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ICYMI – the la decimoctava edition

April 22, 2011

In case you missed it – Barcelona vs. Real Madrid [2011-04-20, Copa del Rey final, 0-1].

And now onto the game.  It needs no introduction, but I just have to say, it reminded me of the World Cup final, because that was the last big final I saw, it also went into overtime with one goal scored during that period, and the night ended with Iker kissing someone (unfortunately not me).

FIFTEEN.  The goal from Cristiano Ronaldo that brought the Copa del Rey back to Madrid – from four different angles!

As Cris said the other day, the one who laughs last laughs best.

SIXTEEN.  Cristiano celebrated the goal by running to the sideline, and then falling to his knees and sliding, while the rest of his teammates ran to him to mob him (Sergio was really excited, no?).  An upset Barcelona fan, realizing that the Cup wasn’t going home with them that night, decided to throw some object at Cris.  Luckily, the fan had as much luck at hitting the target as David Villa has of late, so it wasn’t an incident.  But seriously, that type of action should not happen, along with those lasers pointed at the faces of players (Messi in this game), and what Pepe did in the direction of Barcelona’s fans during this celebration.  In fact, Álvaro Arbeloa scolded him for doing that right then and there, which I love.  After the game, Pepe immediately apologized, saying in the mixed zone, “I ask for forgiveness for what I did after the goal.  It was due to euphoria, but it wasn’t the right thing for me to do.  I really do ask for forgiveness.”  It’s nice to see our players can admit when they do something wrong and apologize for it.

SEVENTEEN.  Madrid wore special shirts for the game, with a patch of the Cup on the sleeve and words commemorating the event, teams, date and venue under the escudo on their chest.  And it looks like Iker switched back to his normal captain’s armband in the second half.  He also turned his socks inside out after the half.

EIGHTEEN.  I love, love, LOVE that Álvaro and Sergio knew that David was just pretending that he was dying, and so they decided to just pull him up so the game could continue.  And Sergio shoving both David and Leo?  Nice.  The incident ended with the captains having a little discussion and Xabi chewing off the referee’s ear.

NINETEEN.  Scenes from the south end of the Mestalla, where Madrid’s fans were congregated.  Most of them heeded Iker’s words and showed up in white, with the lovely accessory of the Spanish flag.  As they do at the Bernabéu, some fans chanted “illa illa illa, Juanito maravilla” during the seventh minute.  Cristiano’s attacks were rewarded with the singing of the familiar “A por ellos, oé” and José Mourinho was honored with “José Mourinho, José Mourinho, la la la…”

TWENTY.  Even saints sweat.  And another espaldinha from Cristiano.  Too bad Pepe couldn’t finish the play.

TWENTY ONE.  Xabi and his posing are contagious, because less than thirty seconds after he did this, Iker did that.

TWENTY TWO.  More teammates doing the same thing… I am grateful for this thinking alike.

TWENTY THREE.  Piqué was running his mouth off the entire night, but no one wanted to hear.  First, Xabi brushes him off as if he were an annoying fly in his ear.  Then Sergio, Álvaro, Pepe and Xabi once again shove Piqué aside in succession.  As Shakira sang, “Don’t Bother.”

TWENTY FOUR.  No one probably wants to be David Villa at the moment, with his 11-game dry spell, except for maybe this moment.

TWENTY FIVE.  I always love seeing the bench’s reactions to almost-goals and goals.  In Wednesday’s game, Kaká and Mesut were the ones in disbelief, while Eze just threw himself on the ground out of disappointment.

TWENTY SIX.  Speaking of the reserves, did you notice the rest of the players sitting behind the bench?  They were hard to miss, because they were all wearing bright white jackets.  During one of the moments when the camera panned to Mou, you could see El Chori and Antonio Adán joking around, Sergio Canales getting distracted and Peter Lion lost in thought.  And our players are so professional – here we have Fernando Gago and Juanfran – that even when Mou is getting crazy, they don’t even bat an eye.

TWENTY SEVEN.  One of the few contributions David Villa made to the game: making Álvaro’s shorts ride up.  ¡Gracias David!  And some of his teammates contributed to the game by giving some Oscar-worthy acting lessons!  (Our guys aren’t too bad at that either at times.)

TWENTY EIGHT.  The man of a million gestures and expressions.  I don’t know how Aitor can stay so stoic.  The one in the right is my favorite, and my favorite “mou-ment” during the game was when he yelled at Cristiano for complaining instead of going back to defend.

And once again, Mou ended the game with only 10 players.

TWENTY NINE.  Iker showed off his perfect profile in the tunnel while waiting for the second half to begin…

… and made some wonderful saves during the game.  Thank goodness he’s not one centimeter shorter, no?

THIRTY.  Go ahead, make up some questions that you want Sergio to reply “sí” to.

Our kits really are quite transparent, aren’t they?

THIRTY ONE.  More examples of how this team is a piña: Karanka, Jerzy Dudek and El Pirata waited at the entrance to the tunnel to high five their teammates as the half ended.

And Cristiano high-fived everyone passing by him as the team returned to the field for the start of the second half.  Meanwhile, Marcelo made sure he still had his little baby face.

THIRTY TWO.  One of my favorite images from the game: the huddle between the end of regulation and the beginning of overtime.  It’s quite unusual to see Madrid like this, which makes it all the more special.  Everyone was there – the players, the subs, the ones not called up for the game, the coaching team, the medical staff, other staff members… all forming a huddle that showed how united this team is.

One of the physios was applying treatment to the thigh of a certain player (a thigh we are very familiar with), and it looked like fun, no?  And an equipment manager got to help Iker change out of his shirts.  Why couldn’t Iker turn around???

In the very center of the huddle was Mou and his lieutenant.  Barcelona did the same thing as Madrid, leading to this image.

THIRTY THREE.  We also saw Pedro León giving Cris some advice before the overtime began.

THIRTY FOUR.  Some great steals.  The one on the right is of course the one that led to The Goal.

THIRTY FIVE.  The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

Xabi rose to the occasion, bringing out his favorite poses and adding some new ones to his repertoire.

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  1. Aby permalink
    April 22, 2011 16:33

    Super enjoyed this Una!

    I now have your blog now on my Rockmelt feeds, so I am now informed right away when you have new post! 🙂

  2. April 22, 2011 17:01

    I get little hearts in my eyes every time someone even brings up the topic of this match. My club, my team! :)))))))

    Thank you for some truly awesome pictures and gif’s Una!

  3. April 22, 2011 17:15

    I don’t like hearing about our players being unsporting. Thank goodness (1) that Pepe seems to be the exception to the rule, (2) that we have players like Arbeloa who will put any teammates who cross the line in their place and (3) he at least apologized and owned up to his mistake.

    That goal was something else, no? I loved that it started way back in the other half, and the 1-2 between Di Maria and Marcelo. And Cristiano’s header. It’s one of those times that you know that he knew, even as he was rising to meet the ball, he knew that he was going to score.

    I can’t comment on the other things, as the pictures and gifs aren’t loading. So I’ll be back.

    Hala Madrid!

  4. April 22, 2011 17:27

    1. I love Iker, his perfect profile, his saintly saves and for being brought up in RM. I am so happy that he finally won the only important title he missed in what is definitely an impressive collection. He can create an amazing museum with all the medals, trophies and awards he has won!
    2. Xabi brushing off Piqué and his big mouth like that was so boss ! LOL
    3. What is so funny is that the second Sergio and Alvaro pulled him up, Villa got all angry and shovy and then walked as if he wasn’t hurt and about to die like he looked seconds before!
    4. I am glad our players apologize when doing something wrong. Pepe acted badly towards the culés in the stadium and he apologized but I seem to remember someones else doing something wrong to our fans last Saturday but I didn’t hear his apology……
    5. Mou is hilarious! and you are right Una, how can Karanka keep a straight face!

    Thanks for everything Una, this has been a great post but will their be an ICYMI- Celebrations post? because I missed that ( I only saw Sergio dropping the cup and some pics)

    • April 23, 2011 11:05

      Of course! Please be patience with me. No help is going on.

      • April 23, 2011 12:51

        That line will never, ever get old!! 🙂

      • April 23, 2011 15:11

        Of course I will be patience Una 🙂 Take your time 😀

      • Maddi permalink
        April 23, 2011 15:53

        Thank you so much Una!!!! You can’t imagine how much I (and I’m sure most of us here) appreciate you and your hard work. Of course we’ll be patient with you!!!

      • lith permalink
        April 24, 2011 01:16

        haha una, we’re patience even with sergio’s english skills, why not be with you.
        best comment ever!
        love you.

  5. sortacrunchymom permalink
    April 22, 2011 17:29

    Great post, as usual!! I just wish you had included a pan of the faces of the Barcelona fans after about 110 minutes…the expressions on their faces, realizing their team was going to lose, were priceless. I felt like I shouldn’t have been laughing, but I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  6. Maja permalink
    April 22, 2011 17:34

    I like it very much but where is this funny moment when Adebayor is tapping with his index finger the one guy from Barca who was accidentally fouled by he? 🙂

    • Jenny permalink
      April 23, 2011 16:04

      Ade fouled no-one – replays showed Mascherano doing a “Busquets” – pretending he’d been knocked in the face when Ade’s hand barely brushed his shoulder. It was an obvious attempt to have him sent-off.

      Ade’s reaction was brilliant though – tapping him on the back like “are you dead?”

  7. Linda permalink
    April 22, 2011 17:36

    I’ve been checking for this post!!! THANK YOU UNA!!! ♥♥♥ Okay, now to go back and actually read it…

  8. Marie permalink
    April 22, 2011 17:46

    Great post as always Una! Hehe when Iker had his shirt off I knew you were paying attention (who wasn’t?!).
    By the way I found an old Vogue Espana with a shirtless Iker that you’ve definitely already seen I hope 😉

  9. Mary permalink
    April 22, 2011 17:47

    What did Pepe do? I was too transfixed on Cris after the goal to notice anyone else quite frankly!

    • April 23, 2011 11:10

      He did a “corte de mangas” – I’m not sure what the translation to English is.

      • April 23, 2011 13:38

        He gave Barca supporters the finger.

        • April 24, 2011 15:31

          So that arm gesture can also be referred to as giving the finger?

        • April 24, 2011 21:34

          well, i think so… In French the words are different depending on the gesture (arm or finger) but in English, i dont think it makes a difference.

      • Jenny permalink
        April 23, 2011 16:06

        I believe “giving the finger” is what we call it.

        You should clarify that in your post because I’m sure most of us would agree, that’s a pretty mild sin.

      • Cyn permalink
        April 23, 2011 20:17

        to flip someone off or give someone the finger

      • Pam permalink
        April 23, 2011 22:57

        According to google translate it means showing the (middle) finger. If so, very classy of Pepe.

      • sam permalink
        April 24, 2011 10:38

        Basically he did an “up yours” sign to the Barca fans.

        For which, he did apologize later.

      • April 24, 2011 11:04

        We just calling it giving the middle finger, although some people would say he flipped them off.

    • Jennifer permalink
      April 23, 2011 14:15

      It’s like “giving the finger”, I think? Except it’s a fist-pump type gesture instead of your middle finger. It’s rude, in any case.

    • Devyn permalink
      April 23, 2011 17:25

      He gave them the middle finger.

  10. Ally permalink
    April 22, 2011 17:51

    Thank you for putting so much time in this! It’s a pleasure to read (&watch ;))

  11. zuneybunny permalink
    April 22, 2011 18:09

    thanks Una, for another great one! Are you gonna make an icymi for the celebration? There are some good stuff in there…

  12. IsaBella permalink
    April 22, 2011 18:25

    Still hilariously happy after the victory 😀
    Una, what did Pepe do after the goal? Do you have a photo of that?
    Marcelo has tattoos on his tummy! I wonder what they mean… 🙂
    24. can I volunteer for switching places with Villa? 😉
    27. I start liking David Villa more and more jajajaja 🙂
    30. All right, I’ll make a list of the questions, vale? 😉

  13. mar permalink
    April 22, 2011 19:11

    nice review (as the preview one-i had no time to comment).
    I liked so much eighteen…i could not stop looking at our boys picking up David (don’t ask me why)…I also could not stop watching iker stripping.
    Will there be a post for the celebration?

  14. maddy permalink
    April 22, 2011 19:58

    i didn’t understand the offensive gesture pepe made after the goal. i looked at it over and over and it seemed like he was pumping the air in a funny way. was there a finger involved? or is it a spanish thing?

    • DebS permalink
      April 25, 2011 05:42

      In the US, it means “up yours”, similar to flipping someone the bird but a more emphatic gesture.

  15. kiki permalink
    April 22, 2011 20:00

    Oh Una! This is the 1st day I can even try to post! Hala Madrid!
    You were so cute posting during the match & for sergio’s little “situation” I know, I know, it was just to amazing & exciting not to share it! ♥ LOL! 😀

    Feisty Xabi is wrecking all of my panties! TMI? I’m sorry…

    So happy for BEAUTIFUL Iker and all of us…

    I am tired of negative reviews about ‘anti-futbol’. The fact is that La Roja faces this tactic in nearly every match & still wins…still won the world cup. So if Barca (who are a tremendous, excellent team, all must admit) could not beat Real Madrid, the best team won on the day of the final. I am happy that great teams, like Barca & yes, Real, exist because this improves the level of football for all who want to conquer. Our game is now elevated and that is a good thing for competition in general! 🙂

    Strategy matters, which is why history does not look down on the Greeks in Battle of Thermopylae, I keep using this an example, as they had to fight a larger, established Persian force (but I’ll stop with all that, I’m getting a little loca jejejejeje)

    I also wish all the negative commentors would recognize that our club have only been together for a short time, which makes this victory even sweeter. We are coming into our own. It is a whole new ballgame now.

    Thank you again! I absolutely LOVE Xabi’s hand gestures to Pique, Sergio will keep us chuckling for years and Iker kissing the goddess melts my heart! There is too much to comment on, so I will just stop.
    I am still overwhelmed & can’t speak properly!

    • April 23, 2011 12:53

      I keep hearing ‘we are Sparta!’ from Arbeloa when I read about the Greeks! LOL!

  16. Eva permalink
    April 22, 2011 20:29

    I was going to say “I’m so desirous that you were a cule .
    Your blog is so interesting even make me( a dead heart cule) like your team a little more.”
    But what Arbeloa and Ramos did is just disgrace.
    Hey, Even if Villa was just pretending , let him did what he think he should did.
    If Villa feels like rolling on the field , LET HIM ROLL.
    Don’t pull him up like a rag doll, it’s just disgrace.
    They should show their respect to Villa’s “right to work” since we all know “dive” and “act” are parts of this fabulous game.

    Sorry for my bad english , it’s not my first language.
    and Congratulations, big win.

  17. blitzen permalink
    April 22, 2011 20:43

    Actually, here is the full quote:

    From the replay it looked like Arbeloa had stepped on Villa’s leg. It looks like it was unintentional, but Arbeloa himself should have been well aware of what happened. What Arbeloa and Ramos did to David Villa after that was against the principles of a football player, even against their morals. As the coach for the Spanish national team, I have the responsibility to make players aware of their own actions, otherwise, I don’t think that those who disrupts the cohesion in the locker room again and again will be favored.
    — Head coach of Spanish NT Vincent Del Bosque (via footballsoccerfutbol)

    • April 23, 2011 11:21

      I looked for that quote in both Spanish and English, and the only place I found it was that one user on tumblr (the one you quoted), who also did not cite the source (and got the coach’s name wrong). So I’m not inclined to believe that VDB actually said this. It also doesn’t sound like something he would say.

      I did find this:, which you can believe or not, since the source is Marca, but it does sound much more logical than what you quoted above.

      • Cosi permalink
        April 23, 2011 22:12

        Sounds really dodgy to me as well…..

      • Pam permalink
        April 23, 2011 23:09

        Excuse me Una. I have a hard time believing anything Marca (or Mundo Deportivo for that matter) says 🙂 I don’t know if Del Bosque said what was quoted by blitzen, but several non-Spanish journalists have said after the match that Del Bosque was disappointed to see players from his NT beating the stuffing out of each other and that he has a real team-building exercise on his hands next time NT gathers together….

        • April 24, 2011 15:41

          Well, VDB has already had his team twice after the clásico from last November, which was worse than this game in terms of players getting into confrontations, so it’s not anything new to him.

  18. Hala_Madrid permalink
    April 22, 2011 20:53

    Loved it Una thanks this has been one of the best games i’ve ever watched. I also thought David Villa and Pique were too muc..It was annoying but at the end we won so I guess it doesn’t matter tomen cules…. I Can’t wait for tomorrow’s match and Wed, they’re going to be interesting games

  19. April 22, 2011 21:55

    gosh, this game just made me giggly and smiley all over. i love how defense-minded we were and good at stealing balls to stop barcelona from their dumb passing thing.

  20. Jenny permalink
    April 22, 2011 22:18

    Beautiful! As always!

  21. ToujoursPetite permalink
    April 22, 2011 22:32

    Oh man, this game!! It must have shaved years off of my life! It was all worth it in the end, though (maybe not for the cup though.. R.I.P, copa) and I’ve never been more proud of this team– everyone remembers that clasico; but look at where we were then, and how far we’ve come! We’ve developed so much as a team, as an effective unit, really proving to all the doubters what we’re capable of, what we’re meant to be doing. Next season man, it’s ours!!!

    Thanks for all of your ICYMI’s, Una! They’re always so fantastic ❤

  22. Maddi permalink
    April 22, 2011 22:49

    Thanks Una! Iker’s save had me gasping and shaking with relief! I am so greatful as well that Iker isn’t just half an inch shorter!!! When Barca had their offside goal I was almost in tears until I realized that it wouldn’t count. Phew.
    Cris’s goal was INCREDIBLE!!!! What a beautiful header! And I love Sergio’s celebration!
    Haha at Xabi and the rest ignoring Pique 🙂 And I laughed so hard at Alvaro and Sergio pulling up Villa. Villa was like “OMG OMG I’m going to die, it’s so painful, I’ll never walk again, this hurts so — HEY WTF!?” Daveed’s reaction to getting stepped on was also hilarious, although I do wish that Alvaro hadn’t done it.
    I love the reactions from the bench! Especially Garay doing the bellyflop :). I wish the broadcast I watched had showed Iker’s reaction to the goal though. Mou’s reactions were hilarious, especially the one about Cris and that weird finger he did 🙂

    I’m so happy!!!!!!! Barcelona played well too, although we completely deserved to win!!! I tried not to rub it in TOO much to my cule friends the next day 😉

  23. ameera permalink
    April 22, 2011 23:10

    From the replays it looked as if Alvaro stepped on the back of David’s leg as David was getting up. I don’t think that he did stepped on it on purpose but from experience with my own football playing it hurts A LOT! I think David was in pain but not that he was dying in pain. Anyway it was unacceptable on both parts. Other than that it was a pretty good game. Madrid were AMAZING first half and Barcelona decided to put up a fight second half. I was hoping that it was going to be a good game and it was aside from the usual tension and fouls and crowding of the referee on every whistle. HALA MADRID!

    • DebS permalink
      April 25, 2011 05:59

      yes, in all fairness to Daveed, the replay did show that Arbeloa stepped on his calf as he stepped over him (see the picture in 27). I don’t think it was on purpose but it had to have still hurt. I must admit I did laugh when they both helped Daveed up tho (before I saw the replay where he was actually stepped on). It was like they were saying, “Come on, dude. You forget that we’ve played with you on the national team. You can’t pull that one one us. PUHlease!” But I don’t know that Sergio (and maybe Arbeloa?) knew that David had actually been stepped on.
      But then little Messi running up to Sergio and getting in his face…lol . It remind me of a little Chihuahua running up and barking at a German Shepard.

  24. SunnyK permalink
    April 22, 2011 23:27

    Oh SO many great moments in this match. I’ve rewatched it a few times and I’ll never get tired of Alvaro & Sergio picking up Villa. Villa & Mascherano surely deserve Oscars for their antics. Also, I’m very happy to hear Pepe apologized for that gesture he made after the goal. No need for that.

    I thought it looked like Xabi getting his leg iced during the huddle. It kinda looks like his head in front of Mou in that gif.

    I hope these highly contentious affairs don’t cause trouble between the players on the national team. Things get said in the heat of the battle and I hope the ones that say a bit more than they should do the right thing and clear the air.

  25. Aby permalink
    April 22, 2011 23:29

    I’m sorry but this is becoming ridiculous. You guys won, congrats on a job well done..Madrid obviously wanted it more. But let’s not forget that in this world of futbol one team is not free from imperfections. Everyone dives..that was not helping him up. Unless you have terrible eyesight, Villa was stepped on and handled like a rag doll. If a feather so much as touches CR7, he is on the floor crying like a 5 year old whose lollipop was just stolen. EVERYONE dives and acts like a drama queen. No exceptions.
    Enough with the Pique drama, this blog is turning into the Perez Hilton blog of football. Don’t you think if the man disdained Spain and it’s king he would not be playing for the national team right? Nobody pointed a gun to his head and forced him.
    This game of he said-she said is stupid and childish, grow up. He said he didn’t do it, Iker didn’t directly hear him say it. Everyone needs to show some maturity. Pretty cute how first Barcelona is accused of doping and is subsequently tested , and now this. I’m not saying Barcelona is perfect, far from it but this is what is called stirring the pot. What ever happened to respect for rivals? This past summer when I went to see Madrid practice at UCLA and got to actually meet Iker I was over the moon but him trying to stir things up with second hand information that isn’t reliable is sad and disheartening. He used to be a stand up guy in my eyes.

    • April 23, 2011 11:31

      Just because “everyone dives and acts like a drama queen” doesn’t make it right, especially when theatrics lead to unwarranted punishments.

      There is no concrete proof that Madrid was involved with the allegations of doping. Anyone can say their source was “someone at the club.”

      And you’re saying that Iker should not believe what his very own teammates told him they heard? And I think Iker was plenty mature – he went on to say that Piqué is a great guy and will someday be captain of La Roja.

      • maddy permalink
        April 23, 2011 11:40

        i think iker must have some kind of magical powers to be able to successfully captain a national team packed with barca and madrid players and their histrionics! well done!

    • April 23, 2011 12:58

      Aby, no one is forcing you to come to a Real Madrid blog and read about the team. If you are a cule, it baffles me as to why on earth would you even bother doing so in the first place!

      That being said, if you don’t like what you are reading, please by all means – leave. And don’t bother returning.

    • April 23, 2011 15:25

      Wow – Aby… Iker was asked, he said what he knew and then he complimented Pique. He wasn’t trying to stir anything up. That man is the moral compass of that locker room and he knows he has big shoes to fill in there. He has to say the right thing. If you had read the entire quote, you would see that he over-complimented PK.
      and Not everyone dives. and who can blame CR for taking advantage now and then. He gets hard tackled more than any other player in the league (they do track those numbers). He deserves a call every now and then, but rarely gets it.
      … and Madrid has shown plenty of respect for their rivals. Mou, the voice of the team, makes it clear that they don’t trash talk. The team doesn’t make advertisements with the manita, Arbeloa got in Pepe’s face to stop his ‘celebration’ on Wednesday. The team is really very respectful. It’s just certain fans that are ignorant and disrespectful, both in Madrid and Barcelona, and they are the ones who end up being the example that other fans base their impressions of the entire team. Fans being a-holes doesn’t make the team a bunch of a-holes.
      Lastly, wouldn’t you say yes to a team that you knew had the ability, as a unit, to win a World Cup?

  26. Anonymous permalink
    April 22, 2011 23:37

    granted, villa does go down pretty easily and does display theatric talent, but if you watch the replay, it shows arbeloa stamping on villa’s calf with his studs. here’s the video:

    just wanted to point that out, not starting an argument or anything.

    congratulations, though, it was nice to see iker lift the one trophy he hadn’t had, as a spanish football fan and just wanted to say that you really have a great blog 🙂

  27. April 22, 2011 23:40

    love love love love!! I really wanted Iker to turn around too! but no, had to focus on the huddle! And when Cris was slapping everyone on the back, Sergio just really wanted a high five…I love Messi because he plays for my beloved Albiceleste, but not during this game. And when Sergio shoved him and he raised his fist? Priceless. Lastly, to Sergio: Will you marry me =)? (Sí!!)

  28. April 22, 2011 23:44

    “But seriously, that type of action should not happen, along with those lasers pointed at the faces of players (Messi in this game), and what Pepe did in the direction of Barcelona’s fans during this celebration.”

    Thank you for pointing this out, Una! I know fans are always quick to forget the faults of their team but I was so, so, so disappointed by whoever controlled the lasers because we have to remember, other fans have done that to Cristiano all season. There is no justification behind this!

    And as for Pepe’s reaction to the goal, I know he’s hotheaded, it was disappointing to see him react in such a manner but it was reassuring to know that he apologized and Arbeloa was quick to stop it. I wish everyone could remember that they are representing so much out on that pitch and we all–Real Madrid, Barcelona, every team–have to rise to the occasion and respect each other!

    Like Iker said, “Si somos el mejor equipo del mundo, también tenemos que tener a la afición más educada del mundo. Todo lo que sea ayudar a su equipo animando está fenomenal, pero hay que tener respeto a la afición rival.”

    Hala Madrid!

  29. Gilly B permalink
    April 23, 2011 00:27

    Brings back good (nervous!) memories- thanks Una!! I was so happy for Madrid- the CdR is a big cup (laying off the Sergio jokes now…), so an important victory. Plus, it gets Barca thinking for the next match, doesn’t it…Love it!!

  30. PMom_GA permalink
    April 23, 2011 00:51

    Re # 30/transparency: oh that screen cap needed to show about 3″ lower…ahem. 🙂

  31. El Tímido permalink
    April 23, 2011 01:07

    Hola. I’d like to start off my comment by sharing this pic which you may/may not have seen:

    Now that I have appalled you and have your attention..

    I’d like to thank you for all the work you do to make this site so wonderful for madridistas and others alike to visit. I appreciate it very much. I’ve been following your blog for quite a few months without commenting, but today I end my anonymity and step out of the shadows. :]

    On to the Copa. I thought we played brilliantly in the first half. Barca didn’t look the dominant, possessive force they usually are and instead seemed lost and without an answer for the trivote. The second half was a different story however. We were the ones on our back foot and they were the ones that looked threatening. But we all know how it ended.. with a great collective play to get the goal and our gran capítan lifting the copa. 😀

    And finally to make up for the image I posted at the beginning I share with you the wallpaper I’ve been using for months:

    But if you’re still feeling the euphoria from the copa win, as I am, then this might be more appropriate:

    Hala Madrid

    • Cosi permalink
      April 23, 2011 22:20

      ok, i couldn’t click on any links after that first one. THANKS for the nightmare, Timido!!!! Now I feel like sending Iker loads of hair supplies just in case… 😉

    • DebS permalink
      April 25, 2011 06:07

      ahhh…those are great pictures (well except for the first one o_O ) thanks for posting them. 🙂

  32. PMom_GA permalink
    April 23, 2011 01:14

    Oh, here’s Guti’s twitter/pix re: the damaged copa:

  33. April 23, 2011 01:55

    LOL extra funny for the extra special game ❤

  34. April 23, 2011 03:02

    ough..Iker still no expression when Christiano passed and hand-toss with Pepe and Marcelo..
    I like Mou’s expression when he was smiling 😉 because he looks so serious when on the huddle..

  35. Dean permalink
    April 23, 2011 07:39

    Wow the atmosphere for the match was amazing apart from a few isolated incidents. The huddles made the game so much more intense, I would kill to here what each coach. was saying in their pep talks. Hope we get another two intense game for the Cl games

    Btw someone recently linked me to this blog and even though I’m a cule, I love it and I wish their was a barca equivalent.
    Great job Una and this blog has a very classy community.

  36. jean permalink
    April 23, 2011 07:57

    Una U are absolutely brilliant I love ,love 23 and 18 the most.So funny:)

    • DebS permalink
      April 25, 2011 06:13

      I love 23…both of them. That is so hilarious that Sergio, Arbeloa and then Xabi pushed him away. Both Sergio & Arbeloa push him away and then point…like “go to your room”. Then Pique feels ignored so he starts coming back to plead his case just in time for Xabi to walk by and push him away again. But for me, both times with Xabi, it’s like Xabi’s the dad and Pique’s the little kid pleading his case…”but daaaddd”.

  37. superfan permalink
    April 23, 2011 10:49

    So much perfection in this post!!! I don’t even know where to start!!!

    It was good to know that Pepe apologized immediately for his wrongdoing. And it was nice to see that Alvaro scolded Pepe for doing that.

    18. Did Messi honestly think he could fight with Sergio alone? Delusional.

    “As Shakira sang, “Don’t Bother.”” – DYIIIIIINGGGG!!!! 🙂 Perfect caption. Hahahaha

    Thank you so so much for another extensive ICYMI post! You’re the best! And I just want to say again that I super appreciate the time and effort you put in these posts. Thanks! 🙂

    • Cosi permalink
      April 23, 2011 22:15

      “delusional” lol i KNOW! Well, the intent was more to incite Sergio, I suppose… but it does look really funny in the gif!

  38. April 23, 2011 14:11

    I do not comment as much here as I should, sorry!
    I know how much work it is to do a good posting and I admire you for what you doing after every match and in general!

    I always enjoy your “behind the scenes” comments and all the little things you discover after a match and it often makes my day!

    Thank you for spending so much of your time for us fans.*hugs*


  39. Andy permalink
    April 23, 2011 14:43

    Una, love your blog, I always end up saving half the pics and gifs :D!

    Anyways tiny question, why aren’t you on twitter???

  40. Quechua permalink
    April 23, 2011 17:31

    A very good and comprehensive post on the Final. Congrats for your win Madridistas! The better team won, but I wish there wasn’t so much posts encouraging the behaviour of Álvaro and Sergio in the situation where they manhandled Villa. Despite the fact that Villa is sometimes quite the fabulous drama queen, it was clear that Álvaro stepped on his calf and that treating any player violently usually results in at least a yellow card, regardless of what happened before the incident. It was clear that Álvaro was not going to be booked for the inital tumble, because there was no fault, so he should have been the mature one, not step on David, and let Villa get up by himself. I’m only bothered because they are selección teammates yet they seem to lack respect towards each other.

    • DebS permalink
      April 25, 2011 06:23

      Maybe it’s just me trying to give Arbeloa the benefit of the doubt but I don’t think he intentionally stepped on Villa’s leg. After seeing the replay, it looked more like he wasn’t watching where he was walking when he stepped over Villa. It’s strange because I’ve been marveling lately at how few hands, etc get stepped on while the guys are on the ground, even though everyone’s crowding around the ref, ignoring the person on the ground and the person on the ground may be rolling around. In my mind, that’s what happened with Villa. While maybe Arbeloa knew (or should have known?) that he had accidentally stepped on Villa, Sergio wouldn’t have known that so I can especially forgive Sergio for his part.

      The problem with players who “go down easily” is that they get a reputation for it and soon people just assume that they are faking it; kind of like the boy that cried wolf.

  41. April 23, 2011 17:47

    I’ve been waiting for this post! You are always so great, Una! I wish my internet connection wasn’t really sucky because I could never enjoy your gifs! Speaking of Villa vs Ramos + Arbeloa, I really thought that Arbeloa would get booked because on tv, it looked like he did stomp on Villa’s leg. But, alas, it doesn’t really matter anymore. What matters is that we won! Copa del Rey champion after 17 years (or is it 18?)!

  42. evita permalink
    April 23, 2011 18:37

    Welcome to the cule’s that are posting here. It’s a great blog, and I appreciate hearing your points of view.

    Crisi is a big ole baby on the pitch sometimes, but he’s def not the only one. Messi’s little ass is one of the worst, and now Villa. Trying to get a card, smdh. Barca, tactically are probably the best team out there. However, they are NOT humble. Something that they proclaim to be, over and over. Xavi Hernandez, as future hall of famer, and Spain leged is a disgrace in this department.

    I can deal with a loss, but one someone is a poor winner and they rub things in it pisses me off, and I quickly loose respect for that person.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the next games. I want our guys to keep their eyes on the prize and just get it done, on the pitch. Just get out there and play incredible football, and go on from that point.

  43. Cosi permalink
    April 23, 2011 22:23

    THANKS for the post, Una!! The last time I’d felt that intense was during the World Cup, too- esp with all the craziness and dramatics on the field….

    HILARIOUS Mou gif strip- love it!!

    Don’t ever stop, Una- you’re doing an amazing job!!

  44. RealLover permalink
    April 23, 2011 22:58

    I’m in love with your posts. I really enjoyed watching this game. During the overtime I could hardly breathe.
    That argument after David dived reminded me a bit of the El Clasico in November… I had to laugh at Messi in that moment. He looks like he wants to act like a tough guy but then he remembers that Sergio Ramos is standing in front of him. 😀
    Sergio’s celebration was too funny! And did you see that Barcelona fans were threwing something at Cristiano and the others?! I hate when something like that happens.
    I watched the second half of the game again on the next day and I can tell you that I’m still so high because of all the celebration!

  45. Pammie permalink
    April 23, 2011 23:22

    Thanks for this wonderful icymi!!

    I missed Pepe’s gesture because I was busy with celebrating the goal myself, but I’m happy that Alvaro set him right and that he apologised for it right after the game.

    Xabi telling Pique to stop bothering him was a fine moment for me for obvious reason! 😀

    There’s more I could comment on, but to cut it short- I highly enjoyed the moments you picked out! Thank you!

  46. Adrian permalink
    April 24, 2011 14:48

    Could u post a pic from Messi who was giving his fist to arbeloa and ramos? I was laughing so hard about that!

  47. suzanne permalink
    April 25, 2011 01:40

    sorry i’m so late on the post–holidays!! thank you ever so much for the icymi. and if you missed it….i feel REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sorry for you!! the match was fantastic! tense to the extreme with really great football being played by both sides. RM blew me away in the 1st half. we were so unlucky not to go in with a lead. i about died when i thought barca had scored. thank god he was off–well done by the ref b/c it was really close and could have easily been not called.
    i’m afraid i don’t agree with what arbeloa and sergio did. yes, david kicked at alvaro’s midsection (which NO barca fan admits to btw, one of the things that makes it difficult to like many of them) but his step and dragging him up was wrong in my opinion. i thought a red was coming for sure. david was in the wrong as well, however. faking an injury THAT hard to come up for fighting right after. disgraceful on both sides.
    EZ’s bellyflop and mou’s faces are priceless. if i were aitor, i’d never be able to not laugh all the time 🙂
    HALA MADRID!!! so OVERJOYED we came out on top.

  48. DebS permalink
    April 25, 2011 06:34

    I guess I missed Pepe’s gesture to the crowd until I saw the video in link here. I’m not sure if it was because they didn’t show it on the stream I was watching or if I was just to distracted by Sergio’s “celebration”. o_O Maybe the meaning is different in other places but that gesture in my area…well…it’s a bit naughty…let’s just put it that way. :S

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