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Raúl Albiol at ¡Anda Ya!

July 12, 2011

Raúl Albiol recently visited radio program “¡Anda Ya!,” the one that pranked Álvaro Arbeloa’s grandmother, twice.  During his time there, El Chori chatted about a few things, and also partook in their 10-question test.  They asked ten questions, and he had to answer one with a lie.  Can you guess which of the answers was a lie?  As for the other nine truthful ones, well, we found out a lot about our Raúl, including some very embarrassing moments, such as one involving New York City and an “assassin umbrella…”

The team and El Chori start off by chatting, and Raúl is quite frank and reveals that his second daughter was unplanned.  Raúl is also asked about José Mourinho, and says, “he’s very close to his players, very demanding, but he makes us improve each day.”  They also ask him if he gets along with Cristiano Ronaldo off the field, and if they wax each other.  Raúl’s response is “we’re teammates, we get along, but we don’t wax each other.”  El Chori also tells us that he’s heard the pranks involving Soledad, that Álvaro Arbeloa played it for the national team while they were in their concentración.

Then it’s time for the game.  As stated earlier, it consists of 10 questions, and Raúl had to answer nine truthfully and lie for just one.  Listeners could then call in to guess which one was the lie.

ONE.  Is it true that you’re obsessed with time, especially with minutes that are multiples of five?  Yes, it happens when I’m taking care of the girls, it obsesses me.

TWO.  Is it true that there’s a movie you’ve seen so many times that you practically have it memorized?  Yes, Días de Fútbol, since it’s related to my work, and I love it.  I’ve probably seen 12-15 times.  (They then tease him that the numbers should be 10-15 because of his obsession).

THREE.  We know that players have superstitions before playing games.  Is there anything you do obsessively before stepping out on the field?  Yes, I’m religious and so I cross myself, to avoid injuries and serious things.

FOUR.  Is it true that one of the biggest embarrassments of your life happened in New York and involved an umbrella?  Yes, it started to rain while I was walking around, and I had to buy this huge umbrella from the NBA store, I didn’t know how it worked, and when I went back out onto the street and opened it, it hit me in the head and everyone stared and laughed at me.  I was really embarrassed.  (They then start calling it “the assassin umbrella”).

FIVE.  Do you have any tattoos?  I have a tribal design on my back which I got when I played in Getafe, on my lower back, above the ass.

SIX.  Can you confirm that you were once kicked out of a museum in Barcelona for mooning?  Yes, when I was in school, my friends dared me to moon the cameras for 500 pesetas.  I thought the cameras weren’t working, so I pulled down my pants for one second, security came, brought me to the teachers and kicked me out of the museum.  I was about 12, no 10, because I don’t like 12.  I went directly from 10 to 15 years old.

SEVEN.  Is it true that you were super nervous and blabbering the day you met Fernando Alonso?  Yes, I was more nervous than I was at my wedding.  It’s true.  It was in Monaco, and getting to know him was incredible, because I admire him a lot as an athlete and as a person, and he was really nice to me during the minutes we talked to him.

EIGHT.  Is it true you almost didn’t get married because your car broke down?  Yes, I was in the reception of the hotel, waiting to go to the church, and we went to get gas for the car.  It broke down, and we had to go to plan B.  I had to find another car.

NINE.  Is it true that you reported your car as stolen when in reality you lost it?  Yes.  I was playing in Getafe, I was 19 and living alone for the first time, in Majadahonda.  The football field was next to my house, and some days I went by car and other days I walked.  One day, I went there by car and returned on foot.  After waking up from a siesta, I went to get the car and I couldn’t find it in the garage or on the street.  I got scared, I called my brother and said someone stole my car, it’s not here.  We called the police, reported it stolen… and then the club called me and said, your car is in the parking lot.

TEN.  Is it true that while you were training with Valencia, a guy got through security to the locker room and tried to join the team?  It’s true.  It was on  a Sunday.  He appeared in the locker room, and he sat down in Silva’s locker.  We were looking at him and wondering if the club had signed someone new because we had lost the previous day.  We asked him, and he said he had come to help because he knew that we had a lot of injured players.  He didn’t look like a footballer at all.  He was there for two hours.

Which answer was a lie?

The first person guessed number two, and Raúl said it was true, that he and Jaime Gavilán used to quote the movie to each other.  The second guess was for the New York umbrella anecdote.  It was also the wrong guess.  Raúl said, “I have my wife as a witness.  This was two years ago.”  The third guess was for the tattoo question, which was the right answer.  Raúl explained that he has tattoos, but not on his back.  He has the names of his daughters, Azahara and Alma, on his biceps (Alicia sports their names on her wrists).

Did you get it right?

You can listen to the interview here.

By the way, Alicia Roig is featured in the latest ads of Yanes, a Spanish jeweler.  They really do have some beautiful things.

And they’ve used Carlota Ruiz too, for their Yanes Young line.

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  1. mickymacky permalink
    July 12, 2011 17:00

    LOL the valencia anecdote was so funny!!! 🙂

    alicia and carlota kinda look alike in those angles. and wow about their eye colors! they’re gorgeous (eyes and women lol) 🙂

  2. July 12, 2011 23:58

    beautiful pics by the girls. una, i found a few more of Carlota

    thanx for translating una and a few interesting insights. hugs

  3. July 13, 2011 01:26

    hehe love the anecdotes! Especially the one about the guy who tried to join the team, wow…

  4. cisarovna permalink
    July 13, 2011 05:46

    So glad he does not have a tramp stamp. When I read he had a tattoo above his bum I was like noooooooooo!!!

    The ladies are pretty but the amount of eyeliner is criminal!


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