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in case you missed it – the homecoming edition

February 23, 2011

In case you missed it – Lyon vs. Real Madrid [2011-02-22, Champions League round of 16 ida].

Manolo Adebayor had said yesterday that he hoped it would be Karim Benzema who would score the goal to push Madrid into the quarterfinals, and hopefully the goal that Karim scored yesterday against his old team will be that decisive goal.  Real Madrid ended the night still winless at the Gerland, but at least they scored their first goal there and they didn’t lose.

ONE. Karim said that was the quickest goal he ever scored, as he knocked it in 40 seconds (!!!) after coming into the game.  And it was a great one, no?  I loved how his teammates mobbed him, but he didn’t really react.

That was because, as Karim explained after the game, he didn’t want to celebrate it out of respect for Lyon’s fans and the team: “I couldn’t celebrate the goal against the team that let me go play in Madrid.  I have a lot of respect and affection for this club.”  He also revealed that Mou didn’t say anything special to him after the game, though his coach did look pretty excited when the goal was scored.

Isn’t it so adorable how everyone just wanted to rub Karim’s head?  Sergio, then Ángel, Xabi, Pepe, Xabi again…  It must be like their good luck charm!

Karim’s entire family was at the Gerland to watch him.  This goal was his 100th in official games; his first goal also came in this stadium and during a Champions League game, back in 2005.

TWO. Florentino Pérez lost his cool after Karim scored, as he was seen standing up in the palco, raising his arms and putting his hands on his head.  The Spanish press is comparing him to Racing’s owner Ali Syed against Sevilla, but FP was much, much more composed, although this was probably the most excited we had ever seen him (since we don’t know what his reaction was the day he found out that Cristiano said yes to Madrid).  It’s kind of sweet how much he supports his pet Karim.  Well, he can’t really afford to have the Karim Benzema project fail, right?  Next to FP in the palco was his special assistant, one Zinedine Zidane.  So, part of his job is to sit with the presi?

THREE. Zidane was looking his usual dapper self before the game.  I’m so glad he’s ours.

FOUR. Meanwhile, in other pregame moments, Mou was being all cute as he walked down the tunnel, giving the children who would accompany the players high-fives, patting them on the heads, joking around with them.  I’m so glad he’s ours.  This is the real José Mourinho.

If Sergio needs any help with that, I’ll be glad to volunteer!  And per his happy-go-lucky personality, Manolín chilled while waiting in the tunnel, using the rail as a seat.

In the moments prior to the start of the encounter, Iker helped to keep his kid warm and later warmed up himself, while Cristiano and Mesut shared a moment.  They also did the obligatory photo.

FIVE. We’re used to seeing Mou with the neck muffler (however, this one is a step up from the one with the Adidas logo), but Iker also rocked one that matched his outfit!

SIX. All in all, Iker was very, very matchy last night.  He looked like a vegetable.

SEVEN. Faces and legs.  Got to love the cameraperson for the slow motion!!

EIGHT. Postgame declarations:

Ricky Carvalho was really upset with the referee: “the penalty from the foul against Cristiano was so obvious.  Four referees and not one whistled!  And they were close by too.  I don’t know how they didn’t see it.  It was a serious error.”

Sergio said the feeling was bittersweet (coinciding with Iker), because the team had two good occasions.  He said he would be returning home with his “head down.”

And he had the quote of the night when he said during the postgame interview with TVE that “it’s a shame that we didn’t get the three points.”  Everyone picked up on this very rapidly and started making fun of him; pobrecito!  It also quickly became a twitter trending topic in Spain, not just once, but three times over, as you can see: #sergioramosfacts, Sergio Ramos and #ramosfacts.  It’s kind of like #turismobisbal all over again.

NINE.  Iker got a yellow card as the game wound down, which he was quite annoyed with.  He didn’t agree at all.

TEN. The banquillo.

It really was so cold – look at Raúl Albiol, there is barely any of his face visible!  Surprisingly, Marcelo was the least covered-up on the bench.  He, Karim and Kaká joked around prior to the start of the match.  The neck mufflers serve another purpose, in addition to keeping necks warm – they also help to cover up what you’re saying, so that no one can read your lips.

They even brought their own blankets, which the players shared – how cute!  And I love that the blankets are so brightly colored and splashy!  It looks warm and toasty too!

ELEVEN. Karim Benzema got a huge cheer from his former fans when he checked into the game.  At the end of the game, he thanked them by giving them several thumbs-up.  Poor Lyon fans.

TWELVE. Adebayor wore the number “28” because UEFA regulations prohibit two different players from wearing the same number in the same season, and Mahamadou Diarra had already worn the “6.”

THIRTEEN. Fun moments.

Cristiano can’t believe the non-call, and Sergio has fantastic hair.  Again, I’m loving the slow motion.

Meanwhile, the usually hot-headed Pepe was the one keeping the usually cool-headed Xabi from getting into a fight!  And when Álvaro Arbeloa shoved Yoann Gourcuff into the Madrid bench during the second half (taking the aforementioned blanket down with him), I loved how everyone on the bench reached forward to stop his fall.  Good thing Dr. Hernández was there, no?  But ninja Raúl should have been able to stop it using his special skills.

FOURTEEN. I don’t know how Ozi got so dirty.  Look at Sami, his kit is completely pristine.

FIFTEEN. The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

He’s working the Blue Steel.

SIXTEEN. The Mou corner.

Mou stood on the sidelines for the majority of the game.  Whenever he sat down, he didn’t last long.  He obviously wasn’t pleased during the first half, because many things were written down in the notebook and he was constantly giving directions to his players.

Mou was “very upset” with the referee for not calling a penalty after Yoann Gourcuff touched the ball with his hand, saying, “it was a clear situation that doesn’t leave room for any doubt… the referee was five meters away, the assistant was also five meters from there, but those four eyes were the only ones that didn’t see what everyone else saw.  There were four eyes that saw this action, which could be decisive.”

He wasn’t a fan of the diving either.

Mou said of Karim, “I’m happy for him because he returned home and scored a goal.  That’s fantastic for him.  He’s good, and has improved a lot, both defensively and offensively.  You also have to praise his character on the field.  I felt bad leaving him on the bench, knowing that this was his home.  But I thought it would be better for him to enter when the others were already tired, and my decision seems to have been a good one.”

SEVENTEEN. Other game notes:

– Real Madrid’s players ran a total of 110.6 kilometers, with Xabi covering the most distance at 11.5 km and Di María second with 11.13 km.  Sergio was third with 10.5 km and Carvalho fourth with 10.1 km.

– Cristiano’s mamá was at the game.

– Four players are one yellow card away from a one-game suspension: Cristiano and Raúl Albiol (who came into this game in this situation) and Di María and Sergio Ramos (who received yellow cards during the game).

– Madrid’s players took a walk on Tuesday morning, strolling around their hotel.  Benzema was the most popular person there.

EIGHTEEN. Looking ahead:

Sami Khedira suffered an injury to his left quadriceps, and tests showed he will be out two to three weeks.

The players have today off, with training resuming tomorrow for this weekend’s Liga game.

56 Comments leave one →
  1. ssabripo permalink
    February 23, 2011 14:33

    have I told you I LOVE your blog? my favorite one in the world! thank you!!!!

  2. Pammie permalink
    February 23, 2011 14:46

    thanks for another entertaining in case you missed it!
    Arbie shoving Yoann into the bench was kind of a relief during this frustrating game. sharing the blanket is cute. I guess the blanket wi’ll pop up in the official shop soon, if it isn’t on sale already, now that the bench has modelled it so successfully. xD

  3. mumblo permalink
    February 23, 2011 14:55

    What is going on with Iker’s “snood”? I realized a few minutes into the game that it’s hand-made: it looks like he may have taken a piece from another green kit, wrapped it around his neck, and tied it! Iker and his quirks — I love them both!

  4. Ally permalink
    February 23, 2011 15:12

    “He looked like a vegetable.”

    This one got me laughing 😀
    Great ICYMI, thanks a lot!
    I’m happy for Karim that he scored a goal. I thought we were finally gonna win against Lyon… but no. I’m starting to hate Lyon a bit 😉 I hope we can win in the Bernabeu

  5. madrid permalink
    February 23, 2011 15:36

    when yohan crashed into the bench i could hear one of the coaches yell in portuguese a couple curse words but meant in a funny way. also i thought in france you can’t wear gambling logos or advertisements like bwin on our shirts.

  6. bbBenz permalink
    February 23, 2011 15:40

    1. I’m so Happy for Karim, fr everything related to him during the game and Lyon. he looks happy and played spectacularly. it’s good to see how much love given to Karim from our boys and his former fans in Lyon. he maybe hold his celebration and stuff but i bet he’s jumping happily on the inside! and I wanna rub his head too!
    2. wish there’s a glimpse of his entire family in the Gerland , i wanna see his mama too.
    3. hell yeah to CRon’s mama fr never missed her son’s game.
    4. i notice the blanket too. how cute is that. they shared a blanket aww
    5. Mou is super cute with the kids.

    Hala Madrid!

  7. PepperPots permalink
    February 23, 2011 15:44

    Iker’s DIY snood! Haha. How ingenious he is!

  8. Laryssa permalink
    February 23, 2011 15:54

    Why Yoann plays in Lyon anyway? He is absolutely gorgeous and, considering his level of hotness, he would totally fit in our amazing looking squad. Alvaro even pushed him toward our bench. That’s a sign…
    Very happy for Karim. He deserves that gol.
    Crazy game like many others before. But I have a great feeling. I honestly believe that this time we will pass to the next round…
    Hala Madrid.

    • DebS permalink
      February 23, 2011 16:33

      “Alvaro even pushed him toward our bench. That’s a sign…”


  9. Eva permalink
    February 23, 2011 16:10

    Hi Una,

    Great work as always!

    Do you have any pics of Karim’s family? I would love to see the rest of the clan!


  10. DebS permalink
    February 23, 2011 16:52

    Was SO happy for Karim’s goal. It wasn’t a “sitter” either…he did so well! It was also great to see all the love that Lyon has for him. That says a lot about his character, imo.

    I was shocked to see FP’s reaction too. Usually when their team scores they sit there so stoically beside the other team’s pres. But I can’t blame him. I had to stand and cheer when he scored too. 😉

    lol I saw that pic when Xabi was screaming too. I thought back to you’re comment on another post, Una, where you wondered how Xabi had any voice left at the end of the game. Good grief that was an extended scream! And Xabi was a beast on defense. I guess I’m not too surprised that he logged the most km.

    I had to laugh at DiMaria tho. The guy reminds me of the Energizer Bunny sometimes. There was one point in the game where he ran about 70 yards, full speed, up the field & back chasing the ball/players.

    #10 – Marcello…LOVE this guy! and your comments, Una, too funny!

    Poor Sergio…that rotten post ruined a sure goal. And the hair…did anyone else notice that it wasn’t as wet down as it usually is? I’m sure that the guys are going to give him a lot of grief about his “3 point” comment too. :'{

    I didn’t quite understand why Pepe was carded when he was the one trying to break up the fight.

    • IsaBella permalink
      February 23, 2011 22:37

      ‘The guy reminds me of the Energizer Bunny sometimes.’ – jajajaja this is great! he reminds me of it too 🙂
      ‘ did anyone else notice that it wasn’t as wet down as it usually is?’ – I noticed that, maybe it was because he dyed it and wanted to show off the new color 😉

  11. Manzanova permalink
    February 23, 2011 16:52

    Great job as always! I just knew that Sergio’s hair was gif-worthy. I was hoping Xabi moving the microphone out of that corner to make it to the pose section though.

    And LOL at Iker looking like a vegetable. Can’t decide whether he’s an okra or a leek.

    • Amy permalink
      February 24, 2011 01:00

      or a brussel sprout with a beautiful profile 😉

    • February 24, 2011 05:02

      leek… yeah, definitely a leek.

    • Amy permalink
      February 24, 2011 13:27

      LOL, I meant asparagas–and you KNOW you are ridiculously obsessed when you make yourself late for work TO CORRECT WHICH GREEN VEGETABLE Iker resembled……can’t keep my high-end veggies straight.

  12. amouria permalink
    February 23, 2011 16:53

    There is no words to thak you Una. Full full coverage, we are so lucky that we know you and are able to read your blog on every day basis…thanks alot
    Mou: i am happy not to see the addidas logo on his neck…
    Ozil: his body needs to be stronger to face these giants. I always feel that Ozil, de marie and khidara are great to face spanish teams (moderate to small physical strength), but with french or english teams, we will suffer…our players are so cute, not really used to face elephants !
    Cris: was a bit disoriented yesterday…
    the best was Alonso, my god, he should be the captain. Without him, no balance in the field.
    Lass: i love him, but yesterday, he was a bit sleepy.
    Ramos: defensively was not so great, but his 2 attempts to score were great…
    LOVE THEM ALL, simply 🙂

  13. February 23, 2011 16:59

    I think my favorite moment was TSO joking around and high-fiving the kids! Too cute!

    And Yoann Gourcuff sliding into the bench as well. Just when you thought the RMCF bench couldn’t get any more good-looking, Yoann proves us wrong. Who are those two players completely bundled and helped , BTW?

    And I like how Benzema didn’t celebrate in front of his former home crowd. That was very classy and sensitive of him.

    Nice work, as always, Una

  14. nicole permalink
    February 23, 2011 17:27

    Everyone picked up on this very rapidly and started making fun of him; pobrecito! It also quickly became a twitter trending topic in Spain, not just once, but three times over, as you can see: #sergioramosfacts, Sergio Ramos and #ramosfacts. It’s kind of like #turismobisbal all over again.

    can you explain to me what they have made fun of- why is it funny? also what is turismo bisbal?

    his hair looked super awesome at this game.

    • February 23, 2011 22:25

      Because this is an elimination round, so they weren’t playing for three points.

      • nicole permalink
        February 23, 2011 23:20

        oh hahah i feel really stupid for asking that question now but i have another one

        what is the turismobisbal story about?

  15. jane permalink
    February 23, 2011 17:29

    I don’t understand why everyone was making fun of Sergio, I’m so confused. What did he say that was so funny?

    • February 23, 2011 22:37

      It’s because this is an elimination round, so they weren’t playing for three points.

      • February 23, 2011 23:29

        Oh thank you for the explanation! *blushes*

        And a great match review, as always! *hugs*

    • IsaBella permalink
      February 23, 2011 22:39

      the ‘three points.’

  16. nadi permalink
    February 23, 2011 17:47

    Karim in Arabic means generous , and Benz was generous with the fans.
    thank you boys for that draw although you deserved a better result.
    Lyon’s goal was a case of poor coverage and tons of pure luck 🙂
    Don’t worry friends, we’ll crush them home.
    it will be a MASSACRE 😉
    great post as usual Una.

  17. IsaBella permalink
    February 23, 2011 17:56

    I’m happy Madrid didn’t lose at Gerland (the first time in how many years?). And we have an away goal, this is what counts. 🙂 I’m also very happy that I was wrong about Sergi benching the game.
    I LOVE Mou with the kids, simply adorable.
    ‘Iker looked like a vegetable’ – frase del dia Una 🙂
    ayyyy Sergiii ‘que se nos hayan ido esos tres puntos a priori es un sabor agridulce’ jajaja you rock, I totally adore you 😀

  18. February 23, 2011 18:38

    What a match. The first half was not the stylish futbol I was hoping to see. The ball never left the midfield! (exaggerating…) The ball barely touched Manu, CR was constantly under surveillance and i thought I was going to jump through the TV and strangle Lyon Cris. The refs missed quite a few of his fouls. It was great to see Karimsimo get the goal!
    Iker looked like a giant unripe zucchini. He is so funny and doesn’t know it. I can’t believe he got a yellow… but, he looks great when he’s fired up, so I’ll take it!
    And TSO with the babies in the tunnel was the most precious. He gave the boys big fives, and the girls got sweet little pats. *giant grin* I was hoping you got to see that, Una, and post about it. I wish Gonzo could be ready for the return leg.

  19. mouski permalink
    February 23, 2011 19:01

    I love the bits you show from before and after the game, it really helps humanise the players and staff and is something we often miss.

    Are you a Spanish person living in Spain out of interest?

  20. rina permalink
    February 23, 2011 19:43

    Hi Una,thanx for posting this,its amazing 😀 I’d like to ask you,if thats true that u’re a spanish journalist ??

    • amouria permalink
      February 24, 2011 10:33

      Not yet answered!! i.e. Una: are you a professional journalist? because, if not, it would be a pity for spenish journalism. hiring you should be a priority of the 5-star journals 🙂

  21. JulieFromParis permalink
    February 23, 2011 19:46

    If you want to enjoy sexy Mou speaking french, feast your eyes. He didn’t say much about the game (the questions he was asked were SO dull) but they thanked him for his attitude towards the kids and he was all very humble and sweet. + a very funny moment when the presenter introduces Aimé Jacquet to Mou and mou keeps smiling like “hell yeah, i know who the guy is, thank u very much” 🙂

    • Hala_Madrid permalink
      February 23, 2011 23:24

      Wow i love Mou, he’s super smart.

    • DebS permalink
      February 24, 2011 03:08

      I prefer Mou speaking it than the presenter. The presenter talks too fast for my rustic French. lol

  22. mari_madridista permalink
    February 23, 2011 19:48

    This was a long (and wonderful) post that left me with a lot to say, so I am gonna comment bullet point style:

    -Una, I do not think I can thank you enough for those gifs of Mou in the tunnel. I missed the beginning of the match because I had class (I thought about cutting to watch the game, but that felt a little silly, cutting fútbol practice to watch a fútbol match on tv…) so I hadn’t seen these before, but SO ADORABLE.

    -I actually really liked Iker’s green neck muffler. I thought it was sweet…especially because like some other people mentioned, it looked handmade. ❤

    -When Gourcuff got pushed into the RM bench, I couldn't help thinking, "yes! join them, please! this is your sign!" =P Sorry, but I have no shame for how much I love this man and I would LOVE to be able to cheer for him regularly.

    ThankyouthankyouTHANKYOU for ICYMI posts!!

  23. Jon permalink
    February 23, 2011 21:27

    What was so funny about Sergios statement?

    • February 23, 2011 22:36

      Because this is an elimination round, so they weren’t playing for three points.

  24. faith permalink
    February 23, 2011 21:39

    Ay Iker – same color does not mean it matches if it is different shades. Too funny about the DIY Snood. “He looked like a vegetable” – Una, you are hysterical!

    Love Xabi’s Blue Steel look!

    And the slow mos – fantastic!

    I’m so happy for Karim and poor Sergio with the 3 points – I see a Crackovia skit in future.

    Thanks for a terrific ICYMI!

  25. mar permalink
    February 23, 2011 22:07

    i loved how mou and iker interacted with the kinds…they were both so sweet!
    Iker looked like a vegetable…but which one? a cucuber?
    I loved too the cameraman, can’t we hire him for all the games?

  26. Snowball permalink
    February 23, 2011 22:15

    Not the biggest fan of RM but I really enjoy reading your blog. I like your posts and gif’s. Thank you!

    And “He looked like a vegetable.” – LOL

  27. Alexa permalink
    February 23, 2011 22:37

    What’s #turismobisbal about? Pardon my ignorance. 😉

  28. JulieFromParis permalink
    February 23, 2011 23:19

    oh this is quite a long story but i’ll try my best to be clear. once, Spanish singer David Bisbal ( revelacion de Operacion triunfo) posted this comment on twitter “Nunca se han visto las pirámides de Egipto tan poco transitadas, ojalá que pronto se acabe la revuelta” which means “nobody ever saw so few tourists at the pyramids, let’s hope the revolution ends quickly.” It instantly created a huge polemic and he erased his tweet. Still, the name “turismobisbal” became a trending tag you use when you want to say somethg stupid on purpose. Sorry about my broken english :))

    • DebS permalink
      February 25, 2011 14:18

      ah…thanks for the explanation… poor Sergio :{ lol

  29. Hala_Madrid permalink
    February 23, 2011 23:25

    I honestly thought we were going to win the game =( The team did better on the second half and let’s hope tha the other half of the curse ends in Santiago Bernabeu. Hala Madrid!!!!

  30. johanna permalink
    February 23, 2011 23:56

    Amazing post as always 🙂

    and Özil’s shirt is so dirty because he kept falling all the time during the first half. In my opinion two or three of his falls were just embarrassing, don’t get me wrong, I love Özil but I don’t want him to become one of those players who waste their talent on falling. I don’t really think he will but I just can’t stand divers..

  31. Alex permalink
    February 24, 2011 00:34

    Hey Una!

    While some of our players got a yellow card it doesn’t really matter since cards are reset when we enter the quater finals, so no suspensions for any of our player (unless it’s a straight red)

    • February 24, 2011 08:37

      UEFA’s regulations for this year of the CL say that there’s no “resetting” of cards as the competition goes on: single yellow cards and pending suspensions are always carried forward either to the next stage of the competition or to another club competition in the current season.

  32. Amy permalink
    February 24, 2011 01:07

    Poor Sergio looked so exhausted in the post-game interview I think he can be forgiven his silly comment, but these are the moments that make him so appealing, no?

    • DebS permalink
      February 25, 2011 14:19

      He did look totally beat didn’t he? Poor guy hadn’t even had a chance to catch his breath yet, it seemed.

  33. RMFan permalink
    February 24, 2011 01:16

    “The REAL Mou” hell yeah!
    Iker looking a like a
    You’re so funny but at the same time informing…I adore reading your blog!, Thanks!

  34. February 24, 2011 04:09

    I’m so glad you gif-ed the Gourcuff bench moment! Very happy for Karim that he scored almost the moment he got into the game. At least we have an away point! Not as optimistic about Milan’s chances against Tottenham next leg, but one can hope. Ay Sergio…crackovia is going to have a field day with this one.

  35. February 27, 2011 21:54

    the best part is when gourcuff falls, hahaha i love it


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