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ICYMI – the ketchup splatters

March 4, 2011

In case you missed it – Real Madrid vs Málaga [2011-03-03, Liga jornada 26].

An ICYMI supplement for the goals and celebrations from this game, with the main post coming up next!  (And I’m sure you can guess what it’s going to be called.)

Well it was a brilliant night in terms of goals, with Madrid putting seven past Málaga!  I was hoping Madrid would do well, but I certainly didn’t expect seven goals.  Part of the merit has to go to our team, but another part of it is because Málaga didn’t really come out and play, since they viewed the game, as Manuel Pellegrini said later on, as a mere “formality,” as their attention was focused on their weekend clash with Osasuna.  Anyway, Madrid dominated the game, and even had time to experiment, as Mou did with the substitutions.

ONE. First up, the goals.  Karim Benzema started the fiesta in the Bernabéu last night, with Ángel di María and Marcelo joining in on the fun before the first half ended.

It was great to see Cristiano let Xabi take some of the free kicks, especially since the first two times that Xabi took charge, Karim Benzema scored (although one of the goals was annulled for him being offside).   Karim Benzema now has five goals in each of the three tournaments.

Then in the second half, Karim scored once more and Cristiano notched a hat trick (his fifth of the season) to regain top position in the race for pichichi, one ahead of Leo Messi.

TWO. The celebrations.

First goal: Two different views of Karim Benzema leaping into the air out of joy.  I’m sure he felt relieved that he was able to prove that starting him over Manu Adebayor was not a mistake.

Second goal: I’m willing to overlook Ángel di María’s tired old goal celebration, because I am in a great mood today, after this result.  How cute is Mesut flattening Marcelo’s hair?

Third goal: the BEST celebration of the night, for the little dance between Marcelo and Cris.  SO ADORABLE.  Mesut probably wanted to join in, but was too shy.  Marcelo said after the game that he made the letter “L” with his hand for “two friends who are like brothers to me.  I had told them that if I scored, I would dedicate it to them.”  Marcelo’s a man of his word!

Fourth goal: Cris was all business-like in this celebration.  Xabi too.

Fifth goal: Karim knew by this point that he passed the exam with a sobresaliente.

Sixth goal: more serious Cris.  Look at that scowl!

Seventh goal: someone in the stands was prepared – do you see that hat thrown at Cristiano several seconds after he notched his hat trick?  More on this later, but Cris injured his left hamstring while scoring the goal, and that’s why he asked to be substituted after the celebration.  You can see how gingerly he’s walking.  The multitude of boot colors is nice too, no?  And that hug between Marcelo and Sergio C. is adorable too.

THREE. A (bit of a worrying) stat: Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 43% of his team’s goals.  I hope the others can step it up in his absence!

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  1. Annee permalink
    March 4, 2011 14:57

    Love that shot of all their shoes. You notice the best stuff. 🙂

    I just loved Marcelo and Cris’ dance but mainly for Mesut in the background. I think him and Cris have such a nice friendship, and yes, he really looked like he maybe wanted to join in. I also loved how he put his arm around him after the 4th goal.

    Happy to see Sergio Canales play well. He even almost got a goal.

    Two games in a row Mou didn’t start Alvaro. Is the love affair over? My guess is he’ll start this weekend.

  2. amouria permalink
    March 4, 2011 15:16

    Every thing was perfect yesterday. Off with the nasty February. We are in March and Cris welcomed it with a hatrick. Blesses to our beautiful angels.
    a small note: have you seen Cris not celebrating his goals as usual, very serious face, not even a small smile (the scene with marcelo looks like a complement to a friend), he’s a bit unhappy, or may be i am over-reading him !

    • Mary permalink
      March 4, 2011 20:32

      I think he was trying to be gracious, at that point Malaga was limping around and RM was winning by a large margin, to celebrate would have been rubbing salt in the wounds.

  3. superfan permalink
    March 4, 2011 15:24

    Ahhh. Thank you so much for this very special ICYMI! 🙂 The dance was just too cute. No words. Super adorable. I wish Ozil joined them. Haha. Here’s hoping for the speedy recovery of Cris’ injury.

  4. Paddy permalink
    March 4, 2011 15:52

    Unamadridista, who will be the galatico for next summer? I really liked the game though the players seemed a little frustrated and demoralized from the beginning

  5. bbBenz permalink
    March 4, 2011 18:46

    get better soon Cron.

  6. Entchen permalink
    March 4, 2011 19:29

    sorry to disappoint you, but I’m pretty sure Cris and Messi have the same amount of goals.
    I already looked that up yesterday evening (because I didn’t remember Messi’s number and wanted Cris to be better). Both and say that. (I wouldn’t always count on Kicker to be right, but if Goal says the same 😦 )

    well. whatever.

    I loved the 7 goals and Cris’ hattrick. I just hope he’s fit again sooner than later (but fit. don’t want him to play still injured)

    thx for the pics and all the gifs. always a pleasure to read your blog 🙂

    • March 5, 2011 13:23

      According to Marca, which hands out the award, Cris is at 28 and Messi at 27. The “disputed” goal is the one against Real Sociedad, which some have attributed to Pepe.

      • Entchen permalink
        March 5, 2011 14:12

        Ah. okay. That makes sense.
        Sorry 😉

        (I wonder how Kicker would explain this if it were the end of the season…)

        • Michelle permalink
          March 5, 2011 23:01

          Actually, pretty much every source attributes the “disputed” goal to Pepe… Marca is the only one who has awarded it to him. Fortunately for Cris, Marca’s is the only vote that matters when it comes to awarding the Pichichi. 😉 It is what it is, right?

  7. March 5, 2011 05:52

    really glad that Canales got to play! The 7-0 really cheered me up =)


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