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all set for Sevilla & other news

February 1, 2011

There wasn’t much going on yesterday or this morning, but here’s a look at what’s relevant for me.

Where’s Kaká?

ONE. The team held a training session this morning in Valdebebas, as they continued preparing for tomorrow’s Copa del Rey semifinal.  The good news was that all of the players except for Gonzalo Higuaín participated in the session, meaning that Pepe and Jerzy Dudek have left the sick bay and were back training with their teammates (Pepe was injured on Jan. 5 in a Copa del Rey round of 16 game).   Tomás Mejías from Castilla also joined the session.

TWO. Out of the 24 players at the session, 19 were called up for the game.  Marcelo made his return after missing the last game with the flu, while Pepe, Higuaín and Dudek were left off the list as they are still recovering, while Mourinho decided that Pedro León, Sergio C. and Gago would miss the game by not calling them up.

Goalkeepers: Casillas, Adán, Mejías.

Defenders: Carvalho, Ramos, Marcelo, Arbeloa, Albiol, Garay.

Midfielders: Lass, Khedira, Granero, Xabi Alonso, Di María, Kaká, Özil.

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Adebayor, Benzema.

There’s Kaká!  I really want to pull the cord on Cris’ hat.  Ozi looks like a ninja, and how in the world can Benz see with his hat pulled down so low?  You can really tell that Marcelo is from a warm climate.  And Pepe’s really brave.

THREE. At the press conference, José Mourinho addressed the fatigue that most of our players seem to be suffering from.  He said, “Real Madrid was eliminated from the Copa and the Champions early on in the last few years and so the players aren’t used to playing so many games.  Playing nine games in a month is not a problem for some, but others aren’t accustomed to it, but I’m convinced (respectfully) that we’ll win against Lyon and continue on in the Champions, so these players will have to get used to playing more… And next year, they’ll be used to playing more.”

Mou also said the team plays better with Pepe, so it’s a good thing that he’s (almost) back, no?  He also said that Cristiano and Xabi are two of the players that the “team depends on.”

He finished by sending out a message to the crowd that will fill the Bernabéu tomorrow:  “I expect to see a Bernabéu that wants to get to the final and that will help its team towards that goal.  The team needs the support of its fans.  And I hope that no one hides balls or throws them onto the field.”

You can always, always count on Mou for statements like that!  I love it!  And I hope we all heed his words!

FOUR. Before the winter transfer market deadline, Madrid reached an agreement with Greek side AEK to loan out David Mateos until the end of the season.  Good luck in Greece, David, and get lots of playing time!  Hope to see you back in Madrid in August!

In other transfer news, Castillas’ Javi. H., Raúl Ruiz and José Zamora have been loaned out for the rest of the season to Swedish club Halmstad.  Stay warm, chicos!  A few days ago, Cristian went to Valencia Mestalla, while Castilla was strengthened with the arrival of central defender Iván González from Málaga.

FIVE. Some news on who sat with who on the plane ride back from Pamplona.  The presence of Emmanuel Adebayor split up the duo of Cristiano and Kaká, because Manu sat with Cristiano, and so Richi sat with Garay.  The other pairings were expected:  Xabi & Arbeloa, Iker & Sergio…

SIX. Reader LaBlanca has translated for you all parts of this Mesut Özil interview from several weeks ago.  In it, Ozi says that being in Madrid is like a dream, because so many great players have played for this club, because it’s the most successful club in the world, and because “we are like a proper little family.”  He also talks about how the fans singing for five minutes for Alfredo di Stéfano (Gracias Viejo) before each game gives one goosebumps, and that he’s met his “idol Zinedine Zidane” several times, and “his presence is inspiring, even if he only said a few words to me such as ‘play your game’ or ‘I know you are in good form, you will do well.'”  And of course, the obligatory question about what Cristiano Ronaldo is “really” like prompts this response:  “Cristiano is a really great guy, we really get along well… He is completely down to earth.  I don’t understand why people talk about an arrogant Ronaldo.  He tells really good jokes.”

SEVEN. And LaBlanca also points us towards this gallery from the World Cup where Mesut and Sami Khedira are made up to look like animals – the results are colorful and kind of scary.

EIGHT. Sevilla president José María del Nido said he expects “only” a fine of €600 as a result of the bottles being thrown at Iker Casillas’ head during last week’s game.  He expects that amount because that was what Athletic was fined after a coin was thrown at Barcelona’s Éric Abidal during a Copa del Rey game on Jan. 5, and that incident could be considered “more serious” than what occurred with Iker because it happened “during the game.”  Excuse me?  Regardless of when it happens, it shouldn’t happen!  Del Nido probably knows who threw the bottles, and is going to give them bonuses as well.

UPDATE: Sevilla was fined €3,000 by the Competition Committee, and warned that if another incident like the one happens again this season, the Sánchez Pizjuán could be closed for one or two games.  In addition, the fine would have been higher if Iker had been injured.  Osasuna, meanwhile, was fined €602 for the ball throwing incident during Sunday’s game against Madrid.

NINE. For those of you who understand Spanish and would like a laugh, check this out.  I love it!  To make it relevant to this blog, this tweet:  Cristiano Ronaldo es de Madeira, como Pinocho #turismobisbal (Cristiano Ronaldo is from Madeira/made from wood, like Pinocchio – Madeira is Portuguese for wood (the Spanish equivalent is madera)).

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  1. ana permalink
    February 1, 2011 16:26

    i think del nido is without a doubt one of the most disgusting figures in spanish football. no one incites violence like he does and gets away with it. hope we can win tomorrow and that there’s no ‘accidents’.

    from mourinho’s reluctancy to real rotation i sense he is thinking of a team for the next season (if he stops throwing tantrums and stays) but i’ve got to say i’m a bit worried his insistence in creating a “strong core” ends up being a problem because of lack of depth caused by quality players not getting chances. idk.

    i am actually surprised álvaro sat with xabi. wonder who albiol paired up with being deprived of his companion haha

  2. February 1, 2011 16:35

    awww mi marcelo tiene frio. dont worry i’ll go hug him lol and yeah Benz how can you see?

  3. IsaBella permalink
    February 1, 2011 16:48

    I’ll be virtually at the Bernabeu tomorrow cheering up for the boys. Come on! We will win this. I’ll be having a rehersal as usual but I’m going to be back home for the second half 🙂
    600 euros fine? it’s ridiculous. sounds like a bribe, but even for a bribe it would be too low. this way, those crazy guys will only be more encouraged to continue throwing.

  4. February 1, 2011 17:07

    Una, did you know that cristianos ronaldo’s uncle, José Manuel Santos, the twinbrother of his mother died last friday?

    Hugs from Sweden!

  5. February 1, 2011 17:16

    Wow the Sevilla players obviously get their classiness from their president now don’t they?

    Also – Mou I love you. Pleasee stay with us. His zingers though, are always the best.

  6. madrid permalink
    February 1, 2011 17:46

    madeira means wood in portuguese, the island was called it that because it was full of trees

  7. Lily permalink
    February 1, 2011 17:57

    It’s good to see the team back into gear again.

    I agree they aren’t used to playing so many games so I can only imagine how tired they are!

    I’d love to go see a game at the Bernabeau, If I were a fan in the stands the team would know it!!!

    Every Sunday morning I wake up to watch a game all my neighbors know it, I’ve even gotten my husband into it too 🙂

    HALA Madrid!!!!

  8. Sahar permalink
    February 1, 2011 19:26

    Man I’m not liking the Manu transfer because who does he think he is? Everyone knows Cris is kaka’s man. Kaka is probably upset that is why he wasn’t training with his cristiano. Don’t worry kaka, Cris is just being nice. I see kaka is trying to make Cris jealous with garay. I hops this doesn’t lead to locker room hostility 🙂

  9. TeeTee permalink
    February 1, 2011 20:18

    “expected ‘only’ 600”?? that is one rude and disrespectful person. He (and other Sevilla people) may not like RM but atleast show some respect especially the men in charge. Iker (or anyone else in fact) does not deserve a bottle(s) thrown at them. In the end of the day Iker is a person, no one should worry about their safety. Its pathetic.

    I really hope the RM fans for tomorrow’s match DO NOT act like the Sevilla (and other clubs) fans did. Kill them with kindness is always my motto.

  10. mar permalink
    February 1, 2011 20:27

    Wow I liked so much Ozi like aa animal! Very gooooood.
    from the video I couldn’t understand much, just some words but it was funny.
    Ok, i support AEK and I was happy that Mateos will come here in my team and so other. I hope that Jimenez will give him some palying time on Wensday, he will be surely in the squad.
    he got No 6.!/photo.php?fbid=10150124096840907&set=a.143331610906.146852.25415250906

  11. February 1, 2011 21:23

    oh i love what mourinho told the crowd at bernabeu. the crowd needs to rile up like the way sevilla did for their home game last time too.


  12. Michelle permalink
    February 1, 2011 23:24

    #turismobisbal has had Jen and me in FITS. I keep trying to tell my English-only friends about it, but so many of the best ones are Spanish puns!

    But for English-only commenters, try these:

    “I just went to the Sistine Chapel and I have to say, for being a ninja turtle, Michaelangelo is an amazing painter!”
    “In Bordeaux. Wearing green. I’m such a rebel.”
    “Here in Venice. Did someone forget to turn off the tap? The entire place is flooded!”
    “I just spent three weeks in Philadelphia, and I couldn’t find a SINGLE cream cheese factory. What gives??”
    “Just landed in Israel; can’t wait to go for a drink at the famous Bar Mitzvah!”
    “The Amazon jungle was such a disappointment. Not only was there hardly any jungle left, you can’t even go shopping — apparently you can only buy things online there?”
    “Today was certainly my lucky day! I visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, and they let me in!!!
    “I went to the Kremlin today, and they confiscated my bottled water. Probably a good idea, since we saw in the movie the bad things that happen when Kremlins get wet….”

    • February 2, 2011 08:01

      My current favorites:
      – ¡Qué curioso! En Bermuda la gente también va con pantalones largos!!!
      – He pasado toda mi vida buscando la paz. Ahora, gracias al GPS, sé que queda en Bolivia.
      – Sobrevolando las Islas Canarias… ni rastro del rectangulo que las rodea en los mapas.

      • IsaBella permalink
        February 2, 2011 10:11

        “He pasado toda mi vida buscando la paz. Ahora, gracias al GPS, sé que queda en Bolivia.” – este es el mejor jajajajajaja genial!! 😀

      • Michelle permalink
        February 3, 2011 05:15

        La Paz was GENIUS, I say! Genius!

        My favourite untranslateable ones:
        – Siempre diciendo que en China explotan a los niños, llevo una semana de gira en Beijing y aún no he visto/oído ninguna bomba…
        – ¿A la ruleta rusa se le pone también mayonesa?
        – ¿Quien vive en Macedonia? ¿Los Frutis?
        – Visité a mis amigos de Sudán y les lleve cajas y cajas de desodorantes.
        – En el aeropuerto de Guatemala nadie sabe decirme como llegar a Guatepeor.
        – Al Jazeera? es la televisión local de Algeciras, ¿no?

        And to re-relevantise this, the best football ones:
        – He llegado a Liverpool y no están ni John Lennon ni Fernando Torres …
        – Que extraño, en la catedral de Bilbao estaban jugando al futbol.
        – Voy a ir a ver al Guggenheim a Bilbao…no sabia que ya fichaban extranjeros…

  13. sortacrunchymom permalink
    February 2, 2011 00:21

    LOVE that picture of Iker! Thank you for that!

  14. Stella permalink
    February 2, 2011 11:08

    The Castillas boys are welcome to Sweden and Halmstad. OMG! Gutis cousin and I on the same coust (the vestcoust of Sweden). No problem to get them warm here. The Swedish girls (me) gone treat them nice as well Halmstad. Its a really nice club and City.

    Nice to see Pepe back in training.

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