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in case you missed it – the “10” edition

February 14, 2011

In case you missed it – Espanyol vs. Real Madrid [2011-02-13, Liga jornada 23].

As Marca’s cover put it, this was a “Madrid 10,” meaning a Madrid that played with 10 players for essentially the entire game, but also a Madrid that deserved a 10 for their performance against one of their favorite teams (since 1994, Madrid is 21-6-4 vs. Espanyol), especially the best friends trio of Cristiano, Marcelo and Pepe.  And Iker looked like a perfect “10” in the stands too.

ONE. I just like this picture.  Plus, as I said, Cristiano had a fantastic game.

TWO. Before we go any further, we have to honor this man, David Barral, and not just for these lovely pictures of him in a pool.

If you’re wondering who he is, he’s the Sporting de Gijón striker who scored a goal against Barcelona on Saturday, resulting in a 1-1 tie, which gave us some air in the Liga.  And to make that doubly sweet, he’s also a canterano, having played for Real Madrid B and C from 2002 to 2006. ¡Muchas gracias David!

THREE. Fun pregame things.  I say “fun” because there was a lot of stripping involved (yay!) except for Sergio, who went the other way (boo!).

Sergio looked very pijo as he came out of the tunnel to take his place on the bench.  Once on the bench, he unfortunately decided to put more clothes on.  Why, Sergio, why?

As Cristiano came out of the tunnel, he kept pulling on his shirt, since it appeared to be too tight (if there is such a thing.  May I make the suggestion that you just play without one?).  This is of course not the first time that we’ve seen him do this.  Meanwhile, Kaká was so caught up talking to Silvino Louro that he nearly went to the wrong bench.  Adán had make the same mistake before him as well, the last time he would do so that night.

And Álvaro’s undershirt was too tight as well.  He kept pulling on it as well, then made a motion for someone to get scissors.  The shirt was cut accordingly and – yay! – Álvaro flashed his abs.  Click on the picture – it’s worth it.

Iker wore a shirt that read “Sergio mucho ánimo” for Málaga goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo, who will be out for six months after having surgery Friday.  Sergio had torn the ACL of his right knee during the game against Sevilla on Feb. 6.  Though he’s only 21, this was the second time he’s had surgery on his right knee.  This t-shirt thing was the initiative of Sevilla keeper Andrés Palop, who witnessed the injury firsthand.  He got Adidas to send shirts to all the goalkeepers (or whoever would want to wear it) in the first division.  ¡¡Qué detallazo!! Here’s to a fast recovery for Sergio.

Iker stripping, in slow motion.  That gets a “10” too, no?

FOUR. The game of course will be remembered for the expulsion of Iker Casillas before the clock had reached the two-minute mark.  Iker came out of the area to rashly challenge canterano José Callejón and was subsequently sent to the callejón (sorry, couldn’t resist) for clipping the Espanyol player.  The ref immediately showed the red card, and the game was over for Iker.  That of course didn’t stop Xabi from posing.

Iker couldn’t believe it.  Meanwhile, Antonio Adán was hurriedly ordered to strip and sent into the game.

Poor Ángel di María was subbed out in order for Antonio to enter.  And  Mou called over Xabi Alonso to give him instructions, and after the game, he said that Xabi “understood me perfectly.”  That’s why he’s the dad out there!

FIVE. As Iker walked off the field, he handed the captain’s armband to Chendo, to give to Marcelo (because he had been so upset he had forgotten to hand it over to Marcelo himself).  But as Marcelo was on the other wing of the field, Madrid played the rest of the first half without a captain.  Marcelo got the armband during the break and wore it for the second half.

This was the third expulsion of Iker’s career.  The first was on Dec. 18, 2001 in the Copa del Rey against Nàstic after he received a straight red 10 minutes from the final whistle in a situation similar to this one, and the second after two yellows (in the 43rd and the 80th) vs. Osasuna on April 30, 2006.  Madrid went on to win both games.

SIX. Iker went on to change back into his suit and watch the game from the stands, along with the descartados – Garay, Gago (overall, not a good night for the Argentines, no?) and Dudek.  José Marais was there too.  Iker looked quite nervous during the entire rest of the game.  During the halftime, he put on a big jacket, since it was cold up there.

SEVEN. With all this, Antonio Adán got to make his debut in the Liga, and he was fenomenal.  He received the congratulations of all his teammates after the game, as well as Silvino Louro and José Mourinho, who told the press, “he was fantastic in this unexpected debut.” Hopefully in the future, Antonio’ll be out there due to his own merits, not because of a red card or a broken jaw.  That may come as early as next week, if Madrid decides not to appeal Iker’s card.

He looks like Álvaro’s dog here, no?

EIGHT. And Captain Marcelo really, really stepped it up.  He was a giant on the team and scored the game’s only goal.  El País called him a “train without brakes” and I think that’s an apt description for our Marcelino.  He certainly looked like one while celebrating his goal, and a bit loco as well, no?

I love Mou’s smile!!

NINE. Does anyone think that José Callejón resembles another canterano (and now lead singer of Pignoise) Álvaro Benito?  They both sport very “original” hairstyles.  Random fact:  José has a twin brother, Juanmi, and both of them played in the cantera.  Juanmi, the better looking one in my opinion, currently plays for Córdoba.  Another random fact:  José is the player who receives the most tackles in the Liga, not Cristiano nor Messi.

TEN. At halftime, Iker put on a jacket – which is strangely fascinating – and Aitor Karanka waited to congratulate Antonio and especially Marcelo.

ELEVEN. The substitutions.  Sergio came on at the very end of the game.  His kit is so, so, so transparent, no?  You can completely see the outline of his underwear!  Go ahead and click and look, I won’t judge you.

Meanwhile, Ozi took his sweet time coming off the field.  The substitution was called at the 32:25 mark, and it wasn’t until the 33:00 mark that Ozi finally stepped off the field.  Even Mou, who sometimes uses the substitutions to waste time, told him to hurry, so that he wouldn’t get carded.  Mesut was rewarded with a hug.

And here we have Sergio in for Manolín Adebayor, with both of them making the sign of the cross, as they came in and went out, respectively.

TWELVE. There were smiles all around the banquillo once Marcelo scored the goal, even from Ángel di María.  Those water bottles are huge, no?

THIRTEEN. After the game, Adán said that Mourinho had told him to stay calm, and he also thanked his coach because “he’s always shown he has confidence in me and that’s why I was relaxed when I went out on the field, and I knew that things would go well.”  He added that the important thing was to be “prepared mentally” and that he felt good “thanks to the work of the team.”  He revealed that he would keep the shirt of the debut for himself.

Meanwhile, Marcelo said of his team, “we’re a family and we always want to win each time we play… I’m happy to score and help the team but the most important thing is the victory and narrowing the gap with Barcelona.”

And Pepe (not the most flattering picture of him, is it?) told COPE that “I’m happy in Real Madrid, and I’m going to do everything I can to stay here… I won’t listen to any other offers because “soy del Real Madrid” and I know that the people love me.”

Iker gave the team a 10 for their performance, and praised Adán, saying, “he was great; solid and firm.  He’s a goalkeeper with a present and a future.”

FOURTEEN. Poor Pepe.  Actually, poor Sofia.  Not something you want to happen to your man right before Valentine’s Day.

FIFTEEN. Much like our tribute to Juanito in the seventh minute (illa, illa, illa, Juanito maravilla) of each game, Espanyol honors their fallen captain Dani Jarque in the 21st minute of each game.  Siempre con nosotros.

SIXTEEN. Mesut Özil was tanner than usual, no?  Usually he glows because he’s so white, but today… maybe Cris helped him out (you know he had self tanner or a tanning bed available), so the next time they room together, he won’t glow in the dark.

SEVENTEEN. At the end of the game, the players hugged, and Antonio Adán was on the receiving end of many of them.

José Callejón also hugged Antonio (his former teammate in the Real Madrid cantera) and Marcelo!

And as stated earlier, Antonio was congratulated by Silvino Louro, who looked like a very proud father.

EIGHTEEN. The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

He’s classy.

NINETEEN. The Mou corner.

I love how animated he is on the right!

Mou was full of praise after the game, saying that Pepe had a “fantastic” game, that Adebayor had “done the work of three players,” that Adán appeared to be “a veteran in the goal.”  He added, “I want to congratulate Antonio and all the goalkeepers that work with us, as well as our goalkeeping coach, who is the best in the world, with all due respect for the others.”

Regarding the referee sending off Iker, Mou said, “it’s clear that I don’t like to play with only 10 players for so much time, but he’s a great referee and he has the right to make mistakes.  I like referees who let you play, who don’t call everything…. I don’t like actors (meaning those who dive in the area), and on my team there are no actors.”

TWENTY. Yesterday’s tweets, where people do like actors.

Álvaro Arbeloa met with actor/comedian Carlos Latre after the game!  If you’re not familiar with Carlos, he plays Leo Messi on Crackòvia, and he was the MC during Spain’s World Cup celebration in Madrid last summer.

And musician Pancho Varona alluded to the acting awards The Goya Awards (Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars, which took place last night as well) to say that the first Goya went to Iker Casillas for “Sad mistake from a goalkeeper.”

TWENTY ONE. And Castilla also had a great weekend, beating Depor B 7-1!!!  MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín scored a hat trick, Madrid’s three first goals, with Juan Carlos, Sarabia, Denis and Joselu scoring the other four.  This meant that Castilla notched its sixth straight win!  And in those six wins, they’ve scored 23 goals and only allowed three.  Castilla continues third in the table, with 45 points.  How great (and how cute) are the little ones???

TWENTY TWO. Looking ahead, sponsored by on-their-knees Álvaro and Sergio.

The team will have a two-day break, returning to training on Wednesday to prepare for Saturday’s game against Levante.

And former Real Madrid player Ronaldo will announce his retirement from football today, at the age of 34.  I wish him the best of luck, and I will never forget his “debuta madre” with Madrid, and of course everything else he did for us.

Ahhh, the way we were.

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  1. DebS permalink
    February 14, 2011 15:54

    loved, loved, loved this game! The guys played great and had to be dead tired after the game. Everyone played so well. And Marcelo’s goal was spectacular! I was hoping for the crab dance though. lol

    Right after Iker got sent off, before the guys got back into their rhythm, the commentator said something about Madrid being all “sixes and sevens”. All I could think about was Marcelo’s “Six Foot, Seven Foot” comment. :p

    Poor DiMaria but I don’t know who else he could have taken off instead, though. :{

    Ahhh…I knew I wasn’t imagining that Ozil looked tanner. I was trying to figure out if Sami did too…maybe just not as noticeable?

    Xabi looks so exasperated in the 2nd pic in #4. That red card definitely was a shocker but the guys really stepped up big yesterday.

    I was hoping you’d have a pic of Mou/Marcelo and then Mou after Manu’s (I think it was?) shot getting stopped yet again by their goalie. He was definitely, Sporting’s man of the match.

  2. KDJ permalink
    February 14, 2011 15:57

    I was reciting the words I want to write here for the comment, but they all disappear after that last picture came to sight. God, how gorgeous is Raul!!!!!!

    Okay, so when I was watching the game, the first thing came to mind after Iker red card was, how would Una react to this? I was on the edge of my seat during the whole match. It was stressful moment!! I kept chanting to myself, please score first, please. And after that amazing goal by Marcelo, I chanted, don’t let them score, please.

    #16, soooo funny! I thought the same thing, that Ozi looks tanned. Making him more sexier. This latte complexion suits him well.. Gorgeous. Let’s just hope he stops at that. I cannot imagine him as dark as Cris *shudders*

  3. Kyrrdis permalink
    February 14, 2011 15:58

    Mesut was definitely tanner than usual.
    I saw him live on wednesday when germany played itlay and he was his usual white self then. I nearly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the game yesterday XD
    Please Mesut, don’t hang out with Cris so much … *lol*

    • Jenny permalink
      February 15, 2011 04:35

      Actually, I’m betting it was Podolski of the National team who convinced Mesut that this would be a good idea – they are the bestest of friends on that team and Poldi is a known practical joker.

      But whoever is to blame – hell! Leave our sweet pale boy alone!

      • IsaBella permalink
        February 15, 2011 09:09

        It’s so great to hear abt the friendship between Lukas and Mesut 🙂 I’m happy they like to hang out together.

  4. julia permalink
    February 14, 2011 16:21

    How come Mou doesn’t like Sergio? He always talks about Alvaro and never says anything about Sergio? What do you think about him threatening Sergio’s spot in the starting 11?

    • IsaBella permalink
      February 14, 2011 23:14

      I heard some rumors abt it, too, but I think they’re a bit exaggerated. Mou never explicitly said that he doesn’t like him. If he continues to put Sergi on the bench than it’s time to worry.

    • Beanie permalink
      February 15, 2011 04:07

      Yeah! I notice that Mou really likes Alvaro. I think Alvaro has usurp Sergio’s position. I guess Mou think Alvaro is more consistent than Sergio. Sergio will have to earn his starting position back.

      • DebS permalink
        February 16, 2011 01:32

        Was Sergio really “benched” or was Mou just giving him a rest after playing w/Spain? I realize that others also played with their national team but I really wouldn’t expect him to be able to have Xabi, Cris, Mesut or DiMaria out against a team like Espanyol. Arbeloa’s been playing well for Madrid and he didn’t play as much as Sergio did w/Spain.

  5. Niina permalink
    February 14, 2011 16:25

    Thank you for a great ICYMI! I missed the first five minutes of the match, which in this case was a lot, so thanks for the recap.

    Cris did have a fantastic game, as did Adebayor, Marcelo, Khedira and of course Adán! I had no idea “the third guy who never gets any game-time” was this amazing! I’m thoroughly impressed!

    Also, important things, I’ve somehow managed to overlook Alvaro’s very alluring abs so far, glad you pointed out I was missing something special 🙂 And I’m starting to really, really adore Özil, he could glow in the darkness of my bedroom any time…

  6. blitzen permalink
    February 14, 2011 16:25

    I have to admit, I laughed my ass off when Casillas got sent off, as ridiculous as it was! Credit where it’s due, though, your team had a great game under difficult conditions. Marcelo and Ozil were particular stand-outs IMO.

    Although the way Espanyol played, you might just as well have left Dudek on the bench. I don’t think they could have hit the goal if they had had three players running at an empty net. Stupid pericos.

    • blitzen permalink
      February 14, 2011 16:28

      Duh, I meant Adan, not Dudek. wtf.

  7. Nurul permalink
    February 14, 2011 16:31

    Great recap as always, thank you Una!
    I checked their Twitter (Real Madrid’s, I mean) while I was waiting for my ride to school, and I was so confused by all the substitutions (Ramos for Adebayor, Adan for di Maria)… and then I realised Iker got sent off. Was it deserved, do you think?
    Either way, I’m glad Adan played a fantastic game, I wish I’d been able to watch it!
    Also, man – that very last picture. Good times.

  8. mumblo permalink
    February 14, 2011 16:49

    Yesterday’s game was so exciting! I thought it was great how everyone was running their butts off compensating for being a man down. Great game for Marcelo and Pepe! During the first half I was so worried that Xabi was going to get a second yellow; how many yellows does he have now? Also, his reaction to Iker’s yellow card was absolutely priceless! Never change, Xabi.

  9. Andrea permalink
    February 14, 2011 16:58

    What a game! I was on the edge of my seat from the 2nd minute until the very end.

    I was so proud of Adan, he performed wonderfully. I love the way he pounced on the ball, as if his life depended on it. I was also so glad to see Pepe back in the lineup, as I felt we really missed him in during the past few weeks. I think he contributed a lot to keeping Espanyol scoreless. And Marcelo!!! I was thrilled when he scored. He’s had so many close-calls this season and it was so fitting that he finally scored during this very important game, while he was captain.

    And I thought it was jsut me that noticed how dark Ozil looked! While watching the pre-game, there was a shot of him from far away, and for a second I thought he was Garay. Where was the friendly played last week, maybe he brought his tan back to Madrid?…

    Overall, I was so impressed with our team. Hala Madrid!

  10. February 14, 2011 17:42

    HUGE congratulations to our team. Was a wonderful display of unified football and amazing to watch. Thanks Una for the ICYMI … I try not to miss the games but I still look forward to your posts.

    The whole team played superbly but special mention to: Marcelo, Pepe, Khedira, and Ronnie. Is there anyway to create a petition (and send to FP) to extend Pepe’s contract. If so, I’ll create one!

  11. lalitta permalink
    February 14, 2011 18:09

    What a beautiful game it was. A little sad that Iker got the red card so early in the game, but in some way it made the game more exciting to watch and the winning so much greater.
    I love how you have an amazing eye for details, especielly the comments you make at times.

    It was sad that mi amor Ramos came in so close to the end, i would love to see with play at least 20 minutes in very game, but at least we saw the eye-candy, right 🙂

    Again, amazing perfomance from our madrid-guys, Hala Madrid!

  12. amouria permalink
    February 14, 2011 18:10

    I saw Ronaldo’s tears on MARCA. So sad, I couldn’t imagine that these players are so close to their game. I wish I don’t see any of our lovely team in that situation…

    Our game was fantastic. This is RM, the team that flies in the highest sky. We only need such games to show our worth.
    To show the TRUE Real Madrid, a team that fights until the last breath (as Valdano said), we needed to play with 10, without our golden gaoler and on the stadium of the opponent. You always have to be put in the most difficult situations to prove your value.

    PS: I don’t like Valdano, but yesterday he was very right in his assessment.

  13. Michelle permalink
    February 14, 2011 18:13

    Fabulous ICYMI, Madridista!!! You got all the moments I remember from the match… (what a match, grrr) Anyway, Lots Of Thoughts below!

    – Yes, this was indeed the Lusophones: Saving Real Madrid edition of the game!
    – David Barral lying back in the pool. UH. I hope he’s WEARING SOMETHING under there!!!
    – Ha, you made me look up callejón New word of the day! (I love Xabi’s Throwing Hands In The Air gesture in the background. I also throw my hands up in the air sometimes, except I don’t say ehh-oh, I do it in frustration like Xabi, and the accompanying sound is usually more like “grrrnaarrgghhhhh”.)
    – When Xabi jogged over to the sidelines in the aftermath of the red card, I and probably many viewers initially freaked out, just like the commentators I had, who said “Sale XABI ALONSO?!?!?!” in the best tone of incredulous disbelief. There’s NO WAY that Xabi’s the guy you take off. Just no way. Which is why, of course, Mou didn’t pull him, but rather deputized him. Player-coach indeed.
    – Iker looked yummy in the stands. And yes, I found the jacket-putting-on fascinating too! He does the swirly cape thing, where you hold it in front of you and swish it around your back. I do that with my cardigans and smaller jackets sometimes. (Winter coats are too heavy.) It’s fun. Clearly Iker thinks so too. 😉
    – Adan did a good job, but let’s face it, he barely had 2 saves to make all game. Espanyol was incapable of penetrating the Madrid defense, who did an unusually good job of shielding their keeper, all credit to them. (I wonder if Iker was thinking, gee, why don’t *I* get this kind of service more often?! 😉 ) Kameni, on the other hand, pulled out some ASTONISHING saves, because the defense in front of him was a shambles of an atrocity. I think he took on the Spirit of Casillas mantle left on the pitch after Iker’s exit…
    – Hee, Marcelino el loco! Like Thomas the Tank Engine! 😉
    – Re Callejon’s hair — journo Sid Lowe refers to José Callejon as Jedward. (His hair today was much better than it’s been before. It was truly Jedwardy during the Barcelona derbi.)
    – Sergio, Sergio — has no one taught you what all teenage girls learn? Under white pants, NUDE UNDERWEAR! NEVER WHITE! (Pro-tip: Preferably a nude one shade darker than your skin for true invisibility.)
    – Mou being “animated” — I laughed at that one because it looked like his caganer impression!! I’m sure he wanted to cagar on everyone and everything at that point, too.

    • olalla permalink
      February 15, 2011 03:02

      wow..nice should comment often you know..;)

      • Michelle permalink
        February 15, 2011 18:33

        Well, it’s easy to respond when Madridista gives you so much to work with 🙂

    • February 15, 2011 07:20

      Under white pants, NUDE UNDERWEAR! NEVER WHITE! (Pro-tip: Preferably a nude one shade darker than your skin for true invisibility.) lolololol!! I loved this line!

      • Michelle permalink
        February 15, 2011 18:31

        I learnt this from one of those women’s magazines when I was 16. No lie, it has changed my life. (Although I usually apply it to selecting a bra that will be invisible under a white shirt.)

  14. Wendy permalink
    February 14, 2011 18:25

    Xabi was very argumentative both during and after the game, no?
    What was the reason of the argument after the game..Watched the entire match on mute due to the late hour here…

  15. February 14, 2011 18:39

    10+ is the rating for your blog! Thanks for the effort.
    What a match… Serhio’s hair is so lovely without all that goop in it… Couldn’t help noticing the gentle wave around his neck.
    And Adebayor played his brains out. Too bad he couldn’t finish. 😦
    Thankfully, he didn’t need to. And Pepe was one of the reasons… He had a fantastic game back in the box. He had some great clearances, even in the short time I was able to watch. Gotta give it to him for having such a great comeback.
    5 points! Barca is not invinceable. We can do this! Hala Madrid!

  16. February 14, 2011 18:50

    Wow this post. I lub it! The first swimming pool pic – MY HERO – and the last pic killed it for me though.

  17. Annee permalink
    February 14, 2011 19:06

    Great recap as always. 🙂

    I thought Chori looked so cute all bundled up on the bench. Good day for the twins as Alvaro’s near strip was a game highlight for me.

    I know as far as seniority goes, Xabi is down the line, but I think he’d make an incredible captain one day. He’s in charge of the pitch and I wasn’t at all surmised that Jose went to him immediately with instructions.

    I thought the red card was extreme but I was so happy to see how well the boys stepped it up in this game and successfully turned their game plan around in a matter of minutes. In many parts it was thanks to the return of Pepe, but the defense was the best I’ve seen in quite a while. It will be interesting to see how Mou will start defense for Champions League and then next week with Iker out again. Heck, I’ll be interested to see how he starts it for the rest of the season. With Pepe, Marcelo, Alvaro, Sergio, Raul, and others Mou’s depended on, he’s got a lot of tough decisions to make.

  18. amy permalink
    February 14, 2011 20:01

    haha thanks for this. in the angry mou gif it looks like hes pooping the soccer ball hahah

  19. nadi permalink
    February 14, 2011 20:17

    nice edition as usual Una.
    i loved the pic. of el-capitano with Rolando and beck, it made me feel like crying.
    i miss those days, although we were not much of achievers back then, but who cares…we had a great team and showed classy football.
    i don’t think the world will show us another striker like Rolando not for another 50 years, i guess,and then i hope that striker would play for Madrid.
    at the beginning, i thought Marcelo’s ball hit the net from the outside, and it really took me about 10 or 15 seconds to realize that it was a goal, which drove me crazy by the way 😉
    i felt sad for Adebayor for not scoring, as a friend of mine said today, that if he let his son take those two shots of Adebayor, he would have scored them.
    but then again, Kaminee was impeccable, no?
    anywas, we had 3 points and hope they would prove crucial at the end of the season.

    Una, may i ask you something?
    what is it with you and the players ABs.????

    • DebS permalink
      February 15, 2011 02:48

      “what is it with you and the players ABs.????”

      It’s not just Una. :p Abs are SO hot!

  20. IsaBella permalink
    February 14, 2011 21:38

    It was probably the best Liga game of Madrid that I have seen this season. Spectacular. Nothing less.
    Sergio must tease us form time to time putting clothes on so we would be even more eager for him to take them off, no? anyway his culito looks always amazing and I can’t get my eyes off it 😀 muacckkk Sergi
    Poor Ozi looked like he was literally dying when he was coming off the pitch. The game was a huge effort for all the boys. They all deserve a 10.

  21. Madridbozz permalink
    February 14, 2011 22:05

    Another fantastic blog.

    I loved Mou’s reaction to Adebayor’s misses. What a funny guy 😀

    It’ seems that the shirts are too tight for Ronaldo.

  22. faith permalink
    February 14, 2011 22:13

    Ok, ok, I confess to shrinking Cris’ and Alvaro’s shirts and thinning the material for Sergios shorts.
    😉 Your welcome.

    Seriously though, I’m so proud of our boys! No acting and giving up for Real Madrid!
    Antonio – wow!, I admit I was a nervous wreck but after Marcelo scored and I saw the fighting spirit had been sparked it was great.

    Cibeles get ready!

    Can’t you just see Papa Xabi in 12 years time as La Real (or even better as La Roja’s manager – maybe in 20 years)? – With mandatory posing included in training sessions.

    Una, as always, great ICYMI!

    • DebS permalink
      February 15, 2011 02:50

      “Ok, ok, I confess to shrinking Cris’ and Alvaro’s shirts and thinning the material for Sergios shorts. Your welcome.”

      lol Can you work on the other guys next? 😉

  23. Pammie permalink
    February 14, 2011 23:26

    This game! I’m so proud of them pulling of a win with 10 people.
    Thanks for another great in case you missed it! ❤

  24. Hannah permalink
    February 15, 2011 02:58

    Thanks for all your hard work Una… I too always wonder what your reaction to events on the pitch will be! Following Madrid wouldn’t be as much fun without Following Real Madrid by UnaMadridista!
    My internet crapped out just after Sergio came on. Can someone tell me what happened to the line at back? Did someone move up to midfield; did they play with five at back…?

    • February 15, 2011 13:04

      Yep. They basically play defensive 5-3-1 after Manu’s exit with Cristiano as a sole striker.

  25. suzanne permalink
    February 15, 2011 03:54

    i am so proud of our boys. our captain marcelo, manu, and cron played exceptionally well. seriously, i chalk this up to as well as sevilla 2nd leg last season on my most proud lately. just spectacular. and adan, baby you played so well. no nerves, you looked veteran. i am so unbelievably proud of our boys. what an amazing match.

    ronaldo, you will be missed in the world of footy. you truely are a phenomenon. the best of our generation. thank you for the memories.

  26. February 15, 2011 05:22

    I’m super happy we won. It was an important match and a MUST WIN so 🙂 too bad Iker got a red card ugh, that was so over reacted from the ref :/ but anyway, HALA MADRID ♥

  27. February 15, 2011 05:26

    P.S. Your entry its EPIC!!! Thank you so so much you always make a great job here and I love reading your entries 🙂

  28. bbBenz permalink
    February 15, 2011 08:08

    whaattt is this moouu ever since Adebayor arrived Benz is like this unwanted child again. lol ok that was over dramatic. the special one probably had his own strategy and it’s probably the best decision fr the team but watching Benz doing warm up and end up back on the bench just ahhh…. I can imagine him watching the game with his sad face (tho actually that’s just his neutral look lol). Hala Madrid!

  29. Evita permalink
    February 15, 2011 14:23

    Ok, great game. IMO, bullshit call on Iker, but oh well! Sporting’s keeper is a BEAST! Adan did very well!

  30. shan permalink
    February 15, 2011 16:00

    I just want to say that I love that you comment on Ozil being tan. I totally said the same thing during the game but, as usual, I was watching the game with a bunch of dudes who thought I was completely ridiculous for noticing, including my roommate who insisted that I was just making things up. So I showed him this as proof that it had to be true and that I’m not the only one that notices such things while enjoying the sport.

  31. February 15, 2011 16:42

    Wonderful ICYMI after the wonderful game! Thanks!!!!

    I started watching in the 17th minute, I saw Adan in the goal,and by the time Marcelo scored I was still wondering what the hell happened to Iker, until my commentators started to describe situation once more, funny that was..;-)

    anyway, I really enjoyed watchin the game, I really liked what the team was doing and wow, what a difference Pepe in the defense makes! And really, with a broken heart for Sexio, I have to admit that I love Alvaro in the defense….

    Antonio Adan – wow, wow, what a game! I think it was good for him that it took him by surprise, he had no time to “overthink” his participation in the game. And he really really defended so well, I was so happy for him and for the goalkeepers’ coach!

    Marcelo – the sweetie, captainy goal!

    Cristiano – man, I adore him!

  32. Lily permalink
    February 15, 2011 19:19

    Here’s wishing Ronaldo a happy retirement- to me, HE is the true ‘Ronaldo’, not Cristiano (much respect for Cris though)- I still remember him for Inter, Brazil and later Real, with much fondness.

    And re: the way we were….we can be great again, too.

  33. LaBlanca permalink
    February 15, 2011 22:21

    thanx so much for this wonderful ICYMI, Una. As shocking the red card was, Im happy Antonio did an amazing job. Awesome game by Marcelo & Pepe!!!

    Thanx to David Barral from me as well!!!! Lovely pics!

    Carlos Latre, wasnt that the guy who played Cassano once? So funny.

    just talking about Crackovia, I loved the new episode with Shakira and Piqué haha she sings in bed and he tackles her when sleeping.

  34. Ang permalink
    February 16, 2011 05:38

    I love that Marcelo was Captain and then he scored … YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA!!! MARCELO!!!!! I love Alvaro & his wonderful ABs they just make you want to workout!!

    THANX UNA!!!


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