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April 1, 2011

Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday!!  They are very much appreciated!  Now onto the news news news… and happy weekend!

ONE. Head here to see a video of a “Punto Pelota” reporter waiting for Sergio outside Valdebebas on Wednesday to present him with a birthday cake.  She couldn’t light up the candles due to the wind, so Sergio took the cake into his car and lit them up, then made a wish and blew out the candles.  I really want to know what’s inside that gold package on the seat next to him, and who gave him that present!

TWO. Last night, Sergio tweeted this photo of him with singers Manu Tenorio and Dani Martín last night, during a private concert by Dani for the presentation of the new magazine of Pullmantur.  A couple of observations – how much has Manu changed since his days with OT!  He looks like Guti now!  Even the hair!  Well, I guess when your career is going nowhere, you have to reinvent yourself to get some press.  It must be working, because “manutenoriofacts” is currently trending on twitter.  And I can’t believe Sergio found someone else who wears red pants!!!  Sergio’s outfit is not too bad, if you remove the scarf and the belt.  Dani is definitely the best dressed in this photo.

THREE. And here we have an article written by Sid Lowe about Álvaro Arbeloa.  In it, Álvaro says that after both games against Tottenham in the CL, he’s going to get Peter Crouch’s shirts, for him and Raúl Albiol.  Here are the highlights, although the entire article is worth a read, and there’s supposed to be more today!

“During the World Cup we were on the PlayStation constantly,” Arbeloa smiles. “It was always el Chori [Raúl Albiol] and me against Sergio Ramos and Jesús Navas. They were Spain, we were England and it got pretty intense. We always put Crouch up front – and he scored loads. We bought ourselves England shirts. You’d be there in the Spain hotel and there were two guys in white, “Gerrard” and “Crouch” on the back.

“Spurs might not be as famous as Chelsea or Manchester United but they will be very dangerous,” he continues. “I wasn’t pleased with the draw because it was easy but because I wanted to play in England. And when I saw Spurs, I said to el Chori: ‘We’re going to get Crouch shirts, so we can play in them – real ones, this time.’ It’ll be a bit big on me, but still …”

Álvaro added a few more details via twitter…

This prompted Xabi to tweet the “missing photo” for the article.  I love El Chori’s smile!

Álvaro’s reaction was, “what are friends for?  Wow, Xabi, are you bored on vacation or what?”  [I assume that’s because Xabi’s not playing this weekend.]

And Álvaro said that he and Raúl were always the big winners (but how about at parchís?).

FOUR. According to Marca, Fernando Gago is injured again, pobrecito!  The scar tissue of his right adductor muscle has opened up, sending him back to square one.  Fer’s not having a lot of luck this season, is he?

FIVE. Speaking of Argentines, in a chat with readers of El País, Santi Solari was asked, “what team do you hold in your heart?”  And his response was, “Real Madrid.  Then River and Estudiantes, which I supported when I was a kid in Argentina.”

SIX. Part two of former players I feel nostalgia for, and quote of the day, via Marca stalking Rafa van der Vaart as he exited Tottenham’s training grounds:

The Bernabéu wants to see me again?  I think it’s me who has more desire to see them.  They’re in my heart.

SEVEN. Next season, Liga games will be played from Saturday at 16h to Monday at 21h.  The league and the TV channels with broadcasting rights don’t want any games to take place simultaneously, which is why the games are now being spread out over three days.  The idea is to have four games on Saturday (16h, 18h, 20h, 22h), five on Sunday (12h, 15h, 17h, 19h, 21h) and one on Monday (21h).  That means it will theoretically be possible to watch all 10 Liga matches of the jornada!  I’m sure Madrid will continue to be scheduled for the most convenient timeslots.

EIGHT. And in response to Barcelona president Sandro Rosell’s declaration that he would plump for a “5-0” score in the Copa del Rey final to “continue the tradition,” all I have to say is that I hope no one at Madrid sinks down to that level, because Barcelona deserves our respect.  No offense to any of the culé readers, but can you imagine if someone from Madrid had made the same prognostic, how much some segments of Barcelona would milk out of playing the victim?

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  1. April 1, 2011 08:38

    Aww Alvaro is just too cute. And meh Barcelona should wait and see. :/

    • GinaM permalink
      April 1, 2011 19:49

      Ya I hope Madrid turn the game around in El Classico this time so we can get the game back in our court!

  2. April 1, 2011 08:43

    OK so seriously after watching Sergio’s video, the girl who said he’s mean and hit a girl with his car is so lying. He’s such a sweet heart ❤

    • noelle permalink
      April 1, 2011 09:03

      thats what im saying!!! i was like theres just no way he could ever do such a thing, those ppl r so sweet too =)… he even lit the candles for her and he didnt seem like he was in any hurry to get rid of the ppl, im sure he appreciated the bday wishes and the ppl that took the time to do that for him…. happy bday sergio!!! lets hope he wished for trophies this season!!! even if they dont win anything this season, i’ll always be a die hard sergio ramos/ real madrid lover =)

    • IsaBella permalink
      April 1, 2011 10:30

      I never said he’s mean. I’m a super fan of his, too. He was very nice to me personally. The incident was unfortunate and nothing serious happened.

    • April 1, 2011 14:30

      How about we move on from this whole business? It’s a new day, new posts to make us happy, new tweets to fill our senses. Let’s forget about someone else’s issues and concentrate on real news.

  3. ebrahim permalink
    April 1, 2011 09:00

    Thanks una. How I would love to avenge the small sister but like jm said he’s not harry potter and needs time but hope sprngs eternal no?

    Raul and vdb as well as the players after the the win agianst lyon showed madrid is a club with class. I hope no stupid comments come from anyone. We are under barca right now and yes it hurts all of us deeply but we are on the frist steps to restoring madrid to where it belongs(to quote our president). So let’s not make stupid comments and give barca respect :).

  4. noelle permalink
    April 1, 2011 09:10

    and as for sandro rosell’s comments, underestimate ur opponents at ur own risk! barca are fantastic but not invincible….. its not an accurate reflection of the club or barca fans, im not always proud of some of our own players/staff/coach/presidents predictions or comments but his comments were just very ignorrant and bold. We’re definitely the under dogs but i believe in the team and i hope we win something =)

    • Debsen permalink
      April 1, 2011 13:53

      Same here. I can’t believe he said that. I think Pep and a lot of the players never underestimate Real Madrid.

      • Soapsuds permalink
        April 2, 2011 13:35

        Thanks for your comment. I’d hate to think that Rosell’s words make madrid fans thinks all the cules (like me) and the coaches feel the same way too. In no way do we ever under-estimate madrid.

  5. April 1, 2011 09:33

    All I am going to say is about Rosell not about Barca – he is turning into another Laporta /Gaspart with his big mouth. I think I read once that he said something like : we speak on the field not to the press etc…. hmmm.

    That pic of the twins wearing England shirts made me smile from ear to ear! They take playstation games too seriously!

    Rafa is such a sweetheart. He is very classy and nice to the club and fans- no wonder we all love him! I am sure the fans will treat him well when he comes back to Madrid.

  6. yuyutein permalink
    April 1, 2011 10:49

    Aww, Rafa. ;^) Personally I’m following Madrid barely starting from this season, so I didn’t see him play in the white kit. But I’ll always have a soft spot for him. He’s so sweet. Wish he stayed. And I have so much fun following Alvaro! The article was fun itself, but to see his immediate reaction w/ photo is very entertaining.. oh and + Xabi’s interference too, of course. 😛 Always appreciate what you do here (and there!) Thanks! ❤

  7. Pipita permalink
    April 1, 2011 10:50

    Yes, I don’t belive it either, that Sergio hit that girl that is. But also, you have to consider that there were a camera involved this time, and people tend to act nicer when they know that for example Punto Pelota is filmning , which the reporter said a few times…so.

  8. Didi permalink
    April 1, 2011 10:59

    Hahaha, Alvaro is really funny!! He and Raul are really inseparable aren’t they?

    And since when can you call something a tradition when it only happened one time!? The president of Barca makes it look like that the 5-0 win is something that happens all the time when Barca faces Real. Like it’s something regular. But come on, you have beaten Real one time with 5-0 and suddenly it’s a traditon? Trust me, Real won’t make let that happen again.

  9. IsaBella permalink
    April 1, 2011 11:45

    Una thanks for the video, it’s really cute 🙂

    BTW Una what’s this parchis game? 🙂
    I adore how Xabi and Alvaro tease each other, it’s simply too sweet.
    Referring to what you say about Barcelona: One of my two best friends from Madrid is a Barca fan and I do have the utmost respect for that team even if they’re our die-hard rivals.

  10. Cindy permalink
    April 1, 2011 12:17

    I’m so ready for some football. It seems like it’s been forever that I’ve seen our boys play.

  11. davison permalink
    April 1, 2011 12:36

    we shal see who will have the last laugh when the game is over.

  12. April 1, 2011 12:48

    It amazes me how football can bring out both the worst and best in men. You would expect that club presidents to be wizened old men who would be the voice of calm and reason during situations like this. But no, they’re the ones who choose to act like children sometimes. I really, really hope that no one from Madrid takes the bait on this one, and prove that we are indeed a gentleman’s club.

    On a lighter note, I saw Sid’s article this morning and found it really amusing. Thank you for posting Alvaro’s tweets and the picture posted by Xabi. It’s really cute that Xabi still has the picture and remembered to post it. And that chant about Crouch is hilarious.

    Alvaro is looking good in that picture, too.

  13. Didi permalink
    April 1, 2011 13:48

    Also big news: Higuain is back on the squad-list!!! So happy for him 🙂

  14. Pammie permalink
    April 1, 2011 13:49

    lol, he gave back the cake!

    I greatly enjoyed both the article and the interview with Alvaro! What an entertaining read.

    poor Gago, but yay for Gonzalo making it back to the list and one month early too (I really really really hope it’s not too eary 😦 )

    and it makes little sense to compare Rosell with our legend honorary president di Stefano, but he stirred clear off this sort of comments in the latest interview he gave and that’s how we do it 🙂

    wow sunday noon match- I wonder if they ever will schedule that for Real Madrid! xD

    • noelle permalink
      April 1, 2011 21:49

      i laughed when he gave back the cake too but u cant blame him, i dont think i’d eat anything that a stranger gives to me, even if it is a bday cake for me…. u never kno, there could be some kind of love potion or crazy stuff in there lol =), the look he had on his face when she was trying to light the candles was funny….. it was like a “here let me get that for u before u hurt urself” kinda look hehehe…..he’s sweet ❤ sergio

  15. April 1, 2011 13:49

    You’ere right. If El Presidente had said the same the same thing, the s*** would have really hit the ceiling. Poor sportsmanship is how I call it.

    Also, it’s it a bit early for the wank to start?!

  16. -warriorprincess_ permalink
    April 1, 2011 14:43

    Soooo EXCITED for the game on saturday and tuesday. It feels like ” the ONE i have been waiting for” haha.., result of not seeing them play for a week. oh Sergio.. wish you take off your clothes after the champions league game. he has the very right to do it, noh..???
    Thank you Una..(”,)

  17. Laryssa permalink
    April 1, 2011 15:50

    I don’t think Rossell was really trying to diminish Madrid when he said those stupid comments. I think he was (unluckily) trying to pleased cule fans with a super confident score. The problem is that the real cule fans, at least the ones that I know, didn’t like the comments also. Rossell make a fool of himself and I hope his words bytes him on his butt in the end of the month…

    I love the way Mou reacts to the controversial, especially when he said that if were him making the comments the repercussion would be very different.

    • Soapsuds permalink
      April 2, 2011 13:44

      Exactly my sentiments.

      And yeah, I thought Rossell was trying to win some favour and fans from cules for that bold statement. Kinda like a “rah-rah” speech.

      I don’t really like how he said’s over-exaggerating. And barcelona (i’m a cule) cannot be complacent. We always have to fight for wins, especially against such a team like madrid. It’ll be exciting for sure!

      Anyways, I love Arbeloa’s interview! Arbeloa comes across as one of the most personable, friendly and fun guys in la roja. And Dani Martin is smokin’ as always.


  18. April 1, 2011 17:52

    Losing 5:0 again? No way!
    They play much more better together now. I’m sure they will do better now as at the first half of the season!
    I’m so positive!
    Hala Madrid!

  19. Katja permalink
    April 1, 2011 18:14

    I REALLY wonder what sort of picture Arbeloa posted of Xabi, that he was forced to delete… D:

    Amazing job Una!

  20. Michelle permalink
    April 1, 2011 19:20

    Eh, all I want to say to Rosell is what they sang on Crackovia — “Calla, calla, Sandro…”

  21. bethicusfc permalink
    April 1, 2011 19:48

    Oh my! Not only did Alvaro at reply me but it is on an una post! :>

  22. Mel permalink
    April 1, 2011 20:31

    I don’t understand why Sergio gives the cake back, was it not for him? :S I would have kept it.
    When did he stop driving the super hot Porsche to Valdebebas?

    Arbeloa looks very serious in the England shirt.

    • IsaBella permalink
      April 2, 2011 15:41

      Maybe it is because he had previously some bad experience with people giving him weird stuff… you never know what’s inside 😉 I personally would have taken it, even if it would have landed in the trash after, it was a sweet idea, besides it looks like a chocolate cake which is one of my favorites 🙂
      I think the car thing may be a part of the deal between RM and Audi. They’re supposed to promote the brand, no?

      • Mel permalink
        April 3, 2011 20:23

        Right I understand that, but a birth day cake is not that wierd. I thought it looked delish!

        I get that too, but that’s not was he was doing when I was in Madrid in 2009. And the Porsche is so much cooler. The Audi is generic to me, because they all have one. I understand if it’s required for them to arrive at Audi and club events in an Audi, but at Valdebebas – that I don’t get. Maybe it was the one closest to the garage door that day.

        • IsaBella permalink
          April 4, 2011 10:26

          well, you never know what might be inside the cake 😉
          actually, I have not seen him driving any other car recently than that black Audi… there are a few others who have exactly the same one (e.g. Iker)

  23. Ange permalink
    April 1, 2011 23:15

    Thanx 4 this post una!!!! I ❤ Alvaro!!! 🙂 …

    as for the what Rossell said … I'm SORRY he said that !!! … I… as a Culé … who admires & respect Real Madrid & fans

    (well SOME NOT ALL because their where "fans" that wanted Abi dead & the whole dopping scandal that a reporter said he got the info from Madrid.. I hope that not true & I wished RM would have taken action against him…)

    … I didn't agree with what he said … & I don't think Pep (FCB Coach) didn't like it either…. he said he should have at least said 60-0 … as a joke or something…I don't think he learn from the past… like when Cris said lets see if the can score 8 on us…

  24. nicole permalink
    April 2, 2011 15:07

    in the video of sergio

    -what is the question she’s asking all the people

    -what is serrgio saying

    -what do thay sing..i know the happy birthday part then they sing one line i dont understand.

    -what is happening at the end of the video that they discuss and laugh at ine guy..

    pls help me understand if you have the time.

    i love alvaro but you know i had always thought that his name on twitter had coca at the end cause he loved coke a lot..i did not know it was really his name..hahah

    • IsaBella permalink
      April 2, 2011 15:50

      “-what is the question she’s asking all the people” – she asks if they will help her stop Sergio when he drives out of the training facility.
      “-what is serrgio saying” – he asks her which program she is doing the report for, and when she answers that it’s “Punto Pelota” he asks her if she’s new.

  25. Lulja permalink
    April 2, 2011 17:28

    Jeje, Álvaro is so funny! I love the fact they are so much into playing Playstation (what feeling must it be to see your own name/character in a video game? I should ask him that on Twitter.). And, yay, they play Pro Evulotion Soccer (and not FIFA)!
    Thank God there is social networking. Almost better than any interview.

    Never been a fan of Rosell. Glad that Pep shows his class here.

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