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the news round-up

January 19, 2011

I have a question for you all: what do you think of these posts with just bits and pieces of news?  There’s always a lot of stuff that I want to cover, but can’t/don’t want to write separate posts for, so I just lump them all together in one post.  Is that okay with you, or would you prefer another format?

ONE. Pep Guardiola is the latest person to say that the Liga is not finished yet:  “a four-point advantage is not sufficient and the Liga is not yet decided.  If we play the second half like we played the first half, four points are a lot and seven even more, but no one can promise me that we’re going to have a second half equal to the first one.  With Madrid, you only truly beat them when you become the champion, when it’s mathematically decided.  If there’s a team with nine lives, it’s Madrid.”  That’s why I love Pep.

TWO. Esteban Granero talked with RMTV earlier this week, although who could pay attention to the words coming out of his mouth, when he was looking this good?

El Pirata says he’s more mature this year as a footballer and a person, and that he’s feeling much more centered and confident.  As for Mourinho, Esteban says that he knows what to do to get the best out of each footballer, and that the majority of the things said about him by those who don’t know him have no basis.  He added that Mou is honest, straightforward and doesn’t play games, which he likes, so the only thing he can do is work hard to convince him that he deserves a starting spot.

I loved his quote about Kaká’s return:  “he’s happy and we are as well, seeing him like that.”

Interview here and videos here (longer version in Spanish – meaning more time to admire Esteban) and here (shorter version with English dubbing).

THREE. An El País article on the return of Kaká details what went on in the tunnel before the Almería game:  “Casillas was silent.  Behind him, Sergio Ramos was greeting teammates and rivals:  Alonso, Albiol, Uche, Carlos García, M’Bami, Khedira, Arbeloa…  The two lines went forward towards the light and then Kaká appeared.  He smiled as he walked, and Marcelo pushed him to keep going.  But then Kaká stopped; he had forgotten something.  Marcelo went on towards the field.  Di María and Özil also passed by Kaká and he stared back towards the locker room.  He didn’t move until he saw the head of his inseparable friend appear, the only one that defended him without making fun of him, when all of his colleagues had accused him of giving up, one year ago.  Kaká didn’t move until Cristiano came up to him and patted him on the butt.  Kaká was going to start a game for the first time since March of last year.”

I love it.

FOUR. One of Mou’s used notebooks is up for sale, for €2,500.  It corresponds to his last game with Oporto, in May 2004.

After the game, the coach gave the notebook to an old friend from the Coaches Association of Oporto, and even wrote a personal dedication to him on the cover of it.  The son of the friend is now putting the notebook up for sale.  Inside, there are Mou’s annotations, notes and tactical drawings.

It’s good to see that he hasn’t changed.  But one question:  how come his Real Madrid notebooks aren’t personalized with his name?  Since his training shirts are, don’t you think the sticks of gum notebooks would be the next step?

More on Mou:  watch some videos of his deLaCour “City Ego Collection” watches here.  The schematics of the watches look a bit like Mou’s drawings in his football notebooks, no?  We also get a glimpse of the making off video for the ads, shot in Madrid.  And I love that the backs of the watches have Mou’s autograph and a phrase inscribed:

I am not afraid of the consequences of my decisions.

What a great quote!  Not so great: the photoshopping in the ads.

Mou spoke to Marca in Geneva yesterday, and they described him like this:  “the other José Mourinho is shy, talks softly, smiles and likes to walk around tranquilly, with a thoughtful look on his face.”  He told the newspaper that “I don’t have much of a life outside of football.  When I have free time, I prefer to spend it at home with my family.  You will hardly ever find me in Madrid and not at home.  My daily life is simple: I go from home to work, to the cole and then back home again.”  As for friendships, Mou revealed, “Obviously, my closest friends are the people who work with me, my assistants that have been with me for many years and with whom I form a ‘microfamily.’  I only disconnect from football when it’s time for vacation.  Football has given me a lot, but it’s also deprived me of being able to spend time with my family on the beach, at the movies… but I know I can’t have everything in life.”

He’s lovely, no?

FIVE. Mou will have to compete for the hearts of consumers with Zinedine Zidane, who was also in Geneva yesterday, at rival watchmaker IWC’s party, with wife Veronique, and looking great.  I’d buy anything he’s selling, whether it’s the watch, the Vespa, the road sign, the wallpaper, the red carpet, his wife’s purse, the suit, anything!

SIX. Today sees Xabi Alonso heading to Donostia to pick up his Tambor de Oro award from the city government in recognition of his contributions towards making the city more attractive (which Xabi does just by his existence, no?  It takes absolutely no effort on his part) and developing its ties with other cities, persons and organizations.  Alfredo di Stéfano was honored with the drum in 1997.

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  1. Iram permalink
    January 19, 2011 08:41

    Hi Una,

    Your blogs are a treat to read no matter what format you use. Use whatever is more convenient for you!

    Thanks so much.

    Have a great day! -Iram

  2. ulong permalink
    January 19, 2011 08:42

    Una, i read in your previous post that we have the best looking team in the world..
    and i couldn’t be more agree with you.
    Mou is sooo class :*

  3. lime permalink
    January 19, 2011 08:50

    “the only one that defended him without making fun of him, when all of his colleagues had accused him of giving up, one year ago.”

    hmmmm?? someone explain? what happened? D:

  4. Nurul permalink
    January 19, 2011 08:56

    ” Is that okay with you, or would you prefer another format?”
    It’s perfectly fine with me; I think it’s much more convenient (for me, and for you) to read everything in one post!

  5. HolamaCHU permalink
    January 19, 2011 08:59

    Hey Una.. for me, it’s way interesting to read several updates at once.. I think u did a great job!!! 🙂

    oooh, El Pirata.. I believe 2011 is your time to shine!! haha!

  6. Marie permalink
    January 19, 2011 09:03

    Una, this format is perfectly fine…… i like these tidbits of news!!!!

  7. Marshmallow permalink
    January 19, 2011 09:09

    “If there’s a team with nine lives, it’s Madrid.” – I love this quote. Good one, Pep!
    AAAAHH I WOULD LOVE TO GET MY HANDS ON MOU’S NOTEBOOK. But I dont have the $$$$ lol!

    By the way, your ‘news round up’ posts are fine! : ) I prefer reading all the news in one posts than in separate posts.

  8. January 19, 2011 09:44

    I am literally crying when i read about Kaka waiting for Cris in the tunnel before Almeria game. What a sweet and supportive friendship they have, no? And basically i love every bits and pieces in this post and the format can’t be more perfect! I think u should keep going with this format because we could know many topics just by reading a post.. simple and informative.. Thanks Una..

  9. olalla permalink
    January 19, 2011 10:05

    whichever format you want write is okay by me..tq very much for putting all these posts up..i love the way you write the story, full of humour and love for the chance, are u a journalist? w

    • January 19, 2011 10:23

      No, not even close!

      • olalla permalink
        January 19, 2011 14:08

        wow..u should be one..its been a privilege to follow your blogs..thanx for taking the time writing..Gracias Una!!;)

      • IsaBella permalink
        January 19, 2011 14:30

        have you ever thought about it? I mean you would fit perfectly 🙂

  10. amouria permalink
    January 19, 2011 10:19

    This is great, and yes, pls keep using this round-up news format. But if i would be asked to request something, it is that you do not spend your time on the comics ( Crackòvia) or whatever its name. your energy is so precious to be spent on something that is rarely read!

    Una, you are a great source for us, thanks darling…

    • January 19, 2011 13:06

      I love Crackovia.. As far as i know Una just translated the funniest ones.. And by reading comments on Crackovia posts we could see that it’s not rarely read, IMHO..

      • IsaBella permalink
        January 19, 2011 14:32

        I love Crackovia, too, the latest one made me die of laughter 😀

      • Siv permalink
        January 20, 2011 04:09

        I agree, I love Crackovia too.

    • January 19, 2011 17:31

      I love your posts. Whatever the format, it really doesn’t matter. I’ll read anything you dish out!

      The cute Cris-Kaka story made me grin and how! So did your comments about Zinedine. He’s one finnneeee looking man now… 🙂

      I hate that pic of Mou. He’s really good looking, and honestly doesn’t need any photoshopping. The pic of him – he doesn’t even look like himself in that!

  11. mar permalink
    January 19, 2011 10:35

    thnx for the post!
    i surely love the “new’s round up post” as it is, but if you would like to change it I would not not stop reading it!

  12. Jenny permalink
    January 19, 2011 10:55

    Darling Una – reformatting your blog would be as pointless as reinventing the wheel.

    I really can’t say it any better than that!

  13. Pammie permalink
    January 19, 2011 11:41

    I like the news round ups a lot! I love to read more about our team. El País’ story about Cris and Kaka made me smile like a fool. What a friendship!

  14. PepperPots permalink
    January 19, 2011 12:04

    Wow, I hope the proceeds of the notebook is for charity. I would be very much pissed if I were Mou. Why would you sell a notebook that I personally gave you? Meh.

  15. HermosaChica permalink
    January 19, 2011 12:20

    Don’t change a thing, Una! Besides, these lengthier posts are much easier to comment on than just saying “lol” at one little post. However, if you’re really eager about having separate posts for certain items, then you know which photo(s) to post 😉

    I knew exactly why he was waiting when they showed Kaka in the tunnel! It was so adorable, and the tushy slap was a lucky little bonus.

    • IsaBella permalink
      January 19, 2011 14:34

      “However, if you’re really eager about having separate posts for certain items, then you know which photo(s) to post” – there would be too many of them I suppose 😀

  16. Cindy permalink
    January 19, 2011 12:28

    He didn’t move until he saw the head of his inseparable friend appear, the only one that defended him without making fun of him, when all of his colleagues had accused him of giving up, one year ago. Kaká didn’t move until Cristiano came up to him and patted him on the butt. Kaká was going to start a game for the first time since March of last year.”

    I’m grinning like an idiot as I read this. Una whatever format you want is fine by me.

  17. faith permalink
    January 19, 2011 13:25

    What a cute story about Kaka and Cris.

    I love your posts and this format is great almost like ICYMI but news – I like the tidbits.

  18. Whiskey permalink
    January 19, 2011 13:28

    I love the “bits and bobs” format too. But then i enjoy everything that is posted. The Kaka/Cris story was fab – the bromance is still going strong!

  19. IsaBella permalink
    January 19, 2011 14:28

    I like the posts the way they are 🙂 I think it is more comfortable for you to make one bigger post with pieces of information than to split them into separate posts, no?
    I adore Mou’s watches, but of course the photos are definetely too photoshopped 😦 he looks much better without it. 😉 I like what he says about his life, seems super professional and totally crazy about his job. But genius is always a little obsessed, no?
    Waiting for photos of Xabi and the award 🙂

  20. Ana permalink
    January 19, 2011 14:56

    we can be nine points behind and guardiola will still say the league isn’t over

  21. emily permalink
    January 19, 2011 15:22

    Una – don’t change a thing. SERIOUSLY! Don’t stop! We are more than fortunate that you do this, at all. Keep running Crackovia, ICYMI, News and Notes, Front Back, Boss, Xabi Pose, MFC, etc etc etc. Remember folks, she doesn’t have to do any of this, so let’s not be too demanding.
    Maybe it’s just my opinion, but Mou’s Ego (watch!) is huge… You could read the time on that thing from the moon.

  22. January 19, 2011 15:36

    I really like the current format, UnaMadridista, but please write the posts in whichever way is more convenient for you!

    All the news are nice, but the one about Kaka is the sweetest!!!

    I am wondering why would someone sell Jose’s notebook? I would certainly keep one if I had it, but maybe it’s for charity purposes? (or is it because of this guy’s financial situation and he has to sell it to cope with the situation…)

    Also – yeah, the ad looks photoshopped, but it looks fine! Intriguing persona, TSO, intriguing…

  23. Lily permalink
    January 19, 2011 18:02

    I love the format you do a great job!!!!

    I love the interviews the updates the photos!!! great job!!!

    Question on the side has anyone ever travelled for world cup games?

    I am planning a big trip to Brazil and I just wanted to know if anyone had any details or advice?

  24. Amy permalink
    January 19, 2011 18:16

    You are amazing, Una! I always wonder where you get this much information from since most of it is so intimate and in depth – Real should be paying you big bucks!

  25. Deisi permalink
    January 19, 2011 18:48

    I love the news round-up format! And the fact that you’re not a journalist surprises me. Your posts are always right to the point, brief but with a lot of news. Your sense of humor is great too but you’re still very professional.

  26. Jill permalink
    January 19, 2011 19:03

    I love all your posts! I think you’re so fantastic for putting all this work into translating articles, Crackovia, news round ups, match recaps, etc. I love the current format, but really do what is easiest for you! I appreciate all the effort you put into this (and Con La Roja)!

  27. La Pirata permalink
    January 19, 2011 19:20

    I enjoy the format of the news round-ups versus not getting the news due to the time or desire to make a separate post. Especially this gorgeous one!

  28. Lauren permalink
    January 19, 2011 23:36

    Some news in one single post are better than too many posts. I hope you understand what I mean. 😉 I like the way you create your posts and I don’t think you should change. We’re content.
    Awww that post about Kaka and Cris… My heart melted.

  29. Gillian permalink
    January 19, 2011 23:55

    Speaking for myself, I like the miscellaneous news posts.

    Sometimes, Mou makes me swoon.

    Kaka & Cris are too adorable.

  30. Priya permalink
    January 20, 2011 00:34

    Don’t change the format! It’s perfect the way it is 🙂

    OMG I cannot stop reading about Kaka/Cris. That is just too cute. Too cute.

  31. January 20, 2011 00:37

    i like these round-up posts too! i like reading everything once in one go.
    and that kaka/cris story is too adorable omg

  32. Jenny permalink
    January 20, 2011 01:40

    I distinctly see a “Jose Mourinho” on that notebook! It’s in pale blue on the bottom of the cover.

  33. Gigi permalink
    January 20, 2011 03:30

    I absolutely adore your news roundups! Your blog is the first place I go for RM news these days, because it is the best!

  34. Siv permalink
    January 20, 2011 04:13

    “I am not afraid of the consequences of my decisions.” hm, that’s classic, and really suits him. About the notebook though, I wonder what Mou thinks about that? I wouldn’t want anyone to just auction off something that I happened to give them! And echoing everyone: the format’s great, we’re all content.

  35. Bill permalink
    January 20, 2011 16:00

    I love these news updates. It’s great to have all the news in one place, without having to click oneself through so many posts. 😀 And I know it’s been ages since I last commented, but I still love your blog and check it out every day. Thank you so much for making so much time for it and putting so much effort in informing us about Real Madrid. 🙂

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