol wore a shiny, puffy jacket that looked like it was borrowed from Pipita Higuaín.

Meanwhile, Álvaro Arbeloa showed off his matching LV luggage on the way to the bus, Benzema looked like he was having problems with his car (not the first time, no?) and my favorite canterano – looking adorable in his jacket – was a hot commodity with female fans.

Looking ahead to the game:  having Xabi Alonso and Marcelo out, as they are for this game against Sevilla, is not a good thing, because last year’s Lyonazo occurred precisely when these two players were absent.  And before the game, there will be a small tribute to Iker, in which he will present his World Cup Golden Glove to the fans.

And Mou provided us with some great soundbites in his press conference yesterday.

On 2010: 2010 has been the best year of my career.  If I had to rate myself on a scale of one to 10, I’d give myself a 11 because I’ve won everything that I could:  Champions, the Scudetto, the Coppa… And in Madrid, we haven’t been eliminated from anything.  In the Liga, we’re two points behind the leader, in the Copa we’ve classified for the round of 16, and in the Champions as well.  For me, this is the perfect season.

[This sounds like something Crackòvia Mou would say, no?]

On Kaká: Kaká got emotional upon returning to the field with his teammates.  Two weeks ago he told me that he was tired of working inside in the gym.  He wanted to hear the sound of the ball, feel the rain, the cold… he was tired of being inside.  After that he began to work outside, with the cold, the sun…  listening to the sounds his teammates made.  Then he told me he needed to be with the group.  Today’s session was of low intensity, with zero risk for injury, so we invited him.  He’s beginning to feel like a player again.  He felt like one more in the group and everyone shared in his joy.  If he trains like this for the next few days, he’ll be training normally with the group after the vacation.  We hope that he begins to be Kaká, whether it’s on the bench or on the field, by the middle of January.  In Madrid, he hasn’t been able to be Kaká due to all the problems he’s had.

On Iker vs. Cris: they have to sell newspapers.  When you don’t have news, you look for something that’s not true in order to sell.  We don’t have problems.  They don’t have any problems.  I don’t think we need to come out immediately to deny things.  We can’t enter into this game.  If there’s anything that we don’t have, it’s internal problems.

On Sergio’s return to the starting line-up: Sergio has done well, with the medical staff and the recuperators.  They knew that we were in a complicated situation with all the absences and that it was important to recover some of those who were injured.  He’s available.  He wants to play and he’s going to play.  I’m happy with him because he did everything possible to be here.

On Arbeloa: the reasons why Sergio could become a substitute are not due to anything negative about him, but rather the positive aspects of another player.  It’s unjust for a player like Arbeloa to be considered a substitute.  Sergio was sanctioned and Arbeloa played, and played well.  Sergio was injured and Arbeloa played, and played well once more.  Marcelo is sanctioned and Arbeloa’s going to play…  When Arbeloa plays, he does well.  He’s playing very, very well.  I’m not criticizing Sergio.  But starters aren’t always going to be starters.  The decision is made on the field.  And Arbeloa is an example for everyone.  Everyone should have the hope of playing including when their teammates aren’t having problems.  Tomorrow we don’t have Marcelo and since this team only has three fullbacks, Arbeloa should play on the left.  [Sounds like someone has a new pet, no?]

On whether the team will be called up on Jan. 1: I make these decisions on my own and without consulting anyone, but I will spend Dec. 31 in my house.  If they want to get together, they’ll do it alone because I’ll be in my house. I’ve decided that on Jan. 1 we’ll train in the morning and get together in the afternoon to play the next day in Getafe.

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  1. December 19, 2010 11:12

    I love you tso. please don’t ever change.

  2. Deb permalink
    December 19, 2010 11:50

    “The Michelin Man” lol perfect!

    I LOVED the part about Kaka! I’m sure he really missed working with the rest of the guys. It had to be hard on him to have to watch from the stands for so long. So happy for him 🙂

    I do hope that Sergio is recuperated enough so that he doesn’t risk reinjuring himself. Was this the same knee that he hurt earlier in the season?

    Mou…I just love this guy and all his comments!

    ” If I had to rate myself on a scale of one to 10, I’d give myself a 11 ”

    “If they want to get together, they’ll do it alone because I’ll be in my house. “

  3. Jennifer permalink
    December 19, 2010 13:36

    Yay for the return of Sergio! Love his stretching, too – he’s concentrating so hard! (But on the móvil whilst driving – no no no!)

    Arbeloa is *definitely* the new teacher’s pet – Mou seems to be having a thing for defenders at the moment, no? (Not that I can blame him, ours are very adorable!)

    “If I had to rate myself on a scale of one to 10, I’d give myself a 11 .” Never change, Mou. Never change.

  4. amouria permalink
    December 19, 2010 13:56

    Wow Mou…your sincerity and confidence are always confused with arrogance. But even then, let it be, arrogance does not suit any one but you…
    Una, thanks a lot. I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

  5. Sunny permalink
    December 19, 2010 13:56

    I love his comments on Arbeloa.

    • Pammie permalink
      December 19, 2010 15:53

      me too. He must be very motivated with getting all this Mou praise. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game.

  6. December 19, 2010 18:50

    everybody karim turned 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy b-day Benz i luv yah!!!!!!!!

  7. Ange permalink
    December 19, 2010 18:56

    yea I want to see Crackovia this week… with Mou saying that and then Dani Alves replying say he give FCB a 12 since they are ahead…tooo funny…soooo happy to see Sergio in the line up again… & whats up them … what were they talking to each other… iker .. sergio .. chori all on the phone.. love the Kaka thing… soo excited to see him play… & well I cant wait for todays game… yeaaaa!!! and CONGRATS 2 ALVARO!!!! 🙂

  8. suzanne permalink
    December 19, 2010 23:06

    wonderful. i love our team and i love you una!! i hope you have a wonderful holidays (and kiss someone extra cute on the new years as it’s suppose to mean you’ll spend the new year with a special person) can’t wait til the 22nd. excited i got to watch the match on espn2 (esp since my state’s nfl team was playing at the same time, and the americans out there understand how awesome my hubby is for even letting me watch the 1st half on the pip) the ref was crap!!

  9. Mandidrista permalink
    December 19, 2010 23:14

    I think you should name your ICYMI (real madrid-sevilla) post: in case you missed it – the yellow card edition 😉 I couldn’t watch the game but I saw at their website that they received 9 yellow cards!!

    Btw I LOVE your blog! 🙂

  10. ulong permalink
    December 20, 2010 02:30

    Gosh, Mou..this kind of attitude I like from you the best..♥

  11. Gillian permalink
    December 20, 2010 05:15

    I have such a big, stupid crush on Albiol.

  12. Maisoun permalink
    December 20, 2010 07:30

    Sergio’s booty shaking and one footed fiesta…I mean stretching really needs to be set to music 😛

  13. Ebrahim permalink
    December 20, 2010 11:34

    Just wanted to comment on something. When Di maria was kicked and the sevilla man sent off Iker came over to separate the players separating his own players too, he pulled pedro leon back, who the minute iker let him go ran back to argue so iker caught him and told him to go away!

    Ramos was off on the side trying to cool things down but the Sevilla players lost it with him(Ramos) for no apparent reason. He was yellowed for nothing! (Oh wait he wears the all white strip thats a reason.)

    My point is this, Iker does not support the referee being surrounded(or the players arguing) and told what to do by anyone! Its called Respect :).
    The rumors where rubbish but i support Iker fully in stopping the players form losing their class and hope this may continue :).
    The referee is the sole judge! We need to play on, no matter how bad he is! Well done lads and in particular Di maria :D.

  14. December 20, 2010 13:01

    Oh, what a game, no?

    I watched it and I found it interesting for too many reasons LOL

    1) Sergio, man this guy is so hot I can’t even…Everytime he got close to anyone, including the ref, I was whispering “Do not slap anyone boy, do not slap anyone this time!!!” LOL

    2) Everyone misses Xabi Alonso. I think his absence was the main factor of the game ending only 1:0. On the other hand, they need to learn how to play, even with some of the crucial players absent, so all in all I think it was good that they had to work hard to earn the result.

    3) IKER IS A BOSS.

    • December 20, 2010 13:03

      Replying to my own post: ad. no. 2 – I mean, it is good that sometimes they need to play without Xabi to practice how to play without him, so they a) appreciate his role for the team (which in my opinion is crucial), b) have confidence in case he can’t play, that they can play without him. Ok, I hope it is celar now what I meant;-)

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