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a 30/70 post

April 11, 2011

That’s 30 percent Madrid, 70 percent cantera, since there was a lot more news about the latter this weekend!  But to start things off, another photo of Marcelo feeling the urge to check Cristiano’s pulse.  Maybe he was worried that some gel had seeped into Cris’ head.

Blanket of silence: unlike a certain other team, no players from Madrid will speak about the four clásicos. José Mourinho has instructed his players not to say anything about their rival in this series of games, and when asked about Barcelona, the players all reply, “we’re going to be silent.”  So they won’t be responding to things like Sandro Rosell’s prediction, Víctor Valdés’ jab on “Buenafuente” or the “manita” ad campaign.  Mou has prohibited interviews and he’ll be the only one who will transmit what the team is feeling.

A full week: Here’s what this critical week looks like for Madrid, leading up to the second CL quarterfinal game and then the Liga game against Barcelona:

Today: the team will train at 11h behind closed doors.  The session will focus on the game against Tottenham.

Tomorrow: the team will train at Valdebebas in the morning, and then travel to London at 15h.  Mou will give a press conference at White Hart Lane, as will a player.

Wednesday: Champions League second quarterfinal leg against Tottenham, starting at 20:45.  Once the game is over, the team will head towards the airport to return to Madrid.

Thursday: the team arrives at Barajas at four in the morning.  They’ll train on this day as well, with the starters taking it a bit easier.

Friday: training session, Mourinho press conference, concentración.

Saturday: light stretching session at the Bernabéu in the morning, game at 22h.

Sunday: with only three days to go before the final of the Copa del Rey, there most likely will be a training session, but that hasn’t been determined yet.

We don’t like it: Madrid will also appeal Esteban Granero’s yellow card from the Athletic game to the Competition Committee.  If the card is overturned, then that means El Pirata will be able to play this weekend against Barcelona.  Esteban received the card in the 46th minute as the referee believed he had committed a dangerous play against Ekiza while going for the ball.  The team may also appeal Iker’s yellow card.

Fourteen and counting: Castilla and Lugo drew 2-2 yesterday afternoon in the Alfredo di Stéfano, in front of 3,500 spectators, including Esteban Granero and Sergio Llull (a Real Madrid basketball player).

Though the game ended in a tie, it was a great game, because Castilla had to make a comeback after Lugo went up 0-2, and Joselu and Castilla capi Fran Rico answered, scoring two goals in two minutes (in the 74th and 76th, respectively) to save a point for the team.  Castilla’s unbeaten streak now stands at 14 games (11 wins and three ties).

And since we always talk about how Castilla players are “promoted” to the first team once in a while, mostly to train, but sometimes to play, well Juvenil A’s leftback Javier García-Noblejas was the lucky one this time, as he replaced the suspended Jorge Casado in this encounter.  Here are some pictures of those Castilla players who have trained extensively with the first team this year, during the game yesterday, so you should be able to recognize all of them.

The pictures from the game are great, no?  Madrid’s photographers did an excellent job yesterday – they must have sent an intern or a temp (or even a monkey, since it could probably do a better job than the normal photographers) to the game.  For example, I love this photo, because it’s the perfect “back” picture.  Of course, it would be better if all three of the players were ours, but at least MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín is back front and center.

¡Enhorabuena! Meanwhile, Juvenil B became the third team in the cantera to win their division this season (Juvenil A and Cadete B are the others) after they crushed Atlético de Madrid B 2-0 and their closest rival, Rayo Vallecano B, lost to Pinto.  In this way, with three games left (two jornadas and a postponed game which will be played on April 13 against Rayo Majadahonda), they became champions of National Group 12.  Pablo and Ángel scored for Madrid.  

Esteban and the big kid: still on the subject of the cantera, one of my favorite canteranos tweeted this photo of him having lunch with “a big kid” yesterday.  Sergio C. is wearing the same shirt that Esteban wore to watch basketball the other night, which just begs the questions: (1) Do they share custody of this shirt?  Is so, how do they decide visiting rights?  (2) If not, do they each own one?  (3) If so, did they go buy them together on a little shopping trip?

Loving the sunglasses!

And for some reason, I find it really hilarious that MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín has a cousin with a very similar name, that which is the most pijo of all Spanish names, Borja,  and that he’s called “Jita.”

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  1. April 11, 2011 10:14

    “Madrid’s photographers did an excellent job yesterday – they must have sent an intern or a temp (or even a monkey, since it could probably do a better job than the normal photographers) to the game”

    – I burst out laughing when I read this. I so agree with you. The photographers that we have are absolutely pathetic.

    Also – Esteban love! Heh!

  2. Pipita permalink
    April 11, 2011 10:30

    I don’t even think Marcelo is touching Cris to be honest. He’s just making a gesture on whats happening on the field, and the angle makes it look like his touching his Ronaldo.

  3. Christy permalink
    April 11, 2011 11:07

    Hi Una, what was Valdez’s jab toward Real Madrid?

    • April 11, 2011 14:08

      He questioned whether Madrid’s victories against Barcelona were in black and white or in color (as in TV).

      • April 11, 2011 15:13

        I’m not usually a violent person, but Valdez is one person I’d love to smack hard. He’s such a douche.

      • superfan permalink
        April 11, 2011 15:22

        I was just about to ask the same thing! Ugh. I swear I cannot stand him at all!! 😐

        • RealLisa permalink
          April 11, 2011 16:02

          It’s Valdes, not Valdez. I think you guys shouldn’t waste time on that kind of stuff. He’s not woth it, no?

      • Pammie permalink
        April 11, 2011 16:29

        the praised Barcelona humility at work….

        It’s good that Mou told them to not talk about the clasicos, but it’s not like they have said something similar to Valdez to the press in recent times, so it wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

        hmmm, I hope there’ll be a motivational video for the CdR final, I can’t get enough of the epic awkwardness. xD

      • April 11, 2011 21:14

        He’s just really bitter that the last time we won they had to give us a pasillo and then we thrashed them 4-1. He’s taking selective memory to new levels 😉

  4. Jennifer permalink
    April 11, 2011 11:14

    I noticed the shirt situ too! I suspect the reality is that they both bought souvenir UCLA polos when they went on their American adventure this summer, but it’s much more amusing to imagine them fighting over who gets to wear it!

    Also, I was totally not expecting to see Sergio when I clicked that link yesterday, which made it all the funnier.

  5. amy permalink
    April 11, 2011 14:21

    i want to punch vv in the face

  6. superfan permalink
    April 11, 2011 15:32

    Congratulations to Juvenil B for winning their Division!! 🙂 and to Castilla for that awesome comeback!!

    I, for one, am glad that the players are being silent about the upcoming Clasicos. That’s better rather than saying anything that might be taken out of context or might be blown out of proportion. Let’s face it, anything that comes out of our players’ and manager’s mouths is made into a bigger deal than what it is. So this being silent thing is actually a good thing. 🙂

  7. IsaBella permalink
    April 11, 2011 15:36

    I think it’s a good idea not to mention anything about the upcoming clasicos. Let’s not stir things up anymore that they already are….

  8. ana permalink
    April 11, 2011 16:28

    Castilla game was great, as was the whole last week for both Madrid football and basketball teams. May this good streak continue and continue!

    Re: Valdes — isn’t it funny that history doesn’t teach them anything? Because i remember how they were bringing that “black and white or colour” thing in mid-90’s about Champions League. And we all know what happened later.

  9. Pammie permalink
    April 11, 2011 16:32

    The comeback of Castilla was amazing, madridismo at work! And congrats to Juvenil B!

    haha the thought of Sergio C and Esteban sharing custodity of a shirt xD

  10. RealLisa permalink
    April 11, 2011 16:38

    Cris-Kaká bromance. Short but sweet. Well, who can blame Pepe and Cris? Marcelito is the type of guy that everyone would love to have him as a (best) friend (well, at least I do).

    I’m proud of míster and I support the idea of silence before the El Clásico. I’ve heard Pep told his boys to be quiet too; although I see someone does not obey papá (read: Valdes). As for El Clásico itself, I can’t believe how time flies.. I’ll say again, as I have said many times before: I’m confident, I trust our boys, I know we can do it.
    Actually (call me crazy), I’m optimistic about La Liga too. You remember what happend in season 2006/07!? We won, despite Barca’s 10pt advantage. So, yeah, it’s not over yet! Not for me.

    How can we forget those cute faces of our canteranos? Thanks to you Una, I started following La Fábrica more deeply, without being concentrated only on Castilla. Congrats to Juvenil B!!!
    I read Morata’s tweets, he seems like a childish boy – I laughed when he twice wrote to two fake Morata-twitter profiles. It was something like: “Hey, stop pretending to be me, you’re fake, I’ll appeal”. 🙂

    And what on earth is going on with Peter Lion? He was supposed to shine in Madrid. Una, any idea?

    • IsaBella permalink
      April 12, 2011 15:29

      “And what on earth is going on with Peter Lion? He was supposed to shine in Madrid.” – he apparently doesn’t get along with Mou. But this is only what people say. Nothing confirmed.

  11. Lola permalink
    April 11, 2011 17:17

    Love the photos- though RM probably has professional photographers for the first team and others (or ones in learning) for Castilla and the Juvenil games who have not been introduced to/tainted by the artsy ways of RM-photography…

    I’d like to imagine all of the players in the UCLA store, discussing how many people can reasonably buy the same shirts.

    Thanks so much for this post- I adore cantera-news!

  12. evita permalink
    April 11, 2011 23:40

    Valdes is a douche, but I have sick, strange, disturging, and shameful facination with him. He’s sexy as hell…but completely classless…like say his buddy Xavi. You know the humble guy that tells everyone how humble he is…gotta love it.

    I’m nervous but excited about Classico, all four of them. I just get so annoyed that I have no issue with giving Barca props for their excellent play, but they and some of their fans are just complete douche nozzle’s. Seriously, it’s clear that you’ve won the league…but do you have to be an asshole about it?

    I’m sure they will have something smart to say about it, and the sports media, who must have lockjaw by now, will spin this silence in some way AGAINST Madrid.

  13. SunnyK permalink
    April 12, 2011 02:25

    Totally cute video of the guys on the bench Saturday!

  14. cisarovna permalink
    April 12, 2011 06:27

    this video has more funny stuff from Cris and Marcelo on the bench (including some escapades in English with Manu). I don’t understand it all, but I am laughing still! Marcelo is so funny!

  15. ebrahim permalink
    April 12, 2011 10:31

    The values of this club humility hard work and respect. Valdes clearly does not represent those.

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