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very brief news briefs

February 4, 2011

Since there was no training session yesterday, and today’s was closed to everyone, there isn’t much news to report on.

UNO. Two more moments from Wednesday’s game:  an unusually smiley Mou making fun of the photographers before the game, and driving his motorcycle after the game.

DOS. It looks like the Mestalla in Valencia will be the site of the Copa del Rey final, although the official decision hasn’t been announced yet.  The only problem with the stadium is that its capacity of 55,000 is a bit too small, given that the final is between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  Two years ago, when it hosted the final between Athletic and Barcelona, many fans weren’t able to get seats (each team was allotted 18,500 tickets that year).

TRES. Speaking of that final, Madrid will wear a special shirt just for that occasion.  The club’s marketing department met with Adidas yesterday to discuss a personalized shirt for April 20, and to start talking about next season’s shirts as well.  How dare they do it without Iker’s input?

CUATRO. Even though José Mourinho gave his men a day off yesterday, four players still showed up at Valdebebas, to train.  Esteban Granero, Pedro León, Sergio Canales and Antonio Adán participated in Castilla’s training session, with El Pirata working out despite playing some minutes against Sevilla.  I love that they do this.  I can’t imagine that some of the first team players would be willing to do this.  And is Peter Lion trying to get back into Mou’s good graces?

CINCO. The team was back in training today (behind closed doors though), and it looks like Marcelo will be back in the starting line-up on Sunday against La Real, since Sergio is suspended for the game after receiving his fifth yellow in Pamplona.  Despite having the love of Mou, Marcelino lost his starting status due to an inopportune bout with the flu, and the fantastic performances of Álvaro Arbeloa.  Meanwhile, Pepe probably won’t make it to this game, but will be available for the clash against Espanyol next weekend.

SEIS. Next week is international week, and of course it will be a busy one for Real Madrid’s internationals.  Fifteen players have been called up by their national teams for friendlies on Wednesday, Feb. 9, with two match-ups pitting our boys against each other: Argentina vs. Portugal, and France vs. Brazil.  And luckily, the boys of La Roja won’t have to travel very far, since they will be playing in Madrid, and at the Bernabéu!

Argentina: Garay, Gago, Di María [vs. Portugal in greater Geneva, Switzerland.]

Portugal: Cris, Carvalho [vs. Argentina in greater Geneva, Switzerland.]

Boys, please exchange shirts!!!

France: Benzema, Lass [vs. Brazil in Paris, France.]

Brazil: Marcelo [vs. France in Paris, France.]


Germany: Özil, Khedira [vs. Italy in Dortmund, Germany.]

Spain: Iker, Sergio and the A Team [vs. Colombia at the Bernabéu].

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  1. amouria permalink
    February 4, 2011 15:07

    Kaka seems to be resting !!! I think he must improve his work… while all people are talking about the deterioration of Cris’ level (lack of score in the last 4 games), no one brings Kaka’s name in… he must be back to what he was …

  2. Melina permalink
    February 4, 2011 15:17

    Great stuff Una, but what’s all this talk of Pepe not renewing his contract? I read somewhere that he has decided he will not be renewing his contract with us anymore. Do you know anything about this?

    • February 4, 2011 15:21

      I’ve heard rumors, but I won’t say anything until official statements are released.

      • IsaBella permalink
        February 4, 2011 18:18

        I completely support your attitude Una.

    • Cosi permalink
      February 4, 2011 15:27

      Yeah, we’ve been awash with wild rumors about not just Pepe, but Sergio and even Iker coming to England next year… so I’d hold off on believing anything just yet 🙂

      • Aby permalink
        February 4, 2011 17:05

        Didn’t Sergio just renew his contract?

      • RealLisa permalink
        February 5, 2011 16:28

        I can’t believe you’re paying attention to rumors like those. They’re just not worth it.

  3. RMFan permalink
    February 4, 2011 17:45

    do you know when the game of Germany vs Italy will take place? Thanks

  4. IsaBella permalink
    February 4, 2011 18:17

    ayyyyy los numeros en espaniol!! que lindo 🙂
    can’t wait to buy next season’s shirt, I wonder what the design will be?

  5. February 4, 2011 20:40

    For any of you ladies (or gentlemen) who don’t know about it, has certain La Liga, Copa Del Rey, EPL, Serie A, and International matches available to watch any time. I am not sure if every region of the planet can use ESPN3, (yes, America!) but it’s a great way to recap what you may have missed. And the Pause, FF and REV buttons are so helpful in getting to the parts where the players show a bit of skin or trade camisetas. It’s in HD, so visibility is good (REALLY good).
    I was watching a match on TV yesterday and someone was preparing to sub in and pulled his pants up to show his legs and I said ‘oh myyy’ not knowing my son was behind me watching…
    CR sure does look stressed out recently. Maybe Jr. is keeping CR up at night, maybe a fever, tummy upset, croup? Or is it Irina? Can any of us picture Crispy burping a gripy baby? Or changing a diaper?

    • IsaBella permalink
      February 5, 2011 10:51

      ESPN rocks, they have superb quality 🙂

    • DebS permalink
      February 6, 2011 06:59

      Emily, I believe you can watch it free if you are a SBCGlobal/AT&T dsl subscriber. Not sure what it costs if you’re not a subscriber but the email that I got from them made it sound like there is a cost if you aren’t one of their subscribers.

      Although they don’t show all the games all the time, I have been able to Madrid on it when it’s not on cable.

      Great tip tho. 😉

  6. Ang permalink
    February 4, 2011 21:23

    *lmao* the A Team … love it… I was going to ask did you forget Xabi Alonso … cause when you put A Team I could only think of the twins… but never mind… I answered my own question… oh wow … I need sleep….this snow is getting to me….

    and hopefully Sergio Canales gets playing time… because I don’t want him 2 miss the olympics next year just because Mou doesn’t give him playing time…

    Portugal vs Argentina <<<< that is going to be a GREAT GAME!!!!! o wait i forgot they change the name in some places… its
    Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi *lmao*

    THANX UNA!!!!

    • DebS permalink
      February 6, 2011 07:01

      *lmao* the A Team <- I had to laugh at that too!

      "o wait i forgot they change the name in some places… its Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi *lmao*"

      I hope Portugal wins. 😉

  7. faith permalink
    February 4, 2011 22:07

    “How dare they do it without Iker’s input?” No, no, they planned it for when he is not around so he can’t pick all matchy stuff. Can you imagine shades of white from eggshell to stark white? Iker can!!!

  8. RealLisa permalink
    February 5, 2011 12:46

    Pepe is not joining the team?

    • IsaBella permalink
      February 5, 2011 15:25

      I think he’s still recovering from the injury….

      • RealLisa permalink
        February 5, 2011 16:33

        Well, because he started training normally, I thought he”ll make it with Cris and Carvalho. But then I saw that even Mou hasn’t called him for tomorrow. Can’t wait to see Pepe on the pitch again!

  9. RMFan permalink
    February 6, 2011 05:27

    Thanks! now I have to translate it into Arg time and find a channel that will broadcast it..well I’d probably end watching it via! And thanks for the ESPN tip!

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