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but he’s perfect just the way he is*

May 31, 2011

Iker spent his morning promoting Philips’ razors (as predicted), or precisely choosing his favorite look out of all the ones proposed to him, and while he did talk about the razors he’s described as “miracle workers,”** the media present wanted to know his opinion on a whole bunch of other issues.  But first up, the video he made thanking everyone for sending their look suggestions to him.  I like how he fiddles around with the things on the table.

And here is what Iker said on the other hot issues of the week:

on Valdano’s departure: I suppose the decision wasn’t an easy one.  It’s a shame that Jorge has left, but we have to think about what remains.  In the future I won’t be here anymore (nooooooo!!!), Mourinho won’t be here, Florentino won’t be here.  What will last is Real Madrid, because it’s Real Madrid.

on year I of José Mourinho’s reign: the best thing was the change he brought to the team.  It’s younger and we’ve defended ourselves in three competitions.  It’s positive that we won a title that eluded us for 18 years.  The most negative thing was getting so close to two big titles.  The idea for next season is to get over the hump.  That means winning the Liga and getting to the final of the Champions.

on the best moment of the season: for me, the most beautiful moment was when we won the Copa del Rey, because el madridismo really wanted that title and it was won in a beautiful game.

on Barcelona: in the CL final, we saw Barcelona’s superiority.  I got envious watching the game on TV.  I was happy for those whom I know who were there, they deserved it.

on the national team: right now, we all have to think about Spanish national team, which represents you, which represents all of you, which represents me, my friends and the entire country.  When we see each other, we’ll look each other in the face, remember things and that’s it.  Too much has been said about the confrontation and we have to move on.

on the signings of Sahin and Altintop: Sahin is a very young kid, as is the rest of the squad.  The team is being rejuvenated, and that’s great for the future.  From the little I’ve seen, he appears to be a great player who will fit in well with the team.  Altintop has more experience, since he’s been with more teams.  He’s a versatile palyer that can bring a lot with his playing style in any position.  He will help the team a lot.

on the return of Callejón: he left Madrid to continue growing as a player.  This step, which is not easy, has helped him a lot.  He’s a young player, a canterano, Spanish and for us it’s always a source of joy to have someone from the cantera on the first team.

By the way, Iker’s favorite look was the “three-day old beard” look, and he refused to reveal whether he indulges in waxing his body or if he believes that’s what women like.  He joked, “some like the way Alfredo Landa looks and others like David Beckham.”  He also said he’d like it if he was a bit more anonymous, but “that will come with the passing of time.  In six or seven years, when I leave football, I can lead a more relaxed life.  I won’t be here, but instead I’ll be taking my kids to school.”  Oh Iker…

* minus the occasional purse and plaid shirt, of course.  And in the above pictures, without that ugly watch!  I also wish his shirt fit better… but other than that, perfecto!!

** he’s so modest!  I mean, if the canvas weren’t near perfect to begin with, all the machines in the world couldn’t help.

P.S.  The future?

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  1. May 31, 2011 15:17

    *big dreamy sigh* This man can really do no wrong in my eyes. He’s perfect.

  2. Milleca permalink
    May 31, 2011 15:27

    Ahhhhhh he is just so lovely, so so lovely! Thanks for this Una!

  3. May 31, 2011 16:47

    OMG, I laughed so hard at the sight of bald Iker! He looks a bit like Valdes with no hair! *shudder*

  4. May 31, 2011 17:00

    This post was perfect Una until I reached the end , NOOOOOOOOOOOOO – That will not happen he will solve his hair issue ( please).

    Iker with kids? He seems to be talking about future kids lately, my heart would melt if I see him with a baby.

  5. Hazel permalink
    May 31, 2011 17:43

    I must agree, Una. That watch is plain hideous! When I first saw what he was wearing, I was so happy because I thought it looked like something Xabi would wear. Then I saw that thing on his wrist. Oh, Iker… Also, his hair seems a bit off in the photos, no? It reminded me of the kind of haircut a mom would make her 12 year old son get.

  6. black widow permalink
    June 1, 2011 03:57

    the most disturbing thing in this entire article isn’t bald iker, isn’t his watch (which i thought was a sweatband at first glance) … it’s his comment that he will be taking his kids to school in 6 to 7 years. that implies he would need to *have* those children in the very near future. nooooooooo! not with her!

    by the way, did you guys see that on his facebook, he’s actually posting comments on peoples’ pages who have posted photos taken with him? imagine that: you get to meet iker, you’re so excited you post a pic of the two of you for all your friends to see, and then he leaves a comment on it. i would DIE.

  7. June 1, 2011 06:11

    his hair looked quite lush in the video and then came the bald picture O_O…no, just no. “In six or seven years, when I leave football, I can lead a more relaxed life. I won’t be here, but instead I’ll be taking my kids to school.” *sigh*

  8. June 1, 2011 07:46

    “In six or seven years, when I leave football, I can lead a more relaxed life. I won’t be here, but instead I’ll be taking my kids to school.”

    Excuse me, Iker? Van der Sar just retired at the age of 40, I expect to see you out there for at least another 10 years! Oh, I don’t know how my heart will handle a team without Iker. It’s already been such a struggle without Raúl & Guti and they haven’t actually retired yet.

  9. Jessie permalink
    June 1, 2011 15:18

    Iker you can’t retire in 7-8 years, wait until you’re at least 40, then you can walk our kids to


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